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Old 07-24-2004, 01:10 PM   #16
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The indonesian government must be pretty stupid if they thought this would work. It's pretty sad when a government in charge of protecting the constitution doesn't know its contents.

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Originally posted by A_Wanderer
Except for Slavery, Fascism, Nazism and Communism War Has Never Solved Anything
A bit of a stretch there on the above statement. American slavery was ended with war, that's for sure, and how smart of the North to force the Southern states to ratify the constitutional amendments before being readmitted into the union. Otherwise, I'm sure, blacks would still be slaves and conservative folk would be using ridiculous Bible passages to maintain the status quo (remind you of a certain present constitutional amendment situation?). So, yes, war is certainly necessary at times, and fascism was tumbled by war...if you only count Nazi Germany and Italy. Spanish fascism survived until the death of Francisco Franco in the 1970s, so I guess war didn't end fascism really: just the best known examples of it.

And communism? Pray did war end communism? World War II gave the Soviet Union a stranglehold over Eastern Europe, and war certainly didn't tumble the Soviet Union. In fact, I would say that communism was almost wholly unaffected by war. The Korean War didn't end communism (it's still there in North Korea) and we lost the Vietnam War. The "domino effect" certainly didn't last long, and only Vietnam is still currently communist. China is just as "communist" as ever, even if they represent probably the worst in communism and capitalism all in one currently. Don't forget Cuba either...still as communist as ever.

Pardon me, I guess. I just really hate "bumper sticker" statements of any ideology.


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Originally posted by A_Wanderer
Did Jews in Nazi Germany go about blowing up innocent German Civilians?

No, a few years later they started blowing up innocent people in British Palistine.
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International terrorists need money to move around without arousing suspicion. Look at the most wanted ones, the ones with the expertise to make bombs and plan hijackings, they are usually well off and they are willing to die for their cause. I say again look to the 9/11 hijackers I did not see men who crawled out from some hovel in Afghanistan and went to attack the west they were well off Egyptians and Saudies who could travel easily and without suspicion, they lived in the west and did normal things and this all points to the fact the most dangerous terrorist is not going to be some dumb kid told to strap a bomb to himself it is the well of man who is above suspicion, the point that only the poor and ignorant "fall" for the Islamist message is totally wrong and any look at Saudi Arabian society and where their loyalty lies will attest to that (For example the obscene actions of their security forces, the ongoing support for Terrorism and the way that they just ignored a westerner bleeding to death on the footpath after he was shot). You cannot just make blanket statements without any evidence to support it, you must deal with the real world and look at the way the enemy operates and what motivates them before being able to say what causes terrorism.

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