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Old 09-14-2002, 01:55 PM   #16
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It was said that the pivotal point on the anti-legalization side was that marijunana was the "gateway" drug. This is not true. If we want to be technical we should say that nicotine and alcohol are the original gateway drugs. This is true because most people have access to these drugs long before they ever see most illegal drugs.

Nicotine and alcohol are mind-altering substances, which means they share a trait with pot. To ignore this is to ignore significant correlations.

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Old 09-15-2002, 10:15 AM   #17
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Well, how is it doing in the Netherlands?
Tell us, Salome, Rono, Dr.Teeth...

Maybe we could learn from their experience...

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i say decriminsation not legalisation, this would still solve every problem legalisation would.
i don't care of the goverment will be able to produce better weed at lower prices including tax. i just don't want the government putting their greedy hands on yet another commodity.
oh but what about the boost in economy?
if insane taxes on cigs and alcohol (taxed and consumed LOADS more than weed is and ever will be) are not helping the enconomy enough, then the economy is fucked anyway so another product will not likely boost it by much, especially when what Angela Harlem talked about would happen. legalisation just seems like plain goverment greed and control. which would lead to black market sales anyway like Angela mentioned. it makes no sense.
free-market, it's working for weed now so just let it be.
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Old 09-16-2002, 02:21 AM   #19
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Somebody asked how the situation is here in the Netherlands. Well, here the possession of marijuana is decriminalized (despite common perception maybe it's still technically illegal in most cases here!). The sale is regulated to certain bars (the so-called 'coffee shops' although I don't know what kind of coffee you get in those. BTW, just follow the dialogue at the beginning of Pulp Fiction, then you get most of it). Those bars may ONLY sell marijuana and non-alcoholic drinks. This is to make a separation between the so-called soft drugs (marijuana, cannabis, etc.) and hard drugs (cocaine, heroin, crack, etc.). It is not, never, no way allowed to sell those hard drugs.
So the idea of the government is that by having a separation between the 2 users of marijuana will not get into contact with those other drugs. So marijuana will not lead to users wanting stronger stuff (and having access to those), but to users having something stronger than cigarettes and that's that.

Another point I have to make is that there is a difference in philosophy behind the Dutch view on drugs and those in many other countries (I know the USA for sure, don't know about others). The Dutch government sees addiction to drugs as a medical problem, not a criminal. Dealing drugs IS a criminal problem, but using it not. Users will not go to jail because of possession of drugs, but will have access to medical facilities to get clean. You should also see the Dutch position on marijuana in this light. Decriminalize it to try to control the addiction and its behaviour.
I don't have any sources with me at the moment, but there are many research publications that mention that the Dutch policy on soft drugs has resulted in less addicts to the hard drugs, less drug related crime and less drug related AIDS infections (often caused by sharing needles).

Marty (who doesn't smoke)
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Originally posted by speedracer

Well, we all know thanks to AfroMan that excessive marijuana use leads to

-problems in school
-sexual dysfunction
-car accidents
-loud chicken-like noises

"la da da da da da..."
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Alcohol,Tobacco, prescription drugs,spray paint, Marijuana what's the diff.
We legalize it. regulate it, no problem
I have never heard of anyone performing any violent crimes high on marijuana alone.

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