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IO: I suck at drawing, and I just entered an art contest

My school is looking for a new logo for the school newspaper, and I signed up to try and make one.

Whoevers they choose gets a $150 certificate to...err....something. I wasn't listening, but when the $150 came up, my head rose off the desk and I was as sharp as a fox.

So I have a good idea for the logo:

We're the Eagles, so I figured I'd have an eagle sitting on a perch, or branch, whatever, and it's wings are at full length. On the left wing EAGLE is written, and on the right, you have NEWSPAPER. And in his [napoleon_dynamite]razor sharp talons[/napoleon_dynamite] you have the month and year of it's publication.

The problem:

I can't draw for shit. My stick figures look like anything but a person, and my circles look like squares. Oddly enough.

So is anybody here a really good artist? I sent my friend (the editor of the paper) a few questions about the thing, like can we use another image and modify it or do we hafta make the whole damn thing ourselves? If it's the latter, I'm screwed to the wall.

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lol can't help you all in THAT department... but i am good at getting people to do things for me

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LOL, I'm pretty good at art, maybe I could offer you some pointers.

First of all, to draw straight, don't watch your pencil, just keep your eye fixed on your end point and drag your pencil to that point.

2) Make a gird. Even though I've never done it, I've heard that it will help you get your placement of objects down.

3) Accent defining details of the drawing; you want them to stand out.

Any other suggestions you may need, just ask!
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Get some reference material. Find a bunch of pictures of eagles; all that you can get your hands on. You won't use all of them but it gives you plenty to choose from, mix and match. Now you can use the grid system like Joshua87 suggested or you can just use tracing paper. Outline the main details of your eagle onto the tracing paper then I would scan it into a computer, clean up the lines and put everything together.
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