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Originally posted by BonoVoxSupastar
I think your faith should guide your decisions, but you have to be able to discern what's best for the people at the same time. Let's take the Sabbath for example(I'll stay away from all controversial ones right now) let's say the right got all the other laws they wanted and now they decided to push for an ammendment to make work on the Sabbath illegal. This would be inserting your faith without benefit to the majority of the people.

That's why so much of the left gets pissed off because the things the right want to ban or force etc either aren't a benefit or they don't hurt anyone, they're just enforcing their faith for the sake of enforcing their faith.

I just read through this whole thread, and my only real comment is this: Everybody should just believe what they feel comfortable believing, and nobody should try and force their personal religious beliefs, or lack thereof, to be the law of the land. Laws should be made for the reasons BVS mentioned, not because one religion thinks their beliefs trump everyone else's, regardless of what religion that is.

I don't agree with some of the people here on religious matters. But they have the right to their beliefs, and to express them, just like I or those who agree with me in regards to religious stuff do. That whole, "I disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it" spheel.

Just expressing your view in and of itself isn't a crime. It's what you do regarding that view that matters.

Also, obviously that picture's gone now, but if it was indeed as bad as everyone's making it out to be...yeah, that's not cool .


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Originally posted by 80sU2isBest

You talk about beliefs outside the core of Christianity, and yet you say that someone keeping his/her Christian beliefs out of politics is a good thing. Is that a core belief? What verse in the Bible promotes keeping Christian beliefs out of any other area of a person's life?

In fact, the Bible promotes letting Christ be Lord over all area of your life.

the Constitution would disagree with you.

yes, get your Bible-based justifications for certian laws out of my government. use science, reason, logic, anything that can be measured and understood by people of all faiths and non-faiths.

and it is only the judicious defending of the state from the pervasive influence and control of religion that we can keep both the state functioning as it should and the church free to function as it wishes.

let's flip it on it's head -- you might want church influencing government, but do you want your government influencing how and when and in what manner you worship?

the separation of faith and politics is as important to people of faith as it is to those who live a secular life.

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Irvine and BVS, I am not advocating forcing my religious views on anyone using politics. But to me, when BVS said something about keeping religious views out opf politics, it seemed to me like advocating "turning off" your beliefs and being a different person politically than you are religiously. I think I may have misinterpreted, however, based on BVS's reply to my post, and I apologize for that. It seems to me now that you were saying that people shouldn't try to "force" Christianity down people's throats.

However, to continue on with my feelings as to politics/religious beliefs, I'll say that my Christian views define who I am, really, and I can't just turn them on and off depending on what situation I am in. I couldn't vote in favor of an agenda I don't agree with. But I don't think that's what you were advocating, anyway.

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