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Sir Joh really ran it tough.

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Re: Big Brother Watch...

Originally posted by Teta040
Just thought I'd conduct a little poll.

Here in Albany, NY, our biggest mall, Crossgates, you know, the big enclosed mall (not a strip mall), has just implimented a curfewpolicy. Worse than curfew. They were passing out flyers today to people at the entrances.

Anybody under 18 HAs to be accompanied by a parent or guardian over 21, after 4 PM Fri and Sat (they close at 6 Sunday.) This isn't a "no kid under 18 to see an R-rated film" policy, this is the real deal. This is a HUGE mall. I wonder how they are going to enforce this?And why do they have it?

Just has me mad, and I'm not even a parent, let alone a high schooler. I can see there might have been problems with lazy parents dropping their kids off at the mal and forgetting them...and the potential for kidnappings is there too, BUT....I knowif I were a 17 yr old, I'd find it an insult that they wouldn't think I can take care of myself.

Think of it: you can drive at 16, but not go to the mall. And the Army has free acess to your high school, to recruit you, before you're in college..but you don't have the freedom to go to the mall alone.

Does anyone else have a similar policy implimented in thier popular public areas? One more way of silencing youth--who, these days, are treated in this country like #&$#.
Mall of America here in Minnesota did it to cut down on gang violence in particular and violence in general. It worked.

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I can understand why this would piss off someone who's not in a gang or anything else like this. But it does sound like they're trying to cut out certain unsavory activities.
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All the malls in my area have implemented the same type of policy. Teens were taking over the malls and causing a lot of problems. In one area of the mall, you could not even walk because there were so many hanging out in the walkway. The mall is not daycare center or teen hangout.
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Originally posted by anitram
A mall with no children?

My idea of heaven, frankly.

It's the one thing I can't stand - screaming, unattended children and irritating teens who think the mall is their playground.

I'd pay premium to go to an adults-only mall.

Maybe they can do a mall version of "adult swim".

Man, when I was a kid, those were the longest 15 minutes of my life!

I agree with Verte--I don't see what this will really accomplish. Reminds me a bit of the national law in England where all the pubs have to close at 11 to discourage drinking. So instead, all the drunks are now out on the streets, *driving* to a club that stays open until 3 am. LOL.
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Originally posted by verte76
People keep thinking they can solve difficult problems with simple solutions. It won't work.
the mall can only concern itself with its principle interests-for a mall, one would expect those to be the comfort and willingness to spend of its patrons.

it would be misguided for the mall to attempt to cure societies ills.

thats not to say there isnt a problem that needs to be fixed or even that the mall itself wont need to play a central role in the solution. perhaps the mall had already exhausted other solutions (dealing with the municipality) before taking action for itself.

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