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Old 03-25-2006, 10:34 PM   #76
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Originally posted by JMScoopy

1.) the penalty far exceeds the crime

But you said your friend blew a .3-something. That's not only a crime, it's HIGHER than the blood alcohol level that will comatose or kill a normal adult. Yeah, just some kids have a beer over a football game

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You can't smoke in a pub, you can't a get a buzz in a pub.

The salted pretzels and peanuts will be next.

Just another comment about the Food Police/etc. and
this Brave New World.

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Old 03-25-2006, 10:43 PM   #78
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Originally posted by JMScoopy
why do i even keep bothering with this bullshit?
what do i give a fuck what you think?
i dont have to keep defending myself.
yeah i think my underage citation was bullshit.
yeah i dont like indiana boro cops.
guess what, im drinking coors light right now.
you dont like it, TOUGH SHIT
you can argue with and roll your eyes at this from now on.
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Old 03-25-2006, 10:46 PM   #79
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1) The penalty is SUPPOSED to exceed the crime.. its purpose is to be a deterrant to those of us who aren't above the law.
2) You came out of a house that had a party that included kids who were under 21 drinking beer.
3)Boo hoo wah... that's life & it's tough shit.
4)I already explained why your local cops get a stiffy at catching you breaking the law. If you want to be where the cops 'don't give a fuck', then go to college 'back home'.
5) This is the only thing you've said so far that has any value to it whatsoever... unfortunately, this isn't the point we're arguing at the moment so it's completely irrelevant to our conversation.
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Old 03-25-2006, 11:45 PM   #80
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Old 03-26-2006, 02:18 AM   #81
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JMScoopy probably best if you leave this thread now. Its obvious you're upset and this is a touchy subject for you.
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Old 03-26-2006, 08:30 AM   #82
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Originally posted by Chizip

Umm I'm willing to bet they have the same public intoxication laws in New Orleans as in Texas

Technically, you are likely correct. But many times, especially during carnival, this is not enforced.

What would the French Quarter on Fat Tuesday be without public intoxication?

What people do on this holiday is not moderate in any way.

In fact, "moderation" might be an insult to the Mardi Gras tradition, and we all know how Americans feel about tradition.

If no one violates the rights of another, is it not proper to push past some limits sometimes?

I'm sorry that some people in this thread let things get a little tense, but I expect we can blame this on their sobriety, something this world clearly has too much of.

Stand up to rock stars!
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Old 03-26-2006, 08:40 AM   #83
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i transfered to a school in new hampshire in the fall of 2001, a few months before my 21st birthday. i did not know it at the time, but the state that claims to "live free or die" has rediculous enforcement of alcohol laws. well, i found out pretty quickly... like the first day. put in cuffs, taken down to the towny police station, given a ticket for underage drinking just a few months before my 21st birthday. 300 something dollar fine, and if i had a new hampshire issued liscense it would have been suspended, but i didn't 'cause mine was issued in new york, so that wasn't an issue.

went to court, paid the fine. end of story.

did it suck? yea... was i annoyed? yea... was it my fault for breaking the law? yea.

it may be bullshit, but it's still breaking the law. for the record, i was picked up while walking down a public street with an unopened beer visable in my rear pants pocket. in other words, i was stupid.

another time later that year a teammate of mine got picked up for underaged drinking... 10 minutes before turning 21. we were all drinking in his dorm room waiting for it to get to midnight so that we could go down to the bar and do some shots for his birthday. when it got to 10 minutes to 12, we started walking across campus... now each of us had beers with us (campus security at this college was terrible) and were drinking them, but we all discarded the beer cans before we left the enclosed part of the campus and out onto the very much in public road... all of us except for brian, that is, who was wearing a yellow hard hat (don't ask why... i do not know) and still carrying his beer, happy that he was finally abou to turn 21. so we get to the road, i see a cop down the road, see brian with his beer, and tell him to dump his beer, to which he replies something along the line of "screw that i'm 21 now i can do whatever i want." long story short, the cop drives past us, pulls a U-ee, pulls up next to us, and now brian finally decides to toss his beer away. they put him in cuffs and take him away, the car finally pulling away just as the clock strikes midnight on his 21st birthday.

now the cops weren't douches about it... they put down that the arrest happened at 12:01, so he avoided the underage. but he still got two 50 dollar citations... one for having an open container, and one for littering (which was dropped in court). once again... stupid, but totaly not hte cop's fault. they're just doing their job.

on a side note, after processing my friend that night, the cops drove him to the bar and dropped him off.

on another side note, the cops then waited in the parking lot of the bank next door and would arrest my visiting friend from home later that night for disorderly conduct... aka he took a piss outside. when told that the cops were around the corner, his only answer was "i can't stop once i start... it stings"

oh and one of our friends was on the lacrosse team and had a game the next day so he wasn't drinking, so he videotaped the entire night just to keep himself entertained. you can own a copy for 10 bucks
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Old 03-26-2006, 11:51 AM   #84
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^Your friend is the coolest for wearing a hard yellow hat for no reason at all. Brian is my new hero. I love random crap like that while partying.

The other day my friends and I were wearing suspenders.

Come on over to Honduras, the legal drinking age here is 18.
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Old 03-26-2006, 06:47 PM   #85
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i think we can all agree on a few thinngs:

1. the law is the law is the law, and if you break it, you must ultimately pay the consequences, no matter how silly the law is or how out-of-proportion the punishment is to the crime.

2. the laws regarding alcohol in the US are silly and the punishments are out-of-proportion to the laws that are broken.

3. there's a huge, huge irony that kids are old enough to be killed in Iraq but they cannot be trusted to drink a beer.

4. cops must do their jobs, and many citations for breaches of alcohol laws are designed to be preventative -- i.e., don't drive, get hit by a car, pass out in a trashcan, etc.

5. many cops, especially in sleepy college towns, have little better to do on a saturday night than bust generally harmless parties and this is both a great fund-raiser and also an expression of a sort of townie-vs-college-boys (and girls) class-based tension -- i've had a friend who was given a speeding ticket in college and the local cop handed it over and said, "don't worry, i'm sure your daddy is a flashy Manhattan lawyer and will be able to get you out of this one."

dunno if that was true or not.

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