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I recently recieved the Annual Report from AFRICA so I'm armed with all the information I need when someone ask "How do I know where the money is going".

Good job everyone!!!

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The Fly
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Thanks Jamila for posting that article.
You must have all read the article about the short clip shown on BBC during New Year's Eve which highlighted children scrounging thru a mountain of garbage here in my country the Philippines. Everybody's question in mind probably is how could a country such as mine, so rich in natural resources, who boasts of having one of the highest literacy rate in Asia, and whose 2nd language is English , allow this thing to happen. Like a lot of countries in Asia, here is a country where you can see the big gap between the rich and the poor. I am no economic or business expert, but my being a keen observer of what's going on around me made conclude that while it is sometimes considered cool to bash the rich for their decadent ways while their poor brothers die of hunger, one must also keep in mind that some the rich need not necessarily be blamed simply for being so. In the last two decades, a lot of good and bad things have happened in terms of economic relations between the rich and poor countries.
In short, new trade agreements and globalization had so tilted the world's economic status quo that some countries like ours may not be ready yet or have been able to catch up. Or worse, certain factors were overlooked such that the small players had been put in the losing end. Anyway, I can not go to greater extent discussing this because it is still best to "leave it to the experts." But maybe that is why organizations like DATA have been put up. Rich countries should not just give and give donations and money. The poor do not want to be beggars forever. They also want to stand up on their own... if only they would be given a fighting chance against the giants of global trade.

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Originally posted by desire25
Rich countries should not just give and give donations and money. The poor do not want to be beggars forever. They also want to stand up on their own... if only they would be given a fighting chance against the giants of global trade.
that's an excellent point.

charity is great, but we need to find ways to create/support self-sustaining initiatives, through education, hospitals, and locally run development projects. if we can help implement the tools that will allow people to stand on their own two feet, to develop their potential, then the world will be making some progress.

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just a quick addition on the idea of FAIR TRADE. Living here in Mali, this has been a real concern that I have seen. Cotton is the major crop here (I believe Mali is either the 1st or 2nd largest producer in AFrica if not the world) and the country is one of the very poorest on the planet. But farmers can't even make ends meet because of the huge subsidies given to Western farmers which drives the global price down. These are the very people that scratching along on pennies, trying to make a living, hand-to-mouth and it's unconscienable that the global trade system is so heavily balanced in the favor of countries that are already filthy rich.

So that's my small piece. From the ground in Africa.
"I can't change the world, but I can change the world in me." - Bono

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thank you both, sulawesigirl4 and desire25, for your contributions to this thread.

I think it's of utmost importance that people in the developed world listen to what those in developing countries say - that they don't want charity but a FAIR CHANCE to trade their goods on the world market in order to improve the living standards of their countries.

This message is slowly reaching the powers that be in global trade and world politics - largely in part to the efforts of Bono and others to focus on FAIR TRADE with developing countries.

Thanks for everyone's thoughts and ideas so far.


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