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Originally posted by Jamila
indigo tree, the loss of ANY child's life is reprehensible (especially to God).

This is what has always bothered me about "pro-lifers" - they pick and choose which children's lives they want to value enough to save (to meet their own political objectives) instead of opening their hearts enought to care about the quality of life for ALL children.
Jamila, you hit the nail right on the head. You can't politicize a person's life, especially a child because they have no voice.

I second Jamila's wonderful advice and I also encourage everyone to sign up to volunteer for DATA and the ONE Campaign. Teresita Heiser is very good at answering people's questions and she is open to suggestions on how to better get the word out.

I know feels disheartening when it seems like your actions aren't contributing to much because the problems that cause poverty are many. *BUT* in the end, it all adds up. If you help one person, you've changed their lives.

I suggest that people volunteer in their local children's hospitals. There are many infirmed children who could use a friend, some only want to smile! Little things like spending time with them, reading books, and listening go a long way.

Another way to help children in the local regions we live is through mentoring. Be a mentor to someone in need, especially at-risk youth either through a national mentoring program like Big Sisters Big Brothers, the National Mentoring Partnership or through people you know who could use a hand. Maybe there is somone in your family or in your neighborhood who could use some direction and *you* are the only one who could reach them. Mentoring is a wonderful way to change the world! There are statistics that show that 90% of kids who have mentors go on to college. These are kids who were formerly labelled "at-risk". How wonderful is that? Imagine if the kid you mentored cured cancer?


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amen, angel_of_L.A.!

Thanks for your words of support and for encouraging everyone here to get involved with DATA and The ONE Campaign in their local area if they want to DO SOMETHING TANGIBLE to help improve the lives of the poorest children in the world.

You can find your local area's contact person by clicking on this link:

You will not regret getting involved in The One Campaign and your local organizers will do everything that they can to help you get started.


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Originally posted by indigo tree
I posted this on a christian forum and said that abortion could not possibly be any worse than this. One poster says that abortion is worse because its the intentional killing of a baby.

I still think this is just as bad as abortion. Your thoughts?

I compare this to abortion because I find this intriguing that abortion gets far more attention than this. When in both cases innocent children are dying.
In short, abortion gets more attention because it's more immediate and accessible. I know people who have had abortions -- how many children do you know that have died because of warfare?

Both of them are, IMO, terrible things, and anyone who diminishes the death of children because of war just because they weren't as deliberately killed as those who were aborted has an agenda to keep up with, because they're both the loss of innocent life.

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