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That's awful Wolfy I'm sorry I had kids kick my ass before but not with a knife. It's so sad people have to be that way.

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That is so disturbing...very scary.

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It's just to illustrate the point that kids have always been horrible to one another, whether people want to blame it on TV or video games or Ozzy Osbourne or the Net... it's always been out there. this kind of violence has ALWAYS been present.

parents need to wake up and get their kids the help they need, before this kind of thing happens again... this Japanese tragedy, Columbine USA, or the young boy abducted and murdered by two boys not much older than him in England...

but none of this will happen until mental illness stops being stigmatized as a weakness or a failure and starts being treated like any other disease that can befall a body.
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Old 06-05-2004, 06:24 AM   #19
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I agree there has always been violence and I get tired of seeing the internet, TV, movies and songs blamed when something happens. It's hard not to blame the internet for this since it was over a message board, but like everyone says there had to have been trouble anyway. I don't think all kids who do this are necessarily mentally ill, some are just plain mean, and some are so upset by being picked on they feel their life is over anyway (I have felt this myself) In Japan, their culture and 'saving face' might have something to do with this, the thing that it's better to die than face disgrace and humiliation, but they usually kill themselves (harikari?) instead of someone else.
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I'm surprised someone didn't blame Vice City for this


I also saw a story on the news a few days ago where 2 10 year old boys, yes, 10 years old, stole a bulldozer and went on a rampage destroying half a million dollars worth of stuff.
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Originally posted by wolfeden
some 20-odd years ago a classmate invited me to come hang out after school at a local park... when i got there there was the "friend" and a bunch more kids, bigger than me. this "friend" slashed my face open with a razor blade. there is still a scar visible, running down my right cheekbone from the corner of my eye across my cheek.


I'd scored higher on some tests and had refused to study with this person.
What an absolutely horrible thing to happen to you. And over such a trivial reason. Please tell me you reported the incident to authorities?

I got beat up a lot in grade school, too (about 25 years ago), though never with a potentially lethal weapon. The worst I dealt with was other kids using big rings or long, sharp fingernails. Their reasons were just as stupid; I was the only poor kid in a school full of rich kids.

For all the hoo-ha over improving kids' self esteem, we've neglected lessons in esteeming others. The result is a bunch of shallow, narcissistic children who truly believe that they are the Center of the Universe, and if anything goes wrong, no matter how minor, they totally lose it. Needless to say, they are very ill-equipped to deal with the real world.

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