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3 questions - why?, how ? and what?

Why would countries such as Iraq, North Korea or Iran even consider attacking the US even covertly knowing full well that the US would obliterate their nations off the face of the earth? I don't see anyone objecting to such an act if war was declared via an attack. I just don't see the logic to such an action. The Soviet Union and the US never attacked each other due to mutual destruction. This is not the case with other nations and the US right now except for Russia and China.

How come after almost 2 years no one individual has come forward with information regarding the WMDs? Where they were produced, where they were hidden, where they were moved even, I mean that kind of thing involves a huge number of people. Someone must know something and they have questioned thousands of people yet still no credible information. I don't understand this. I'm sure there must be some sort of monetary reward , even the elite Bathhists they have captured would say something to save their necks. What about Baghdad Bob, he must know something, umm, better yet forget him, he still thinks they are winning the war. Saddam is in jail,and they can be moved to a safe country after spilling their guts if they are afraid.

What is the definition of intelligence? Everyone is talking about the bad intelligence leading to the claim of WMDs but recently the Pentagon has distanced itself from Ahmed Chalabi suggesting he was misleading the DOD with his information. Is the intelligence they rely on simply a conversation heard over a phone call or what someone who knows someone who works somewhere thinks he knows? During the first Gulf War, I remember that young girl who testified about Iraqi soldiers pulling babies from incubators in Kuwait which turned out to be false. Is the intelligence they refer to basically hearsay without any followup to verify its claims? I mean if someone told a cop you were a drug dealer, they would have to investigate the claim before barging into your house to arrest you. The powers that be refuse to give more information as to how intelligence is accumulated because it jeopardizes national security. It seems to me that poor methods of intelligence gathering also jeopardizes national security by putting a country's own interests at risk. I think they should go back to the old fashioned method of having women sleep with the men to get all that pillow talk info.

Well, anyone who can enlighten me on these questions would be helpful. The media and pundits don't discuss these topics but I think they have some merit.
Please discuss. Thanks.

Peace out.

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A powerline reader who is also a Marine Intelligence Officer wrote this piece.
"These big unclassified 'way aheads' written by the intel community are invariably bureaucratic, unimaginative and pointless. They are a waste of manpower to write and a waste of time to read. Unfortunately, the classified stuff the policy makers get is pretty much the same. Two reasons: 1) everyone is afraid to make an 'assessment' (prediction) that will turn out wrong. This attitude is puzzling because... no one ever gets fired! And 2) Classified raw data is so bad. Human intelligence is laughable."

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Thanks for the article. I knew you would have some info. Wanderer.

That is pretty scary to read actually.
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