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It might violate FAQ and possibly some other law. I was checking guidelines for some erotica publishers and I even violated their guidelines.

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It's always the quiet ones...

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Originally posted by MrsSpringsteen

It's always the quiet ones...
I married a quiet one
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Re: Break from whatever, Part whatever

1) Nanotechnology. It's the new plastic.

2) Don't have one.

3) I don't want this to sound sexist, but I can't really think of anything.

4) Mark Hollis (Talk Talk) is quite haunting in "Spirit of Eden" and "Laughing Stock." Jónsi of Sigur Rós is, of course, haunting, as well. I can't say anything real earth-shattering here, but they just make for some great, emotive albums.

5) Some days I wish I went to art school. Other days, I think I'd be in poverty if I had.

6) That I'm more conservative than my stereotype.

7) Adding to #6, I can't answer this question in a completely non-theological sense. Romans 13:8-10 is how I live my life and what I use to advise others who ask me (although I'll phrase it in a non-theological sense ).

8) I no longer believe that the opposite of love is hate. It's ambivalence.

9) A dog that looks a lot like this:

10) No.

11) Sometimes, yes. It's an odd part of human nature.

12) No.

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Re: Break from whatever, Part whatever

1. Internet, I really do think it can be a powerful tool in education and bringing people togeher.

2. I had a great illistrated version of Sleeping Beaty when I was a kid that I loved.

3. That they can wear their hearts and sexuality on their sleeves.

4. There are so many, here are a few:

Jeff Buckley, Sinead O Connor, Ryan Adams, Johnny Cash, Eddie Vedder, Damien Rice, Grant Lee Phillips...

5. Music at a much younger age...

6. I'm very non-confrontational in person. Also I came really close to going into the ministry.

7. I think most in here see what I "preach", and yes I practice what I preach...

8. Nice guys finish last.

9. When I buy my house, I will have a dog with a spiked collar named Elvis, he'll be my favorite...

10. Yes

11. I would have to say for the most part yes...

12. I'll like to be able to collect guitars, but can't afford it, I only have 4 right now. My collection is small but I like to collect artists models and antique mannequin pieces(although I had to sell most when I moved to Chicago )

For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about stuff like this:

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I´ll answer number 4...

For me, the most compelling voice that truly evokes the emotions he is singing about is Frank Sinatra´s. He always said that the reason behind his credibility as a singer was because he´d been there and back and had lived all the things he was singing about. Somehow, a voice that understands that very feeling he sings about is simply all the understanding you need at certain moments.

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