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Generic World Wars question while I'm thinking of it: does anyone know, when WWI and WWII were going on, were they called "World War I" or "World War II" or something else? I know one was also called the Great War........just a curious thought I had the other day

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While the Russians were indeed very important to the Allied victory of World War II--and it's true that they don't get enough credit in the west--it can also be said that if not for our lend lease program through which we provided them with equipment and supplies they would have been in dire straights early on.

The Soviet army also got much better as the war progressed. This was an army that was beat back by Finland(!) in 1939 afterall. They spilled more blood than any, and certainly without the Russians it would have been a different fight. Ultimately it was both nations that turned the war, a true team effort.

I believe it was Stalin who noted that the war was won in two cities: Stalingrad and Detroit. In sum, that's a pretty accurate statement.

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Originally posted by bonosloveslave
Generic World Wars question while I'm thinking of it: does anyone know, when WWI and WWII were going on, were they called "World War I" or "World War II" or something else? I know one was also called the Great War........just a curious thought I had the other day
I believe when they were going on they were called "The War"

after WWI it was referred to as "The Great War" (the war to end all wars) because of the number of countries iinvolved.

Well, when the second war came the WWI and WWII designations.

On a side note, I had a friend who would tell guys she really liked, that she thought they would make an excallent first husband.
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moscow is only a little further north than where i live.

ya, its cold.
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If the Russians don't generally get enough credit as far as their involvement in WWII went, as much as it is unfair I can't say that it surprises me. You'll always get a different view on the war depending on the country you live in. I don't know what they teach about World War II in Russia nowadays, but when I studied it back before we moved to Australia you could get an impression that nobody was involved in the war except USSR and Germany. There was little to none mention of the Allies, D-Day, Pearl Harbour; hell, I first learned about the Holocaust when they screened Schindler's List on TV one day! For most Russians the Great Patriotic War (which started 22 June 1941 when Hitler invaded USSR and finished 9 May 1945 in Berlin) well and truly overshadows anything else that might have happened on the other fronts of WWII.
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This is a great thread. I remember in college almost being stoned for suggesting that Russia was more responsisble for the Allied victory. Some of the students took exception to the points I was making.

Oh well....good thread.
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History is written by the winners. I wonder what people in Britain are learning about their history in Southeast Asia. Do they mention stuff like 'founding' a land that wasn't theirs to begin with? (Nevermind, I like the British anyway!)

Speaking of Russia's bloodshed, I wonder how that has affected the Russian psyche as a whole. Are they a more resilient bunch, like the mainland Chinese? Are they a violent horde? It's interesting. Because I have this theory about the Japanese psyche post-Ww2... but won't get into that. Must sleep.


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