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AIDS is spreading faster than efforts to stop it. . .

Check this out:

And then get involved. Do your part.

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This is indeed a horrific and tragic pandemic. I do what I can to support the efforts to stop AIDS in Africa and elsewhere.
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verte —*you're an angel.
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Check this out too:

Annan bemoans efforts to combat HIV/AIDS

UNITED NATIONS (CNN) -- U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan on Thursday told a U.N. special conference on HIV/AIDS that the global response to the disease was insufficient, saying "the epidemic continues to outrun our efforts to contain it."

The executive director of UNAIDS, Dr. Peter Piot, also told the conference that the AIDS epidemic needs to get the same attention from world leaders as "the most urgent security threats and crises" and "not an iota less."

Piot said a funding gap of billions needs to be closed to ensure universal access to HIV prevention and treatment.

"Nothing less than universal access to effective HIV prevention and treatment will be sufficient if we are to keep this epidemic from engulfing the next generations," he said.

The one-day gathering of representatives from more than 120 nations, including 40 health ministers, is gauging progress in meeting commitments made at the first global gathering at the United Nations on HIV/AIDS and spelled out in the 2001 Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS.

Annan praised prevention programs in Brazil, Cambodia and Thailand.

In a report released at Thursday's gathering, Annan said that "the overall epidemic continues to expand with much of the world at risk of falling short of the targets set forth in the declaration."

"While political commitment to the AIDS response has become significantly stronger since 2001, it remains inadequate in many countries in which the epidemic is emerging as a major problem," Annan said.

"Strong and energetic leadership is especially vital in all countries in Asia and Eastern Europe, where the opportunity to prevent the epidemic from becoming generalized is quickly vanishing."

The following are key findings of the U.N. report:

Many of the most affected countries are at risk of falling short of the target of reducing by 2005 the level of infection in young men and women 15 to 24.

While those on antiretroviral therapy increased by nearly two-thirds during the second half of 2004, 12 percent of people who need such treatment in low and middle-income countries were receiving it as of December.

Many countries have yet to adopt legislation that will prevent discrimination against people living with HIV, and even fewer have enacted measures to promote and protect the human rights of vulnerable populations.

There is a growing crisis of HIV/AIDS orphans and vulnerable children, but "national efforts and the level of donor support are currently not sufficient."

There is an "acute shortage of trained personnel who possess the requisite skills and expertise."

Spending trends will cause a "significant shortfall" by 2007.

Piot also said that "over the past four years two disquieting facts become evident: One is that AIDS is an unprecedented global crisis. There is simply no other example of that kind."

"The other is that until and unless we control this epidemic, it will continue to expand [and] worsen for decades, killing unbelievably large numbers of people and wrecking societies."
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Just that interactive graph alone is heartbreaking, but also interesting. The US and SE Asia have about the same amount of people living with HIV (1 million vs 1.1 million), yet the AIDS deaths in SE Asia are triple that of the US (16,000 vs 51,000). There's also a huge 22% increase in SE Asia while the US & Oceania (Australia/New Zealand) are at 0%, Europe is at 4 or 5%.

Africa of course is simply shocking beyond belief. 25,000,000 living with HIV, 2,500,000 dying of AIDS. I guess the only *good* statistic is that Africa's increase is 'only' 1.6% - except due to the sheer size of the numbers, that's still 8 x sold out football stadiums.
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One reason why Africa's increase is "only" 1.6% is because it has lost nearly 30,000,000 of its people already to AIDS, so soon there won't be too many people left to get the virus and die of AIDS.

Sad that the way to decrease your AIDS growth rate is to have most of your population already dead from AIDS and its related diseases.

Thanks, coemgen, for starting this thread.

I just hope that everyone who is so concerned about Africa's future in this thread is doing the actions to SAVE AFRICA in this thread:

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