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I'll monopolize things....

Originally posted by Basstrap

"do you realize that everyone you know someday will die"

everyone who is here on the is earth now will someday be dead

Everyone EXCEPT me. Just ask Lillly. She told me so.

Originally posted by Basstrap

Did you know that if you took ANY river...divided the actual length of it by the length it would have if it went perfectly always works out to pi?

WHERE do you get theses stats??? and if true, perhaps it has something to do with the world being round???

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the world is oblong...not a perfect circle

I did sensationalize it a bit...but it's still pretty cool:

Pi and the Length of Rivers
From Fermat's Enigma, by Simon Singh

"Professor Hans-Henrik Stolum, an earth scientist at Cambridge University has calculated the ratio between teh actual length of rivers from source to mouth and their direct length as the crow flies. Although the ratio varies from river to river, the average value is slightly greater than 3, that is to say that the actual length is roughly three times greater than the direct distance. In fact the ratio is approximately 3.14, which is close to the value of the number pi... The ratio of pi is most commonly found for rivers flowing across very gently sloping planes, such as those found in Brazil or the Siberian tundra"

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