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Originally posted by unico
oh i had the scariest drive of my life this weekend. i took 460 from one end of VA to the other. Every billboard was telling me to turn to Jesus.
Yeah, there's a billboard close to where I live that says "PREPARE TO MEET GOD" It scares the crap put of me every time I see it because I think I'm gonna slam into a semi or something, haha.

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I've been following this thread with interest but never thought to contribute since I grew up in Orlando, which is pretty much where Florida as '"southern" state ends.

Still, even as un-southern as central Florida may have been it was southern enough for me. . .I experienced the "rebel" flags, the school friends with racist parents, I guess a lot of the negative aspects of living in the south and as a result I confess I don't have much affection for the southern U.S. Despite the progress that's been made with desegregation and all that I never want to live in the South. I don't even like driving from Ohio (where my wife's folks live) to Florida because my wife and I get a lot of stares and dirty looks when we stop at gas stations and what not (She's white and I'm black).

I do like grits though. . .

When I was in college I'd do the 19 hour drive from southwest Michigan to Orlando a couple of times a year and I remember that the speed traps were the worst and the gas the cheapest in Georgia. You could find gas for 79 cents a gallon back in the early 90's. I don't know what the prices run along I-75 in Georgia today.

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I think it's unquestionably true that black-white couples are more likely to encounter people, especially white people, who are wary through to openly hostile towards them in the South than anywhere else. Out of all the black and white Southerners I've known, from Mississippi and elsewhere, I can only think of one, a white friend from Itta Bena, who married, in his case, a black woman; they now live in DC, which has more black-white couples than any other metro area in the country. There are, in fact, more interracial married/cohabiting couples in the South than any other region except the Far West (I'm including HI and AK in 'Far West'), but as with the segregation thing, unfortunately that doesn't mean lower likelihood of encountering people who have a problem with it--and the Southern variety of racist is typically the least inhibited about showing it to your face.

I couldn't ever go back to Mississippi myself; there are some places in the South I'd consider, but I can completely understand people who found the race relations spectrum too much to abide, the in-your-face bigots and so on...I don't on the whole have positive associations with being a Jew there either, but that's much more of a mixed bag. That said, most of my hometown black friends still live there and seem to be as deeply attached to the place as anyone else, mostly because for all its fault lines and insularity and violent past, it still feels like home to them, I guess.

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