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Tyler, you get a country, that is full of rogues, and it becomes a rogue nation.

Oz, explain me something. People keep saying Howard is an arse kisser, he has his head firmly wedged up Bush's arse etc etc etc. But how many votes did he get in by? "Beazley couldn't be trusted, Howard has all the experience with all this shit over in America and Afghanistan, it isn't right to send in poor old Beazley when he hasn't done this before. We can't trust him to run this country!" But thats right, you (not you specifically) didn't vote for him. It was the same cry with the GST. All bitching and cries of "I never voted Liberal! How did this happen!!!" For the 1st time ever, I voted Liberal. I dont like for one second the way its carried on, I dont like the GST, the massive fuel excise, the damn embarrassing brown nosing he does, I could go on for hours here. But I really didnt like the alternatives. You are lucky, you have found a party that you feel confident in, the Greens. Unfortuantely the Greens I doubt will ever lead this country. But in the meantime, we have little choice but to accept that Johnny and co. will be here for a long time. The majority opinion seems to reflect your views, and I agree in some part, but they keep getting in, and Im stumped as to how too.

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The Bush family are good friends of the Australian Liberal Party, back in the 70's Labor were going to try and make it so that mining oil somewhere in Australia (I can't remember where) was going to be for Australian companies only. Liberal said if they get in in the next election they'd let o/seas companies in. The company that would have benefited best from this was a Bush family oil co, who 'apparently' assisted the Liberal party with quite a few $$ to get them through. In the end they didn't need an election (the dismissal), but it makes them pretty cosy. Small world huh? Plus Aus Liberals and US Republicans are very similar parties ideologicaly.
I voted Lib this time round as well. 'Cos although there are so many things about them that I can't stand, I just didn't think Labor could pull it off, and you have to face it, it's gonna be a million years before someone other then those two gets in. Besides I live in the safest Liberal seat in the country (something stupid like 95%) so a vote for Labor where I live is as good as a vote for the 3 Day Weekend Party Party, and the local guy is pretty good.

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