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ZooTV Moments - 10 Years Ago today...

I want to hear what you were doing 10 years ago today while U2 was undergoing one of their biggest periods musically and visually. Exactly 10 years ago today U2 were on their way to El Paso, Texas for the 20th show of their ZooTV - Outside Broadcast tour. I don't remember precisely what I was doing, cause I was only 6 years old, so I was probably watching cartoons or something...but tell me what you were doing! Had you seen the Tempe show the night before and were coming off the high? Or were you getting ready for a U2 show in the future? Reminiscing about a past U2 show? Griping about U2's musical changes? ( ) Let us know!

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Excluding August 7th, which was a dress rehearsal for the ZooTV Outside Broadcast in Hershey, Pennsylvania, U2's ZooTV Outside Broadcast started in East Rutherford, NJ on August 12th, and in between that time and October 25th, U2 would have been on their way to their 34th show in El Paso, TX on October 27th.

I would see them on their 40th show of the Outside Broadcast in San Diego's Jack Murphy Stadium on November 10, 1992 and at Anaheim Stadium on November 14, 1992. All together, they would play 44 shows for their 3rd leg known as ZooTV Outside Broadcast.

With 32 shows for the ZooTV 1st leg, 25 shows for the ZooTV 2nd leg, 44 shows for the ZooTV 3rd leg, Outside Broadcast, 44 shows for the ZooTV Zooropa, and 10 shows for the ZooTV Zoomerang, all together U2 played 155 shows for the extravaganza known at ZooTV which began in Lakeland, FL on February 29th, 1992 and ended in Tokyo, Japan on December 10th, 1993.

All I can say that would try to describe what the shows were like Dave has already been well documented on the ZooTV Sydney video. They were amazing, breaktaking, over the top, and visually stunning from the first song to the last. Long live ZooTV!


"The truth is when that singer is saying something that comes from right down within him, and it affects you right down within you. That's when you start talking about great music, as distinct from nice music." -- Bono
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heh, let's see. ten years ago around this time. i was 15 years old and in my freshman year of high school. so i was probably listening to my GNR, or U2 cds or watching mtv right about now, back when mtv had 1-800-dial-mtv and waiting to see what videos people voted for. back then mtv was still kind of cool, and that show was like the original TRL without all the stupid crap.
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I saw my first ever U2 show the day I began high school, September 9, 1992.

Good times, indeed. I was blown away by it all, seeing this incredible band for the first time at this stage in their career.

And yes, Mtv didn't suck as bad then as it does now. Remember the blocks they used to show? Those were the days.
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Old 10-26-2002, 12:37 AM   #5
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I was only 9 yrs old then and my sister who was 12 at the time begged my parents to let her go to see one of their concerts in April, but was unsuccessful at it. So I was prolly running around doing kid things and annoying my brother!
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ten years ago i saw U2 for the first time on october 16th 1992.
that was my sophomore year, the show was on a saturday and when i went to school on monday i still hadn't recovered my voice.
man what a great time i had.
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Wow this time ten years ago I had just turned 15 and was starting to be a very adventurous little girl indeed in all facets of life from music, love, drugs etc, etc anyway I had just seen the Red Hot Chilli Peppers on the 24th with a friend of mine- I remember it so vividly we caught a bus down to Brisbane (about an hour south) and booked ourselves into a backpackers hostel, went to the concert and had a great time and cruised around the city the next day and caught the bust back home the next day...wow ten years ago only seems like yesterday
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I remember how cool it was and how hot Bono looked in that black leather suit woo hoo!
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I didn't make it to the 3rd ZooTV leg, as my daughter was born on September 24, 1992 - but I did see them on the first leg on Adam's birthday - March 13, 1992.

I have a home movie of myself dancing with my infant son to "Achtung Baby" soon after it's release. (He's 13 mos older than my daughter.)

I remember not being initially fond of the lyrics to Achtung Baby, as I was hoping for a perfect love song. When we got married in 1989, I would have loved to have had a U2 song as "our" song, but nothing fit. Achtung Baby's lyrics are so anti love I was really bummed out about it! I wasn't fond of Bono's image change either. Of course now, it doesn't make a difference - and Achtung Baby is one of my 3 favorite albums - along with Joshua Tree and All That You Can't Leave Behind.
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Old 10-27-2002, 09:06 PM   #10
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I was 15 years old, living in West Palm Beach.. probably blaring Achtung Baby (and wearing my "One" t-shirt) because that's the only thing that got me thru my parents divorce that year.
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Old 10-28-2002, 01:04 PM   #11
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10 years ago I was 13, 7th grade I think.. man, I knew nothing then.

the only thing I remember about U2 that far back is this weirdass memory of running off the front deck jumping to the ground, pointing to the ground and yelling "On your knees boy!" loll! Of all songs, of all things to remember..
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Old 10-30-2002, 12:07 AM   #12
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Let's see, I was in first grade and was just turning seven years old. I watched Ninja Turtles and "One" was all over the radio. U2-wise, I didn't really become a fan until last fall (stupid POP.......).
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Lets see, 10 years ago was the first year of college. I had seen U2 on March 10, 1992 (Phili), taken a June Senior Highschool graduation class field trip to England and Ireland where we saw many of the U2 sites and a few got to go to BONO's house. Then in late July, we here U2 is coming to practice in our hometown for the Outside Broadcast tour. My friends and I meet the band every night outside the hotel the first week of August. We listen to them practice every night at the Stadium. The last night they throw a low priced $15 dollar concert for the first 25,000 people quick enough to pick up tickets. We are the first to see the Outside Broadcast Concert on August 7! My friends and I see them again in Washington DC on the 16th of August and in Philadelphia on the 2nd of September. I can't remember exactly what I was doing on October 26, but I may have been visiting some friends at the University of Pittsburgh. But, Perhaps it was the middle of the week and I was doing college work at my desk with the autographs of all four band members(from first week of August 1992) off to one side.

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