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meh, i like steven colbert more than than carville

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Carville is Circus Ugly!

*Name the pop culture reference*

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Originally posted by shrmn8rpoptart
it hurts the democrats in the same way that a republican running does. the fact that you are a democrat or a republican does not give you more of a right to run than someone from a third party. so the fact is yes, if anyone runs against kerry (or gore) if the dem. does not do his job convincing someone that they are the better candidate, people could vote for another person. but when you say he hurts kerry, it sounds like you are implying that he is doing an injustice to him, which is rediculous.
Not saying that. Just saying that most Nader voters would have voted for Gore, not Bush, if Nader was not around. Unless they otherwise would not have voted at all. But the election was so close in several states, that if Nader was not around Gore would have won. Surely you know that. Nader has a right to run, no question, but it does have an effect, and to state otherwise is idiotic. That is all I am saying.
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no one said that he didn't have an effect. i said that he "isn't hurting anyone." that is the goal of his campaign is to have an effect, otherwise why run? if you know anything about nader, then you certainly know that he doesn't give a rip if he takes votes from anyone. in fact he wants to take votes from them! he hates democrats just slightly less than he hates republicans, he views them as a lesser evil of the "two-party dictatorship". so, in conclusion, it was not nader's fault that the dems couldn't take florida in 2000. if the democrats couldn't convince people that gore was a better man for the job, then that is their fault...not nader's.
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ross perot got more votes than nader did in 2000... no one heard bob dole bitching.

bob dole's election... BOB DOLE'S ELECTION!!

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