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Old 09-11-2002, 05:25 PM   #31
The Flower
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Originally posted by RavenStar

What would you have said?
Probably something like "I realize that this was tremendous loss of life and a terrible tragedy but I'm really tired of people making money off of 9/11. What about the other atrocities going on in the world, every single day? I'm really tired of the constant media coverage and seeing people walking around with 9/11 t-shirts, mugs and underwear, etc."

I probably wouldn't have posted it on Sept. 10th either.

I would have left out the "people died and stuff" and the "America wants pity" parts. There's a fine line in this kind of a situation...you should be able to say what you feel but sometimes something is so hurtful or offensive to others that you just should not say it. I know for someone with strong opinions, this is hard to do, but I've learned over the years that blunt honesty is not always the best way to go...

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There is a difference between "overloaded" and "overrated."

While you intentions in your thread may have been the same as the intentions of this thread, you came across in a antagonistic way.

It's all in the tone that you used.. you came across argumentitive on a very sensitive subject. You're underlying message seemed to be, and this is my opinion, that you didn't think that 3,000 innocent lives being lost was that big of a deal. Yes, I understand that horrible things happen all over the world, but 9/11 is a sore spot for a lot of people.

Now you seem to be trying to call out some type of double standard.

I think that if you had chosen your words more carefully, you're thread would not have turned into the fiasco it did.

"....But all I ever hear from you is "
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Old 09-11-2002, 05:26 PM   #33
War Child
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There is a lot of coverage, yes...but at least for the most part it's respectful and tasteful. I don't think I could have took the emotional hit of seeing the actual attack over and over again, but fortunately the coverage is focusing more on the observances going on all throughout the country, as well as the actual individuals who are suffering because of this horrendous act.
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Old 09-12-2002, 02:06 PM   #34
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Old 09-12-2002, 03:10 PM   #35
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Originally posted by wolfwill23
I'm glad the coverage is there for those who want it. Like you, I turned off the TV after 30 minutes. Now I have the Elevation DVD on and I'm enjoying time with my wife.

God bless all the INNOCENT souls that died on that day and God bless America.
How can you watch the Elevation DVD and post simultaneously? Don't you know you're not supposed to take your eyes off the screen? Blasphemy! Ignoring a U2 visual! I sentence you to mandatory listening of U2 records.

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Old 09-12-2002, 04:15 PM   #36
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I agree 100% with Bubba, and I even think that some news shows here in Mexico are a bit too much, I was talking with my father that it looks as if this people loved when tragedies happen, so they can get more viewers.
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Old 09-12-2002, 09:35 PM   #37
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Re: 9/11 Overload? Post here.

Originally posted by Achtung Bubba
I've had the TV on a little less than 30 minutes, and I've already decided that, unfortunately, we are simply doing TOO MUCH to remember 9/11: I fear that we will become burned out over the coverage.

I didn't watch tv yesterday for that purpose.

America tends to overdo things in general.

We've turned 9/11 into something it is not.

We've lost perspective.

Not a day goes by that I don't think about 9/11.

It's the most traumatic thing that has ever happened in my life.

I don't need it shoved in my face.

Life has NOT changed since 9/11.

We're still an arrogent, individualistic, violent society who don't understand the idea of community or tolerance. Just watch the news, read the paper, or take the time to observe people on Main St. USA.

And somehow, because of 9/11, we think that we deserve the pity of the world.

Compared to atrocities and terrorism in other countries, 9/11 is nothing. While, for a 1 day incidnet, it is big, try living with the violence that occurs on a daily basis in some countries that has been going on for years and years.

AndI could continue on this rant, but I'll stop.
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Old 09-12-2002, 10:33 PM   #38
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Touche !
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Old 09-13-2002, 02:45 AM   #39
Jesus Online
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I'm not sure if I would call it overload. Perhaps it is. OliveU2 made a good point in another thread and sorry to quote this outside that, but she made the point that this is all new. What is the right way to portray it? What is too much? With any horrific event, too much coverage is not really much at all. We dont like to sit there watching our tv screens seeing so much destruction and death. 30 minutes of coverage is an awful lot. It is so much to take in on content alone, and yes we have the priveledge of being able to turn it off. I doubt many really know what is the right way to take all this.

With the media, again, I'm at a loss as to what to make of the coverage and endless broadcasts. The amount that is shown is not surprising, but the angle they can use...It does leave something to be desired at times. Just last night, my neighbour came over and brought the weekend Sydney paper with her. She said take a look at this caption under this picture, then have a close look at it. The caption read something like you can see the outline of the shape of a plane as it penetrated the building. Where it had torn through was clearly in the shape of it. It was a huge pic, and quite close up. Directly underneath where the wall had been torn away, was a woman. Standing there. She had brown hair, was wearing red and white. No mention of this woman anywhere. I felt so ill. She looked so tiny. So mortal. Not a half hour has gone by today where I haven't thought of this woman.
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Old 09-16-2002, 05:12 AM   #40
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I agree with Gina too, I did watch the cermony, well most of it, because of curiosity on how it would be done and also to remember and I lit a white candle and had a moments silence, because its what I wanted to do..................but I didnt feel the absolute need to sit and watch absolutely every-thing...................I carried on with things........so yes, the point is, you have choice, but not the pple who lost someone...........

to be honest, if you think that its overhyped with the pple selling t-shirts, cups, hats, caps, socks, flags, etc etc etc, remember THEY are tastless pple doing tastleless things for money - thats all - they are greedy for the money and are abusing/taking advantage of this tradgedy because so...................of course thats obvious, but its what is half being pushed into our faces........well actually perhaps American's faces...................only.........................but I dont know who is worse, the sellers, or the buyers!

I can tell you that I have watched a couple of documentaries that were on here, but ESPECIALLY because they were rare footages...........now, it was curiousity that drove me too, but this one doc that was on the night of Sept 11th put shivers up my spine due to it being by two brother, one of whom was in the 1st Tower when the plane hit........and yes, you could hear the bodies falling all around but they werent filmed..........it was a real 'as close as you can get' footage.............which bought me, and many many others of the Ukers watchin it, closer to what happened................

I also think many pple outside the States may may MAY think American overhype it because of how America is viewed round the world..........and this is NOT from me........but perhaps pple see America AS overhyped and full of strange behaviour and prolonging on things...and that America is 'false' and stuff (listen, Maddie is NOT saying this, she is only saying what she has heard, I am personally NOT implying anything - make sure u understand that.!) I dunno, I am so wrong though........for those who live in the States thinkin this, again its cause they cant turn away without it being in the opposite direction 'closing' in on them.....makin them feel frustrated like 'GET ON WITH LIFE!
I dont know................

but as I was asked by my mum, when I told her what pple said.......things like 'Bush is just after Iraq's oil' - 'When 5000 Iraquians (I tink) were killed in an earthquake, the papers had Geri leaving Spice Girls on the front' - or even 'Where was there a moments silence for the innocent killed by America after Sept 11th' ( ya know, Kabul)

anyway, she said 'Its ok pple saying things like that but u must ask yourself, where and when at any other point in this lifetime, have so many many pple died, in a matter of seconds.....?'

the whole scale on how it happened was pure tragedy...............it just may be 'annoying or boring' to some pple who can't listen or watch it anymore, for they feel its being pushed in their face and is blown out of proportion now when other serious things have happened over years and worldwide.....

Im NOT saying Im right.........Im just saying.........*shrugs*

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Hi Maddie
"....But all I ever hear from you is "
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Old 09-16-2002, 05:55 AM   #42
love, blood, life
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Hi Daisybean

hope everything is 'rockin and rollin' well wit'cha.....
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Old 09-16-2002, 09:09 AM   #43
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that was a good post maddie. and i missed ya...

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