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Old 04-19-2006, 07:12 PM   #31
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" I think showing them some respect and letting them have nuclear weapons would be a good thing".

isnt that how ww2 happened ? letting hitler get what he wanted until he took poland.

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I am opposed to nuclear proliferation. I'm opposed to my government using them, and I'm also against any other nuclear proliferation. These lethal things are only used for one thing, and that's to kill people.

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I also am against it. But what i was saying is that, i can understand why someone would want nuclear weapons when other countries have them. I dont think we should have one rule for some and another rule for others.

That said, if this dude has come out to say he plans to wipe israel off the map and is planning on using weapons for offensive reasons instead of defensive, then yes the UN needs to step it an take economical sanctions.

i dont think the threat of america trampling into Iran is effective and sensible. Its just going to lead into another stupid war in which nothing gets better and people die for no reason at all.
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What do you think sanctions will do?

For Saddam they merely entrenched his leadership, with billions of dollars flowing to the government in question through bribes - in no small part from the Australian Wheat Board - in the case of Iran sanctions would put oil past 100 dollars a barrel and wouldn't stop the regime getting weapons.

The world needs Iranian oil too much for sanctions - it would never get through the security council, not in a million years.

Iran will get weapons, the higher ups running the country wouldn't let them be used for instant death rather as leverage - but they will spread, and sooner or later they will fall into the hands of those that would use them, I don't imagine that the "World of Islam" would fare too well in that scenario (I am of course refering to the Rafsanjani quote ~ if there was a full blown nuclear exchange between Islamic states and the West it would be loose and slightly less loose).

A nuclear Iran has some benefits, it will force alternative energy sources and make existing reserves viable, it may also encourage exploration.
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Perhaps if Bush had not been so gung-ho with going to war in Iraq, we'd be in a better position financially and militarily to deal with a nation that is actually threatening the world.

But I guess there's yet another reason why Bush is a failure as a president. So diplomacy it remains.

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Originally posted by yolland
I remember reading that Ahmadinajad was involved in training Iranian "suicide squads" way back during the Iran-Iraq war. Unfortunately one of the enduring legacies of that war for Iran has been a battle-hardened ultranationalist attitude.
that's the thing that makes the least sense to me about islamic fundamentalist terrorism... wouldn't ya eventually these suicide bombers would stop and say "hey... if killing yourself for jihad was such a great thing, how come this asshole is sending me to do it instead of doing it himself?"

frightening people...

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