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Here is how ATYCLB is doing in 14 countries around the world in week 42/43.

France #14
United Kingdom #16
Ireland #5
Spain #40
Germany #39
Austria #9
Switzerland #15
Denmark #17
Belgium #6
Italy #19
Netherlands #6
Australia #39
Canada #53
United States #106

The first 9 countries are week 43, while the last 5 are for week 42. The GLOBAL CHART has not been updated in two weeks, but ATYCLB is at #13 on the last posted chart Aug. 14.
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From week 42, STUCK.... moves up from #34 to #31 on the ADULT TOP 40 TRACKS CHART. There are no U2 video's in the top 50 at MTV and at VH1 Elevation falls from #7 to #26.
Right now Stuck... is moving very slow up the Adult Top 40 chart and is not on any other charts. I'm guessing now that the video will not be released until sometime after the MTV awards. They may be trying to give ELEVATION one last push with the MTV awards.
I got some album sales news for 2001, USA and Worldwide, coming later tonight or tomorrow.
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I just got the chart positions for U2 in the Netherlands. The new numbers are courtesy of http://web.planet.nl/music/charts/megatop100/
In week 43 it seems as if the effect of U2's concerts in Arnhem has run out as ATYCLB drops to #14
The total run so far is:
(all information prior to week 40 with many thanks to Flying Padre Jr.)

The news also isn't good for the other U2 records in the charts. The Best Of 1980-1990 drops #31. Nevertheless, it is a very good achievement as it is its 92nd week on the charts!
The positions for the last 6 weeks are:
(sorry, don't have data for the other 86 weeks).

It seems as if The Joshua Tree will have its last week at the charts. After its return 4 weeks ago, peaking at #62, The Joshua Tree clings to its lasts straws as it drops to #91. Its third run on the charts is now:

Oh and it appears that NSYNC's record has dropped off the charts after only a few weeks. So that record won't break the longlevity record of Buena Vista Social Club (208 weeks on the charts and still holding strong). I won't shed a tear though.

There is also bad news on the singles front. Elevation has dropped out of the top 10. Its current position is #11.
Elevation's run on the charts is now:

C ya!


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Here's a surprise: According to Billboard Magazine the Best of U2: 1980-1990 experience the greatest increase of sales on the Pop Catalog Chart! It's number six overall! Does this means that the Greatest Hits is outselling ATYCLB?
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I don't know where ATYCLB stands at the moment, but I don't think the best of is outselling it yet. The album is selling around 14,000 copies a week, and I would imagine the best of is more around 8 to 10,000 copies at number six. Sting may be able to give some more detail on that.
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Originally posted by womanfish:
I don't know where ATYCLB stands at the moment, but I don't think the best of is outselling it yet. The album is selling around 14,000 copies a week, and I would imagine the best of is more around 8 to 10,000 copies at number six. Sting may be able to give some more detail on that.

I have not had a chance to post my chart news for this week, however, I did notice that the "Best Of" has been sky-rocketing up the charts. Last week, it jumped up to #10 on the U.S. Catalog charts - the highest it had ever been. This week, as already noted, it shoots up to #6 with the biggest sales gain (on this chart).

This increase in sales is odd. I could understand if the sales rose during U2's tour or if ATYCLB was flying high on the charts or if anticipation for a new U2 album was present. But none of these factors are present now. The album has dropped out of the Top 100, the tour is gone, there's no hit song and there's no new album coming. Therefore, unless there is a big sale for the "Best Of," I really don't know why there's an increase.

To address the sales question, I have a SoundScan report from the end of March, i.e., a time where sales are rather similar to what we are seeing now. The #6 album on the Catalog charts in March sold just over 11,000 copies. If ATYCLB drops to #110 this weekend, it could see sales as low as 12,500 copies. Therefore, while ATYCLB is outselling the "Best Of," it won't be by much.

When I have some time, I will give a full report on Week 43.
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"Stuck" will be on the Adult Top 40 chart for another 1-2 weeks, then it will be gone. It won't be on the radio in a few weeks also. This is what it seems like will happen.

It doesn't seem like there will be a video for "Stuck" at all. And that's what might prevent it from doing well. The song has been out for almost a month, and usually the video to a song is released at or around the time the song is released. Not a month later.

Sting- that's a good point that they might be trying to give Elevation one last push, but a push for what? Elevation has been out of all the U.S. music charts for almost 2 months, and the video has reached it's peak on U.S. video stations.

What could be the reason why there wouldn't be a video for "Stuck." Today, a video is cruical to the success of a song.

If that's the case, than "Stuck" will be gone from the radio in a few weeks. And gone from the Adult Top 40 chart. It's a good radio song, but people watch for the video to a good song when it comes out.

The new song by Five For Fighting, "It's not easy to be me" is good, but Stuck is just as good. And they were released at the same time. However, the 5for fighting song is in the top 15 on the Adult top 40 charts. Because they have a video for it. It';s already # 17 at Vh1.

Top 40 and Adult top 40 gave Stuck a good response when it came out. But it seems like it will be gone very soon. That's how cruical a video is.
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Well, Stuck... is moving very slowly on the Adult Top 40. Last week, week 2, it only moved up 3 spots. This sort of reminds me of WALK ON back in January. It was sort of leaked out and the video was not played much. Beautiful Day was still the big song and the Grammy awards were coming. ELEVATION actually has only been gone from the charts for about a month. I think U2 is trying to stretch things out instead of releasing songs at a rapid pace after the one before does not do well. Its 6 months until the Grammy's, and U2 does not want to run out of ammo before then. I think there will be a big push after labor day! You have the tour anouncement, the first ticket sales date a few days after, the MTV awards! So that will be the prime time to turn on the heat at radio and then release the video. I think will see the Video for Stuck... debut after the MTV awards.
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German charts:

Elevation might see its last week on the German singles chart. The single drops from from #69 to #86.

Elevation's run on Germany's singles chart: 31-47-43-39-52-60-69-86

ATYCLB: Down to #49 from #44

Best Of 1980-90: #80 (previous week #74)
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I agree that it's odd that the "Best Of" is increasing in sales so much, but what about the #1 position holder Def Leppard then? They sure as hell don't have any hits, tours or upcoming albums right now...or do they?

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The only thing Def Leppard has is a VH1 movie about the band that is played almost every night it seems!
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In some early Week 44 news, U2 is back at #1!!

In Ireland, ATYCLB jumps to the #1 spot in Week 44.

As stated by U2.com:
Perhaps it's no surprise, coming between their two biggest shows of the year, but an unprecedented twelve U2 albums make this weeks's Top 100 in Ireland.

All That You Can't Leave Behind is at No. 1; The Joshua Tree is at No. 5; the Best Of (1980-90) is at No 10; Achtung Baby is at No. 11; Rattle and Hum at No.17; The Unforgettable Fire at No.33; Zooropa at No. 35; Pop at No. 37; War at No. 40; Under A Blood Red Sky at No. 43; Boy at No. 45 and October at No.60.

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Sorry, this was a double post. The post that follows contains all of the Week 43 data that I have.

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Week 43 Chart News...

In Australia, ATYCLB drops from #39 to #43 in its 43rd week on the charts. Here is its run so far (each line is 10 weeks):


The album is 4x Platinum (280,000 copies sold). This is the first time the album has dropped from the Australian Top 40 since its debut.

R.E.M.'s album, "Reveal," spent 11 weeks on the Australian charts (Top 50) debuting at #6 and peaking at #5 in its 4th week on the charts. It is certified as Gold (35,000 copies sold). Radioheadís "Amnesiac" spent only 8 weeks in the Top 50. The "Tomb Raider" soundtrack spent 7 weeks in the Top 50, peaking at #10.

The "Bridget Jones' Diary" soundtrack is the #1 album in Australia.

"Elevation" peaked (debuted) at #6 and spent 6 weeks in the Australian Top 50 singles chart. "Beautiful Day" debuted at #1 and "Stuck in a Moment..." debuted at #3. U2 have now enjoyed three Top 10 hits in Australia from ATYCLB.

"Hanging by a Moment" by Lifehouse is the #1 song in Australia.

No other U2 song or album appears on the Australian charts.

In Ireland, ATYCLB rises slightly from #6 to #5 this week. Here is ATYCLB's run to date:


(The "x" represents a week where data was not obtained. The "*" indicates a week where there was some confusion on the charts - early reports indicated the album had jumped up to #3, but the chart I monitor showed no movement for this week.)

U2's ATYCLB has not dropped out of the Irish Top 25 since its debut and has spent 30 out of its 43 weeks in the Irish Top 10. I imagine that the Slane shows will return ATYCLB to the #1 spot.

The anticipation of the Slane concerts has also increased U2's catalog album sales. "The Joshua Tree" charts at #8 this week. "Achtung Baby" charts at #14, "The Best Of" charts at #20 and "Rattle & Hum" charts at #27, giving U2 a total of 5 albums in the Irish Top 30, with two in the Irish Top 10!

Radiohead's "Amnesiac" spent only four weeks in the Irish Top 30. Prince's "The Very Best of Prince" is the #1 album in Ireland. I'm not sure if "Celebrity" has been released in Ireland, but I have not observed this N'Sync album anywhere in the Irish Top 30.

"Elevation" has the following run on the Irish singles chart: #1-7-12-18-22-21. "Beautiful Day" and "Stuck in a Moment" also debuted at #1 on the Irish singles charts, giving U2 three consecutive #1 singles from ATYCLB.

"Hey Baby" by DJ Otzi is the #1 song in Ireland this week.

In the U.K., ATYCLB drops slightly from #15 to #16 in its 43rd week. Here is its chart progress to date:


The album has been certified as Triple Platinum (900,000 copies sold) in the U.K. The jump on the charts is due to U2 touring in England. Hopefully, this surge on the charts will be enough to get ATYCLB to 4x Platinum status.

U2's tour in England hasn't only benefitted ATYCLB. U2ís "Best Of," thanks at first to the "Elevation" single, has been floating in the Top 100 for the past several weeks. Thanks to the tour, the album bounced all the way up to #52. Here is its run for the last few weeks: #104-50-68-73-79-52-56.

The "Best Of" is not the only catalog U2 album to chart in the U.K. Top 100 thanks to the tour. "Rattle & Hum" re-entered the Top 100 at #71 last week. It jumps up to #57 this week. "Achtung Baby" re-entered the chart at #50 last week and charts at #46 this week. "The Joshua Tree" has had the following run the past few weeks: #170-43-36. This gives U2 five albums in the U.K. Top 60, three of which are in the Top 50 with one in the Top 20! This is just like it was a few months ago! Gotta love those U.K. charts!

N'Sync's "Celebrity" has had the following run: #12-26-43-66-Out of the Top 100. That's right, the album spent only 4 weeks in the U.K. Top 100 before exiting. These are not exactly the type of numbers for the "World's Biggest Band."

Radiohead's "Amnesiac" has had the following chart run in the U.K.: #1-7-14-28-37-39-52-58-58-54-46-55. Madonnaís "Music" is finally starting to fall as it drops from #70 to #81 in its 49th week on the U.K. charts. Much as U2 experienced earlier in the year, some of Madonna's older albums charted above her recent release on the U.K. charts. Clearly store sales, with discounted prices on select albums, make a BIG difference on the U.K. charts.

R.E.M.ís "Reveal" drops from #56 to #75 in its 15th week on the charts. "Break the Cycle" by Staind is the #1 album in the U.K.

"Elevation" has the following run: #3-13-24-35-41-48. "Beautiful Day" debuted at #1 and "Stuck in a Moment..." debuted at #2 on the U.K. singles chart. This gives U2 three Top 3 hits off of AYTCLB in the U.K., which is more successful than many of U2's albums, including "The Joshua Tree" and "POP."

Musique Vs U2's "New Years Dub" spent 9 weeks on the U.K. Top 100 singles charts, peaking at #15. R.E.M.'s "Imitation of Life" spent 13 weeks on the U.K. singles charts, peaking at #6. "Let's Dance" by Five is the #1 single in the U.K.

Anticipation for the tour has driven up video sales as well as album sales. The video for "Rattle & Hum" has had the following chart run the last few weeks: #172-1-1-1.

In the U.S., ATYCLB fell from the Top 100 in its 41st week. Typically, I would stop monitoring the charts at this time. However, with the new single and return of the tour, I believe that ATYCLB may return to the Top 100. Also, the success the album is having in Europe right now has kept up my interest.

STING provided Week 43 U.S. chart news and Melissa provided Week 42 U.S. SoundScan data, so I can now estimate total U.S. sales. Thanks STING for the update!

In Week 43, ATYCLB drops ever so slightly, from #106 to #108. In Week 42, the album saw a slight drop in chart position, but an increase in sales. Therefore, I feel it is safe to assume that sales were similar for Week 43, despite the small drop, as they were for Week 41 and 42.

The first 43 weeks for ATYCLB on the U.S. Billboard charts are:


"POP" was out of the Top 100 after 19 weeks and "Zooropa" was out of the Top 100 after 31 weeks. ATYCLB fell out of the Top 100 after 40 weeks (and it may return).

Approximate weekly sales for the first 43 weeks of ATYCLB are (rounded to nearest thousand):

428,000 + 176,000 + 119,000 + 125,000 + 100,000 + 113,000 + 154,000 + 259,000 + 108,000 + 66,000 + 59,000 + 57,000+ 47,000 + 44,000 + 41,000 + 49,000 + 85,000 + 74,000 + 54,000 + 48,000 + 43,000 + 39,000 + 37,000 + 39,000 + 30,000 + 29,000 + 26,000 + 29,000 + 25,000 + 24,000 + 27,000 + 30,000 + 31,000 + 24,000 + 22,000 + 18,000 + 19,000 + 17,000 + 17,000 + 15,000 + 14,000 + 14,000 + 14,000

Estimated total U.S. sales after 43 weeks are: 2,789,000. ATYCLB should cross the 2.8 million copies sold barrier (in the U.S.) this week.

Although U2 is not present in the Top 50 on the Hot 100 Singles chart, the Top 20 on the Modern Rock or Adult charts or the Top 100 on the Billboard 200 chart, "The Best Of" surges up the charts to #6 on the Pop Catalog charts this week. It charted at #10 last week. The #6 ranking is the highest this album has charted on this (or any) chart (note that the DOUBLE CD verion of the "Best Of" charted at #2 on the Billboard Top 200, but not the single CD version). At #6, this puts sales at around 11,000 copies for the week. It is unclear what is causing this jump in sales, but I'm sure none of us will complain.

There is no other U2 data present on the readily available Billboard charts for this week.

In Canada, ATYCLB rises from #53 to #47 for Week 43. Here is its run so far:


ATYLCB is certified as 4x Platinum in Canada (400,000 copies sold).

The "Tomb Raider" soundtrack spent 10 weeks in the Canadian Top 100 album charts, peaking at #9. It sold approximately 7,500-6,500 copies for the first five weeks of its release.

R.E.M.'s "Reveal" spent 10 weeks in the Canadian Top 100, debuting at #4. Radiohead's "Amnesiac" debuted at #1 with over 48,000 copies sold. It has had the following chart run in Canada: #1-4-8-16-21-34-41-46-51-44-63-70. Destiny's Child's "Survivor" is the #1 album in Canada. N'Sync's "Celebrity" is #4 after 5 weeks.

"Elevation" had spent five weeks at #1 on the Canadian CD singles chart. "Elevation-Part 2" was #1 for four weeks while "Elevation-Part 1" was #1 for one week. This week, Part 2 drops from #2 to #3 while Part 1 drops from #3 to #4. If the CD single sales of these two releases were combined, "Elevation" may still be the #1 song on the Canadian CD singles charts. This week, "Knives Out" by Radiohead is the #1 song on the CD singles chart.

"Elevation" is the third #1 single U2 has had on this chart from ATYCLB. "Walk On" and "Beautiful Day" also reached #1 on Canada's CD singles sales chart. Three #1 singles from ATYCLB surpasses the success U2 had with "POP" in Canada. The combined sales from both CD singles allowed "Walk On" to spend 6 weeks at #1. Musique Vs U2's "New Years Dub" peaked at #10.

R.E.M.'s "Imitation of Life" peaked at #5 and Radiohead's "Pyramid Song" peaked at #2 on Canada's CD singles sales chart.

The CD singles market in Canada is weak though and more emphasis should be placed on the airplay charts. "Elevation" peaked on Canada's "The Hits" chart at #15. Unfortunately, the song exited the Top 100 on the "The Hits" chart last week. The good news is that "Stuck in a Moment..." debuts on "The Hits" chart at #71 this week. This is the second highest debut on the chart, behind "Because I Got High" by Afroman, which debuts at #36.

That's it for now...

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Because of the holiday today, the Newstand is closed, so I'll have to wait until tomorrow night(Tuesday night) to get a look at Billboard magazine to see how ATYCLB did in week 43 on USA album chart.
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In WEEK 43, ATYCLB drops two places to #108 on the USA Billboard 200. I would say then that sells are about the same as week 42. On the ADULT TOP 40 CHART, Stuck.... moves up to #27 from #31 in its 3rd week.
The singles section in Billboard had Stuck... in it where they said they expect the single to at least make it into the top half of the HOT 100. The singles section discusses new single releases.
U2 has no Video's on the VIDEO MONITOR charts for MTV or VH1.

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