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The Male
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Originally posted by deep
men are generally a bunch of slobs that think they are entitled to have hot girlfriends
We're NOT entitled to that? Dammit.

Is it just me, or do "ugly", "intelligent", and "slob" not fit together properly? I can't even picture that in my mind...maybe Amy Winehouse with a higher IQ?

I've always thought the stereotype for the ugly British woman was something more akin to a crackwhore, while the ugly American woman stereotype was an obese shrew with a bad attitude. The gold-digger thing never crossed my mind. I wish there were beautiful women around here at all, gold-digger or otherwise.

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The Fly
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I'm a yank

It sounds like the American man that lives in England hangs out with a lot of American airhead fluffs. he sounds like a fluff too.
I'm an American woman. I take care of my looks but I would never spend $700 dollars a month on facials, hair cuts, or pay for bigger boobs. I'm more interested in intellectual things, so my conversations right now are on a possible global economic depression, Iraq war, and how the world is going to hell.

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Originally posted by UberBeaver
Looks like someone can't get laid in England. Poor guy.

Most people i know make a month in wages what this guys thinks should be spent on beauty/fitness.

No wonder hes single.

Originally posted by VintagePunk
One thing I've noticed when watching television is, on US shows, females who are supposed to portray ordinary, typical people are generally gorgeous and flawless, with a few exceptions, of course. On BBC shows, many female characters are shown as being more real - not overly done-up, not glamourized, they're flawed, just as most of us are. I really appreciate seeing that, and I think it lends to a much greater degree of realism. I can't help but wonder if that reflects the values of each respective society.
Yeah Eastenders ( ) and Corrie have typical characters more like how normal everyday people are. Hollyoaks ( doubt you get that in north america/canada ) is a british soap with a high proportion of young, beautiful people.

Who the hell has that much money to spend on beauty treatments. Rents more of a priority for me personally.

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If you follow the link and read the whole article (or rather, don't read the whole article because it will probably make you want to vomit - just skip to the bottom) it says this guy is a screenwriter who splits his time between LA and London. Maybe that's why all the women he knows spend so much money on their appearance. He probably hangs out mostly with actresses or aspiring actresses. It explains a lot. He's still a jerk, though.

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