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Re: Re: Re: :lol: at 'First Buddy'

Originally posted by TylerDurden

FOR FUCKS SAKE!! It's not Anti-Americanism, it's Anti-American Foreign Policy. There is a big difference.

Please mind your language.

Thank you very much ,

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"Of course a key problem with that is that the last time they were allowed into the country it turned out that they were spies for the United States"
That's what they're supposed to be doing!



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Yes, mad1, I did watch the Question Time from New York (I never miss it, anyway, one of my fave programmes) and I did hear that wonderful question (and I am not being sarcastic).

That gentleman knocked the nail right on the head, and my answer was the seemingly Anti-British answer that some people gave. I don't believe for one moment that there is a 'special relationship'between America and Britain, not for one microsecond, except perhaps Britain kisses more American arse than any other nation in the world. Britain has slowly yet surely been stripped of any diplomatic and international integrity, thanks to having its lips firmly placed on America's arse, and that is my honest opinion.

Special relationship? If there was a special relationship, there would be some sense of selflessness, some sense of 'sharing', the only thing that the countries share is Tony Blair. Bush's poodle, Bush's foreign secretary... whatever you want to call it. When it comes to Britain, its right there backing every move the Bush administration (as indeed, it was the same thing for Blair/Major and the Clinton administration, Thatcher and the Reagan administation) even hints at, however, when its Bush's turn to think of other international matters such as the Kyoto Protocol or how economically hostile increasing tarrifs in the foreign market would be for the rest of the world - he doesn't give a flaming toss. I don't blame him. WHY should he, he's the American President looking after the American people. My beef is with the whole deal that Britain is always there supporting everything, no matter how detrimental to its economy, society and industry. Britain is always there, shoulder to shoulder - as Blair puts it, but when it comes to Bush to deliver; we're just left there staring at one word ;'TOUGH'.

I'm truly sick of it. I am fed up of this constant brown-nosing, of having to conform with every policy delivered by Bush, or indeed by any other American President. People see 'special relationship between Britain and America', I see 'kiss ass, obey orders and f**k off'.

So no, there is no special relationship. Its partially to do with, as the gentleman put it, Tony Blair wanting to seem important, but its more to do with the fact that Bush has him firmly placed in his pocket.

Its sickening, absolutely sickening how that American gentleman was absolutely right.

Razors pain you; Rivers are damp;
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Guns aren't lawful; Nooses give;
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Originally posted by Angela Harlem
Surely Dreadsox, you agree there is a huge difference between Anti Americanism and Anti American foreign policy? How is that personal?
Nah, you misunderstood or I was not clear. The swearing ect.....and the abusive tone of the other persons post makes it personal. It has happened more than once.

Anti American foreign policy is not what I was referring to. Sorry.

Peace to all.

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