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The Fly
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PBS run a lot of great concert shows. Austin City Limits is an excellent show. And if U2 aren't mainstream enough by now, I don't think PBS are gonna do anything to change that.

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First of all, PBS is not a network. It is a program distribution company. The U2 Red Rocks program was distributed by American Public TV which is the company I work for.

Secondly, yes, the stations ask for money, but contrary to popular belief, public television is not government funded. They beg for money because that is what keeps them on the air. If you wish to continue to have public television which brings our nation some high quality educational programs as well as interesting documentaries/series/comedies from other lands, it would be nice to pledge. If you pledge during a program like U2, it shows that people enjoy this type of program and it will ensure that more programs like it will get aired. Yes, they ask for $120 for the video, but the point is you're not buying the video, you make a contribution, the video is your thank you gift, and your contribution is tax-deductible. It is a good thing to do. I never understood this until I began working here.

PS: In June on your local public tv stations, there will be more Bono treats.

- Faye

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I would donate money if they showed a Lovetown show.

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This is a good thing. It means U2 are being accepted now by a wider range of people, even some of the 'snobs' who watch PBS! (No they're not all snobs!) U2 are now mainstream and a household word, not to mention among rock's royalty! Yes, The Who and McCartney have been on there for years, and now PBS wants U2 and thinks their audience wants them. This is both a compliment to the band and their fans. U2's fame and popularity grows and spreads and prospers like cudzu on a southern highway. Yipee!

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Unfortunately for public television, they need to show what gets them money, and so a lot of times during pledge you will see programs that are very annoying, because for some bizarre reason I can't understand, people give money to shows like The Wrinkle Cure. It's a long standing debate on whether the regular programming would bring more money if pledged or these special pledge programs. Anyway, concerts have been a big part of public television, and we distribute most of them, so far there's been: Pearl Jam and Sarah McLachlan and we distribute things like Sessions at West 54th and Hard Rock Live. As far as the U2 concert, it wasn't offered to stations as a pledge show, but they can use it as such if they want to. Some are choosing to target their younger audience. We had an opportunity to distribute the Boston show, but the first time around VH1 beat us to the money, and the second time it came to us, it went to the pledge program dept and they turned it down because a lot of people won't pledge it.And just cause U2 is on public tv it doesn't necessarily mean mainstream (come on, they are on VH1 and major networks!), it means the public tv audience is changing and people who like rock and roll are getting older and therefore watching more. It's not as stuffy as you may think either. I find it rather amusing that public tv gets away with more explicit language and generally explicit programming than the networks. Just my few cents and perspective on the whole thing. I'm ecstatic when we get U2 shows or shows by other bands I love, it means I get to write the press kits and get some goodies if available. We also try to get our hands on rare things to offer as thank you gifts, but sometimes licensing is a huge issue and we are unable to.

- Faye

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