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The Fly
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Vertigo Tour DVD

I downloaded this, split off the audio, and made files for each song recently. Over the past couple months I've listened to it over 100 times (itunes count). I'm still digging it. I keep discovering new elements I like.

City of Blinding Lights -- gotten a little boring but love the energy and the last line "blessings not just one for the ones who kneel luckily"

Vertigo -- blah but like the Stories for boys snippet

Elevation -- never liked this song til I heard it live. Love how they tease the audience a few verses before kicking in all the instruments

Cry--Electric Co -- one of my favorites. Amazing. My kids hate it when I start yell out "when i was a boy when i was a boy when i was aaaaa booooooy"

An Cat Dubh Into the Heart -- so seductive and sexy. and then Bono sounds so intense and raw in the slow down to "Into the heart oh ohhhh"

Beautiful Day -- great song with great meaning nothing special about the live version

New Year's Day -- slows down a little here and this song lacked energy. The concert I went to they played I Will Follow which would have rocked on the DVD.

Miracle Drug -- heartfelt and a good song

SYCMIOYO -- beautiful song dedicated to his father. "But can you hear me when I sing" is spine tingling

Love and Peace -- here's where it kicks off. The war trilogy of Love and Peace, SBS, and BTBS work amazingly well, flowing into a beautiful RTST. These antiwar songs promote peace but why do I feel like going out and kicking some ass when I listen? This song is great live. And Bono hitting the drums at the end is plain cool.

Sunday Bloody Sunday -- SBS is in my top 10 U2 songs of course but I have been absolutely obsessed with the live version with the Father Abraham bit. When they change direction at about the 3 minute mark and Edge goes into a different riff and Bono starts talking about Coexist. I just love it.

BTBS -- always great live but I really like the Johnny come marching home snippet

RTSS -- beautiful song leaves you with chills

Pride -- something I noticed after about the 50th time through was how Edge and Bono harmonize on the word Love. If you haven't noticed, relisten. Bono also hits different notes than usual, turning the song more into a beautiful melody than the rock song it first was. I'm not a big enough U2 fan to know when they started doing that, but it reinvents the song, as far as I'm concerned.

WTSHNN -- every tour they mix it up a bit and I love the Africanization of the song in this tour. It adds even more to the buildup the first two minutes of the song has. I could listen to this all day long.

One -- they've done to a lesser extent what they did with Pride to this. Very listenable version.

Zoo Station and The Fly -- not my fav doesn't move me

Mysterious Ways -- funky and fun

All Because of You -- another one i could do without

Original of the Species -- great song, great version, like SYCMIOYO it's touching knowing the song has personal meaning

Yahweh -- so glad i got to hear this live and i love the DVD version. I love the words and meaning to this song and love hearing the band play it out as an expression of their faith

40 -- great song. amazing way to close out a concert, with each band member leaving after their part is over and the drums going out last with the crowd singing

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The Fly
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P.S. I missed a lot but that covers it. But another part I love though it's very short is the Hands that Built America snippet. Aaaaaaaamerica.

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Great post. Completely agree most except:

Vertigo - Live, there is nothing blah about this song. Love it. Do agree though with the Stories snippet, that's pretty fun.

ACD/ITH - booooorrrring. Someone please tell me what I'm missing with this song. I know it's a fan fav, especially for those fans who were there at that time; but I just cannot connect to it.

Bullet - I've never been a huge fan of it, but first during the Elevation Tour, I finally just had enough of it. During live shows, were I to take a beer run, it would be here. If I never hear it again live (in its current form anyway) I'd be fine with it. "Please" so needs to be substituted for Bullet.

Miracle Drug - Like ACD, I must be completely missing the point of this half-song. Live it only highlights to me how uncompleted it is. Bono sure loves it's melody, but two notes going back and forth is so wonderful? And when the builds to it's chorus and the chorus drops, it's such a let down. With a little work, Miracle Drug could've been Beautiful Day's little brother; but it's not.

Pride - This one's hot on the heels of Bullet for me. I know it never will, but it needs a rest for a tour or two.

One - Ditto.

Zoo Station & The Fly - Competely disagree here... Zoo Station, even though it was a mess in Chicago, it's such a great live tune and was a much welcomed addition to the show. I hope it sticks around for the next tour. The fly hadn't sounded that good since the first like of the Zoo TV tour; it's been systematically smoothed out over the tours until it's almost crooned. The harshness was back, both in Edge's guitar & Bono's voice; loved it!
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Rock n' Roll Doggie
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Re: Vertigo Tour DVD

Originally posted by ltcf

Zoo Station and The Fly -- not my fav doesn't move me

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even though I'm sure there are far better versions of ZOO STATION & THE FLY then the DVD versions, these songs are awesome live. I love them!
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War Child
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i really dont like the drums to The fly, i think the guitar is good yes it seems like it finally returned to zootv style, but the drums were boring, didnt do the song justice
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I always feel guilty... I have the audio ripped off all my DVD's PLUS the concert I went to and I've barely listened to them
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Originally posted by Snowlock
"Please" so needs to be substituted for Bullet.
Snowlock, I couldn't agree more!

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