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Old 01-10-2005, 03:10 AM   #241
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Originally posted by U2Vertigoing

no not at all I love his work but if you're a fan then you maybe can tell me what his ideas were about Jesus and Maria or must I tell it to you??

Start a thread and lets talk...I do not want to sidetrack this thread.

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Yes, the *extremely* hypothetical postulations of "The Da Vinci Code" sort of belong in a different thread.

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Ah yes. It will always come back to a novel wont it. I do hope the disagreement is based on a lot more than a rather mediocre book.
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Originally posted by U2Vertigoing

no not at all I love his work but if you're a fan then you maybe can tell me what his ideas were about Jesus and Maria or must I tell it to you??

Stagman you mean satan?? then you must read what I've wrote about that some posts ago.......

and test has absolutely nothing to do with this also God has nothing to do with this.....it's a natural disaster but there were less people dead when they had a warning system there.....

mystery girl.....most of the problems of this time has to do with greed it's a very bad thing......and not the politics is the biggest problem now but the greed from people....(not all people though)
would you deny others, what you demand for yourself?
Hi U2Vertigoing,

I know that it is hard for people who live in developed countries to put limits on what they demand - after all, it's pretty much all in front of you...

But it IS possible to be conscious of the environmental effects of our consumerism, even while living in a consumer society. For example, I don't demand to drive a car somewhere when I can take public transport...

New Zealanders in general are pretty environmentally conscious. For example, as a country, we have decided to be nuclear free, even though this has impacted negatively on our relations with countries such as the U.S.A.

And our city councils and government are persistent in trying to inform people of the environmental effects of their actions. A few months ago, the city council of the city where I live (Wellington) transported huge blocks of ice into a main shopping area to inform people of the effects of global warming on the polar ice caps. Another technique they used recently to educate people - this time about the benefits for the environment of using public transport - was they put a red carpet in the Wellington Railway Station, and had prominent members of the local goverment standing on the sidelines to applaud morning commuters.

New Zealanders have always been made to feel that we, individually, can make a difference. And in general, we are aware that there are things that are more important than the highest G.D.P possible, etc. I wish more countries were like this - our future, and (especially) the future of people less fortunate than us, depends on it. I really hope we will not have to see a disaster caused by our consumerism and lack of foresight in the near future. I *would* say I hope a disaster of this kind NEVER happens, but this is wishful thinking. Weather patterns are already changing, storms are becoming more severe and destructive, and it seems only a matter of time before we see destruction on a larger scale...
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A Newsweek column I just read that made me think of this thread

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Angela... if that's da Vinci and co. 's view than so what.... There is simply no connection between the different Mary's of the New Testament, why don't you go have a read of Mark 16 or Matthew 28:1
'Mary Magdalene and the other Mary came to see the tomb'.

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