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IO: There's a glitch in the Matrix

As proof that none of this is real, I submit exhibit A:

I was walking today. A fat guy with HUGE headphones and a backpack sprints by me. As I'm watching him go, I hear a bus coming behind me, so I figure he's running to the bus stop. But suddenly he stops, turns around and looks past me. Then he starts walking and not towards the bus stop. The bus passes and that's that. A few seconds later a small Indian man dressed in a button down shirt and a nice pants runs by me. I figure "Ohh, he's chasin the fat kid." That makes sense. So the Indian dude runs right up to the fat kid, who is still walking, and begins walking right behind him. The fat kid walks through a hedgerow, the Indian guy follows him, and once they both get through the Indian guys starts running again, past the fat guy. Then a third guy, a young Spanish kid is running behind me. I turn to look, cause now I'm kind of freaked out, and he stops and starts walking. WTF?

In a world run by logic and order, such events do not happen. If John Cleese were one of the guys, maybe. But he wasn't. I look st such moments and realize that the guys programming our world are as bad as the ones that program in our world. Know what I mean?
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