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Originally posted by Liesje

You mention alcoholism in this paragraph, but I think you're talking about two totally different things. Social drinking is not even remotely comparable to alcoholism, just as the South Beach diet isn't comparable to anorexia nervosa. One is a habit that involves a fair amount of choice; the other is a psychological disease. Alcoholism has nothing to do with risk, fun, or being social.
I realize that, I promise. My point is that social drinking is fun, alcoholism is not, but people take the risk in hopes that they won't be alcoholics (not fun) and can enjoy it in a social setting.

I'm not saying it's right or wrong and yeah I know tons of kids my age who've done stupid things. I'm not saying teen drinking is an all-around wonderful thing.

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I think people make too big of a deal out of the bad that can happen with alcohol, and don't make a point of teaching kids how to do it correctly, and when it's appropriate.
My mother used to allow us to have small (No more than half a very small teacup) of wine or other liquor on special occasions. By the time I turned 16, I was allowed to mix my own rum and eggnog, because I knew well enough to add no more than 4 teaspoons to a full tumbler of eggnog. At 18, I was allowed to drink as much wine as I wanted - again,because my mother knew I knew what the limit was. And, honestly, it wasn't likely that I'd take more than a sip or two. Not saying this was the absolute best thing, but there was absolutely no mystery about it, and I've never gotten more than slightly tipsy in my life. And that tipsy was once, when I misjudged the amount and proof of the liquor in question. It's never happened again. I dunno...I think limits ought to be taught, but the scare tactics have got to stop. They don't work.

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