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Re: Breaktime

1) who is your ideal fictional man/woman? Why?

We empathise with relatable characters; Wesley Wyndam-Price, Greg House, Alan Grant.

Smart and emotionally detatched, the way to be

2. What is your worst characteristic toward others?

I can isolate people pretty well, but I think thats a good characteristic.

3. What invalidates YOU the most?

Being wrong

4. What is your potato side? French fries, home fries, baked, stuffed baked, hash browns, mashed (other)


5. Physically, what is the most expressive part of you?

The whole package

6. Who taught you your most valuable lesson?

There isn't one lesson that makes a man, it's cumulative experience.

7. Intelligence type?

Logical (with the sin of using inductive reasoning at times), high capacity for categorisation, verbally adept. I would like to think that I can be interdisciplinary in having a lot of knowledge across a lot of different fields and can communicate my ideas and concepts effectively to a variety of audiences.

8. What is the most overrated virtue?

Faith; an acceptance of limitation at best or pride in ignorance at worst.

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Thank you SO MUCH for starting this thread. I LOVE these!

1. Borrowing liberally (okay, stealing) from Mrs. S. and A_Wanderer, who is your ideal fictional man/woman? Why?

Hmm, well for woman, ideal in the sense of heroic, and somone I strive to be like, would be Sailor Moon. She is such an incredible character because she is all heart. She loved her friends and even her "enemies". All her attacks involved hearts or kisses or something. She stood for love and justice
For men, in terms of an ideal mate...I'd say Darkwing Duck. I'm serious. There isn't one thing that is unattractive about this LOVE his character! He is a superhero of course, which makes him even sexier.

2. What is your worst characteristic toward others?

Perhaps my honesty. Some people aren't quite used to it. I don't like it when people try to play games with me, and I call them out on it.

3. What invalidates YOU the most?

I really hate depricating humor. There is no need to make fun of me, or make me feel like less than a person. I'm very sensitive to people saying that I am stupid.

4. What is your potato side? French fries, home fries, baked, stuffed baked, hash browns, mashed (other)

you left out tots!!!!! tater tots are one of my favorite foods in the world

5. Physically, what is the most expressive part of you? How? What does it express? If you choose eyes,
you also have to pick one other.

Hmm...probably my entire face. I'm terrible at lying, and people can immediately know what I am feeling by looking at me. It is a very expressive face. It is hard for me to hide anything behind it!!!

6. Who taught you your most valuable lesson?
I think I'd have to say Kip. He was a mentor of mine. Very wise and fun loving. He taught me that above all else, it is most important to be centered, have faith, and to love people. All he ever did was love people. I wanna be just like him.

7. There are differing schools of thought on intelligence, the predominant being general mental ability. But another school of thought deals with multiple intelligences such as naturalist, musical, logical/mathematical, existential, interpersonal, bodily-kinesthetic, linguistic, intrapersonal and spatial : (See link for definitions.) Accepting the multiple intelligence school for right now, which are your highest intelligences?

definitely interpersonal. i have a gift of relating to people, especially those who are often rejected by society. i'm an effective communicator, and i'm great at managing conflicts. i can adjust myself to meet the needs of every single one of my students.

8. What is the most overrated virtue? (Okay, I stole that from Vanity Fair; I thought it sounded familiar when I wrote it down) What is the least practiced virtue? (PS, you get to define virtue )

overrated: righteousness. not that i'm saying that people are all high and mighty and believe they are truly right...but i feel like there are loads of people who closedminded. i think too much self righteousness is what distances people from one another, and breeds misunderstanding and hatred.

least practiced: purposefullness. too often i see my colleagues just kinda floating on with their lives. they are in and out of miserable relationships and jobs. i think if they felt more of a purpose to what they were doing, they'd stop repeating the same mistakes and stop finding themselves lost in life and confused.

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