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I am not certain on the other two. I will work on those two if you want. I am very interested in this as well. It has been fun.

The fact is, they went to the security council for permission.

Let's look at the other two. I will post tomorrow on it.


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There were only two resolutions passed against Iraq in 1993, I did not find specific approval for any military action in either of them. Are you sure the Security Council approved the military strike by George Bush in January of 1993 and the military strike by Bill Clinton in the Summer of 1993?

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if you look at the UN charta:

1st: Military force is forbidden (Starting with Kellog-Pact 193x) later in the UN Charta §2:
something like "

„Alle Mitglieder unterlassen in ihren internationalen Beziehungen jede gegen die territoriale Unversehrtheit oder die politische Unabhängigkeit eines Staates gerichtete oder sonst mit den Zielen der Vereinten Nationen unvereinbare Androhung oder Anwendung von Gewalt.“ (Artikel 2 der UN-Charta)

Just 2 exceptions:

1st: a military attack of the oponent -> self defense.

Bush tried this one at the begining, but i guess you really have to laugh about it when you start to imagine that Hussein starts a invasion of the US.
But of course this one was perfect for 1st iraq war, because the US supported the defense of Kuwait. (and even there they asked the UN security council because they wanted to make sure not to destroy the UN by uniliteral actions.

2nd exception: Chapter VII
But this one can only be decided by the security council -> the US has to convince at least 9 countries and all countries with veto power.

Taking a old resolution as a reason for war without reasking permission from the security council is a violation of international laws and therefore weakens the UN and all international laws.

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It all depends in how you interpret 678. If you read the literal interpretation of Res. 678, you'll see that the Security Council authorized military action for all subsequent resolutions if Iraq was to be found in material breach of them. If that was not the case, they could have taken the word subsequent out of there.

But I realize people have a different interpretation, but I have seen nothing to convince me otherwise that my interpretation and the administrations interpretation is not correct.
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