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Old 10-05-2007, 11:14 AM   #31
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Today a US dollar is only worth 98 Canadian cents.


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So is it only the canadian dollar that is going strong?

I remember that the aussie dollar used to be really close to the canadian dollar, around 97 etc, but now we're down to 89.

I've always been interested in the exchange rates and why one currency is stronger then another and whether ir works out equally in life etc.

For example what is the median job pay in the us? I wonder if it is equal to australian median pay?

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€ in $ 1,4111 -0,0021 -0,15

The development yesterday. We had an high of more than 1,42 last week.

dazzlingamy, median pay won't be the same in the two countries, and by just looking at that, even when the two currencies are on par, is not exactly possible. There are many factors that play into the determination of the median pay, and you have to adjust for some things to compare.
However, you have certain ways to compare countries, for example the Big Mac Index where you compare the price of an Big Mac around the world by converting the prices into one currency, e.g. the US dollar.

Inflation, regional differences, standard of living etc. are factors to consider when comparing countries.

Just think of Australia, where you are paying different prices in Sydney, Melbourne and especially Perth or Darwin for the same goods, hence are likely to get paid differently.

I don't know about the Canadian currency, but at the moment the US dollar is going very weak.
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Originally posted by Vincent Vega

I don't know about the Canadian currency, but at the moment the US dollar is going very weak.
Right- the US dollar is weak because of the large budget and trade deficits and lowered Fed Funds rate. Australian and NZ dollars are higher relative to the US lately because their bonds have a higher yield, the economies are strong, and they are commodity-rich. Canada also has both a trade and budget surplus, which is rare among industrialized nations.
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Who says the U.S. HASN'T been trying to annex Canada? It's happening right now.

Google "Security And Prosperity Partnership" and see what you find. And once you've found it, don't trust that "Myths And Facts" crap you find on the updates version of the SPP SITE. That is just whitewash/revisionism put in b/c people were (rightfully) freaking out so Bush and Harper agreed to do some cover-up and damage control, to stop the masses from knowing the truth. Too bad I can't link to what it used to say,

Terrifying stuff, at least IMO. I'm actually not that all surprised that this has not been mentioned in either the US or apparently the mainstream Canadian and Mexican media. But as Bush and Harper seem to be joined at the hip, you know what you can expect there.

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