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It's Offically really starting to piss me off!!!

I'm just curious about other opinions on this topic... as some of you may know... a few months ago we adopted a 2 year old lab mix named Harry. What happened was a friend of mine found Harry in her back yard and new that I was looking for a dog. Come to find out eventually that the people who initially had him gave him away to a friend because they couldnt handle having a dog, and then the people who they gave him to let him out (hoping he wouldnt return!) , and that was how he ended up in my friend's yard, and eventually came to us. We also came to find out from the rescue he initally was adopted from that he was abused as a puppy. Now when we first got Harry, it really took him quite a while to settle in and get used to his new home. He bonded immediately to me, but not my husband and males/strangers in general. I attributed this to his past and all the shuffling around he went through - between his first family, then their friend, then my friend Marie, and then eventually to us.

Now the problem is, that in the few times that I have had contact with his old owner (she got my contact info somehow) - she keeps requesting to come and have a visit with Harry. I dont know if I"m overeacting, or babying him, but first, I dont know this woman at all - and second, I dont want to confuse him by seeing old family when we've worked so hard to get him settled and comfortable with us. I mean, we really have been bending over backwards to make this dog realize he's in a good place and no one is going to hurt him etc... plus, she keeps referring to him as "our" dog. I am perfectly happy to send update emails and occasional pictures... but I dont want it to go beyond that. I just think that he's been through enough already and dont want to subject him to anything else. I think it would be too confusing for him. I mean, I understand that they miss him, etc... but they did surrender him. Am I over- reacting? Anyone with some suggestions would be helpful!

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I agree, if they did not want the responsibility to give him the care he needed, then why should they get to visit and play, those are the easy things.

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I think this woman is probably concerned because the people she initially gave the dog to did not treat Harry well by letting him out.

I think you are right on track with your occasional photo/emails. Let her know Harry is doing well and leave it at that.
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I agree with what they said. I'd feel weird if Mia's previous owner all of a sudden wanted to meet up and see how she was doing...
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