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Normal Bali bombing

Australians missing after bomb blast
From staff reporters and wires
October 13, 2002

A BOMB blast destroyed a nightclub on the tourist island of Bali, killing 110 people and injuring at least 178 others in what the national police chief today described as the worst act of terror in Indonesia's history.

A second bomb exploded about 100 metres from the US consular office in Denpasar, the capital of Bali, said Lieutenant Colonel Yatim Suyatno, a police spokesman.

There was no damage at the consular office and no casualties were reported from the blast, which occurred at 11.05pm yesterday (0105 Sunday AEST), he said.

"This is the worst act of terror in Indonesia's history," General Da'i Bachtiar said in Jakarta.

"We have to be more alert for other acts of terror including international terrorism in the future."

Foreign Minister Alexander Downer said the blasts could be the work of a terrorists.

"It's hard to believe there could be any other explanation for it. There were two bombs that went off in Bali at approximately the same time," Mr Downer told ABC-TV this morning.

The first bomb destroyed the Sari Club, a popular nightspot frequented by foreigners in the resort of Kuta Beach.

"We have received 110 bodies so far," said Molin Yudiasa a doctor at Denpassar's main Sanghlah Hospital.

Police said many foreigners were among the dead but their identities and nationalities were not available.

Among those missing are members of Perth's Kingsley Football Club, who were on an end-of-season trip.

Club member Damon Brinson said he and his team-mates were partying when the Sari nightclub went up in flames.

"The whole Sari Club came down and we were all trapped inside, and some of us got out and some of us didn't," Mr Brinson told ABC radio.

"One minute we were partying - the next, the whole lot went up. "We ran for our lives."

The wife of the team's coach, Narelle Quayle, said her husband Luke sent her a text message, expressing surprise he was not killed in the blasts.

"He said 'at the Sari Club, two huge explosions, I can't believe I'm alive, eight of our boys are missing'," Mrs Quayle said.

Another witness told of a pair of explosions and flames racing across adjacent shops.

In a telephone interview with Channel Seven, Luke Bartlett said he and friends had been to the Sari Club in Kuta every night this week but decided to have a night off.

He said the club was popular with Europeans, Americans and Australians.

"If you are young, that's where you are," he said.

"We were heading up one of the main streets close to the Sari club and we were probably about 50 metres from the club when we heard a large explosion.

"That was followed by another large explosion and flames running across the front of the shop and every window blown out. It was very very scary.

"We just tried to get out of the taxi and ran - people everywhere. It was mayhem."

Mr Bartlett said the club would have been packed at the time.

He said the fire was very big and apparently spread across the road engulfing another nightclub.

Meanwhile two members of the AFL Melbourne Football Club who went missing after the blasts have been found safe and well. The men, who were holidaying with about 28 other Demons players, returned to their hotel about four hours after going missing.

The general manager of football operations at Melbourne Football Club, Danny Corcoran, said all players were now accounted for and most were on the first flight back to Australia today.

"They couldn't find two players overnight - it was a terribly frightening time," Mr Corcoran said.

"They were walking along the street when a huge explosion blew them off their feet. They became disorientated and lost contact with each other. It was a frightening experience."

Police had no immediate motive for the blasts, which occurred nearly simultaneously.

"We don't know if these blasts are connected," said a US Embassy spokeswoman in Jakarta who declined to be identified.

She said she didn't know if there were any Americans among the casualties.

The blasts come just weeks after the United States reopened its diplomatic missions in Indonesia following a shutdown over the September 11 anniversary caused by fears of new attacks by the al-Qaeda network.

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I've been to Bali a couple of times, stayed at the Hotel across the road from the Sari Club, was at the Sari pretty much every night, inlcuding one New Years Eve.

The place is quite big, packed with people always, and the crowd is usually 90% young Aussies.

Unbelievable, they are saying now 150 dead. 75% foreigners.

I have a good friend over there, but he's checked in with his family. He was at Sari on Thursday night.

Scary that it was probably aimed at Aussies.

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here's what CNN is saying...

Downer: Appears to be Work of Terrorists

Many Australians dead

Saturday, October 12, 2002 Posted: 10:47 PM EDT (0247 GMT)

MELBOURNE, Australia (Reuters) -- Australia's foreign minister said on Sunday he believed many Australians were among those killed in bomb blasts in the Indonesian resort island of Bali that appeared to be the work of a "terrorist organization."

"It is a tough thing to say this, but one would have to assume that quite a number of the dead would be Australians," Alexander Downer told Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

More than 100 people, most of them tourists, were killed in bomb attacks on Saturday night in Bali and more bodies were being pulled out of the rubble on Sunday.

"It does look as though a terrorist organization was involved, and secondly it clearly looks as though this attack has been coordinated, and it clearly looks like an attack against foreign interests," he said.

Downer said there were about 40 Australians in hospitals in Bali and of those about 15 were seriously injured.

"How many Australians are involved in those who have died, we don't have any numbers on that at all," he said.

Visitors included many Australians on trips to celebrate the end of various football competitions around the country.

Simon Quayle, coach of the Kingsley Football Club, an amateur team in suburban Perth, said eight players were missing after the team members had gone to the popular Sari club, which bore the brunt of the damage.

"We have no idea where they are or what position they are in," he told ABC television.

"I am so grateful that me and the other 12 blokes got away with our lives. It was absolute chaos in there."
Evacuation team

Melbourne tourist Martin Lyons said he had been walking toward the nightclub when the blast happened.

"We were walking out of our hotel to go down to the area where the bomb exploded and basically we were just confronted with masses of people running towards us up the street, it was just horrific," Lyons told the Nine Network Sunday programme.

"It's nothing quite like anything I've ever seen there was more blood, the smell of burnt skin and the pain that they were in, you can't really put that into words."

Downer said the Australian air force was sending a medical assistance and evacuation team to Bali on Sunday to take some of the injured to hospitals in Australia, and an RAAF aircraft had left Richmond Air Base in New South Wales.

"The hospitals in Bali are very hard-pressed and not very well resourced and so having some medical evacuation capability ourselves we think is important," he said.

He said the Australian Federal Police and security organization ASIO would be prepared to assist Indonesia with investigating the explosions.

Downer warned Australians against traveling to the resort in the next few days.

"We would urge Australians not to go to Bali at this time and we are issuing a travel warning during the course of today to that effect," he said.

A spokeswoman for Australian airline Qantas said a decision had yet to be made on changing flight arrangements to or from Bali.
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Death toll now over 170.
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and they say we are lucky and not in danger living in this land or ours.
my mums boss just came back from there last week.
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the pictures of this on tv that they are showing are gruesome, I couldn't watch it anymore, it's so devastating and tragic, I am worried that this death number will continue to climb
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This attack is so cowardly and sad. There can never be justification for purposly targeting civilians.

This attack also proves that the US is not the only country in danger from terrorists. Every country who thinks they are out of the terrorist's reach, should think again.

The bombing in Bali should strengthen the world's resolve to fight and win the war on terror. As long as there are radical musilms who hate everything the west stands for and who are willing to die for that hate, no innocent civilian, in any country, will be safe.
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i had been watching this on the news but it was too horrible.

it's a terrible, senseless tragedy.
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I am very very sorry to the people who have lost loved ones in this. It appeared on the news last night that a lot of the victims are members of football teams, on their end of season trip. Some professional, some just a bunch of the ones I know and love.
And RIP, the staff and locals in the vicinity who lost their lives and were injured. I haven't contacted my Balinese friend yet, it must have been awful for her. She grew up at Kuta Beach, her parents live there and her brothers own two hotels there. Even if they escaped harm, she is going to be in a state about this.

As far as Oz being the lucky country and not in danger before this event. The possibility of something like this happening has been discussed for weeks. It's the randomness, we are faced with. I will be at an event with the Australian Wallabies soon, are they a target?
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why does the world have to be this way
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You know, i dread waking up in the morning and looking at the newspaper headlines anymore. sometimes it seems like the world is falling apart at the seems. i feel so much for these innocent victims and their loved ones. as an american caucasion and christian currently residing in southeast asia--right smack in between malaysia and indonesia, it can be rather unnerving. i admit to my ignorance, i had no idea that southeast asia--specifically indonesia--harbored so many militant muslim extremists.
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just horrible
don't know what else to say
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Its such a terrible thing. Trip I'm like you and have no idea either if Indonesia has a particularly large number of extremists. I do know it is the most populous muslim nation though. I still find myself thinking, just like I did with America, now 'why Bali?' And although no group is yet claiming responsibility, I agree with the thought that it is a general attack on western ideals. Its so sad, but I dont think Australia is the only country who will have lost many of its people.

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