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Originally posted by yolland

As a professor this is certainly not my main concern. I am more worried, first of all, about the inequality of access to whatever leg-up APs do provide (consider Kristie's inability to afford the fees, or the students coming from underprivileged schools like the ones I went to, where no such thing is even available). And secondly, I haven't seen much evidence as a teacher that students with AP background are more motivated to really push themselves, more thoughtful, or more excited about intellectual discovery than other students--though I'll grant they are generally better prepared to write a well-structured essay.
Yolland, I agree with all of this post (even the part not quoted), but I have a question: are all AP classes pretty much the same? Like, if you take AP English at one school, is the curriculum going to be the same at another school? I just wondered based on your comment about better written essays, because I know the AP English class at my high school is actually AP Literature. We do essays in comp. You either take Intermediate or Advanced Composition, neither of which are AP courses or offered in AP. Which adds another reason to my list of why it would have been pointless for me to take AP: I still would've taken Advanced Composition and been required to take Senior Literature. We also did public speaking as a requirement in 10th grade.

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Originally posted by nbcrusader
Here, I’ll disagree a bit. To sit, listen, take notes, study, demonstrate understanding are all skills children should learn.

i agree that these are skills that children should learn, however, this can be extremely difficult for some children, especially at a young age. when kids can't do this, they can be labled problem kids, or medicated, and while there may be merit in both -- some kids are problem kids, some kids benefit from medication -- i think that school, and life after school, is becoming intensely structured, and this simply isn't good for many children.

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As a parent of a son now 2nd year in a Calif State University campus, I speak on behalf of my son and myself. Yes it is worth it for high school students to pursue AP and/or Honors coursework. My son wishes he had done so in high school. He was a Gate student all his years until high school - in California. Gate is not recognized in high schools here, but Gate students are encouraged to pursue AP courses. My son could kick himself now in hindsight, as he did attempt 3 AP classes, but he chose to drop all 3 stating they moved too fast, they were too intense, the instructors were too strict and he went through a phase where he wanted to be more social rather than studious. Of course he didn't see it at the time, nor would he listen to his father or myself....peer pressure got the best of him. Long story short, he DID graduate, with a 3.5GPA from a list of non-challenging easy courses for him. He began to realize about the importance of challenging one's mind and how important it is to learn once he started college. He thought College would be a continuation of high school, that it was just something expected of him in order to have a better job and income in his career years. As he nears age 21 he has freely admitted how wrong he has been. He is changing his coursework and majors. I am proud of him for this, but what I am more proud of is how he has praised me for having been so patient in his eyes, riding the waves he caused through high school and supporting him all the way no matter his decisions. He freely advises his counterparts with younger siblings to take the AP and Honors classes. It makes me smile to hear my son say he wishes he had.
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Originally posted by nbcrusader

The second issue deals with college credit. Many take AP courses to get into a better college. Sufficient AP credit will help students graduate from college earlier. That is a significant cost savings.

A good friend of mine has a daughter who will graduate from UCLA in 3 years. She was able to do this due to her AP credit.
I took CLEP tests for all the courses I had taken AP classes for in high school and I was able to test out of 5 classes. If you know how to apply the courses, I think they are worth while.

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