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" In fact women might be driving in Saudi by the end of the year"

What year???
I rest my case.
And no, I was never claiming that all Saudi men are " wife-beating-Islamic-extremist Arabs". The fact that it's 2008 and you seem excited by the prospect that Saudi women might finally be permitted to drive just shows me how backwards this country is. Under Saddam Hussein women could drive and wear what they wanted - this does not make Saddam a good guy, however your talk of the western media and it's bias doesn't jive - Saudi Arabia has been given way too much of a break by the media. The western media always rags on Iran and Iraq but rarely devotes any time to Saudi Arabia. Even after 911 when it was quite well known that most of the highjackers involved were of Saudi descent the media never to my knowledge beat the drums of war against that country...I guess it doesn't hurt that the Bush family have been good friends with the Saudi's for decades. Like the Bush/Cheney administration the Saudi royal family are criminals of the worst sort and I'd like nothing more than to see them both removed as quick as possible. As for the regular citizens, like anywhere you've got some great people and some real scumbags. No country is immune from that.

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Hmm. Who am I going to lend more credence to, someone who has spent time living in the country, or somebody who hasn't and has read some articles and is outraged that their society isn't Western and modern like his.


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While Harry is certainly....excitable, he does actually touch upon a reasonable point, which is that some of the very basic rights that women got in the West as a result of the suffrage movement still do not exist in Saudi Arabia.

One of my very good friends left Oman precisely because her parents did not wish to raise two daughters there. She had more than one friend from Saudi who was also "shipped" off to England and elsewhere in order to be able to finally fully participate as a citizen in society.

CNN is an embarrassment and most of us have very skewed images of the Middle East. At the same time, it's also not all sunshine, lollipops and rainbows there, and there are real concerns that we should address more vehemently than we have been (because their oil lets us sell cheap Chinese crap at Walmart).

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