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U2 accused of pedalling warfare at halftime!!! ime

Maybe you'd like to respond to this article on the Superbowl in our local newspaper. Obviously they are not well informed in the subject of U2 & their various causes. Maybe they were just so brainwashed by the time halftime came around they weren't thinking objectively. Whatever the reason they somehow thought that scrolling the names of victims was somehow supporting Mr. Bush's policy & supporting war.
Whatever your opinion maybe you'd like to share it with the Lovely County Citizen?
This is the link to the article & probably all the info you need to respond.
Please try to remain level headed in your response - I mean try not to threaten death or anything extreme like that - as I said these people are not well informed - they just need a little education on this particular subject. Obviously they don't know much about drop the debt, their support of Greenpeace, the fact that the scrolling of the names was part of the tour.....
Please help them! subjechttp://lovelycitizen.com/cgi-bin/news/fullnews.cgi?newsid1013044456,72404,t!


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Let me try that link again - here goes...

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Why don't I just post the article for you to peruse:

Webmaster Posted on Wednesday, February 6, 2002
By Mary Pat Boian
Why we sat back to watch the Super Bowl, we weren't sure. We had no
allegiance to either team, hadn't watched football all season, and had
plenty other channels to watch.
Fortunately, we tripped into a Super Bowl trap, one camouflaged with
expensive software-art commercials. Advertisers bet we would watch the
program for the ads, if not the game. Righto. Clydesdales pawing snow at
ground zero was still talked about on CNN Tuesday morning. Paula Zahn
said she still cries.
Irish band U-2 musically supported American policy at the 50-yard
line; Paul McCartney, formerly of the Beatles, and Terry Bradshaw,
formerly of the Pittsburgh Steelers, sang two verses and two versions of
Hard Day's Night. Three thousand names of World Trade Center victims
were scrolled as a back drop.
The Super Bowl half-time show provoked a comment from an ordinarily
detached fellow sitting on the couch waiting for the next million-dollar
commercial minute.
"Is there a difference between Sept. 11, 2001 and Dec. 7, 1941?" he
asked his Corona. "Weren't about 2,000 people killed in the surprise
attack on Pearl Harbor? Terrorism is no worse than alcohol-related
traffic deaths, hunger, or ovarian cancer. Pick your tragedy. The
government wants us to approve $350 billion to fight ideology."
He has children close to draft age and a wife whose paycheck covers
gas, electric, cable TV and one credit card payment. His check handles
the mortgage, two car payments, scattered credit card payments and
Christmas. There's not much room for higher payments and more insurance.
Did Enron have catastrophic insurance? We didn't see any insurance ads
during the Super Bowl.
"Look," he said, pointing to the 40-inch screen. "Bono just opened his
black leather jacket displaying an American flag lining. Is armpit sweat
dripping on our flag patriotic? Respectful? Isn't that like buying an
American flag doormat to wipe your feet on? They used to jail us for
wearing the flag."
Yes, half-time shows used to be glitzy and they didn't make you feel
like your country was involved in marketing warfare. Maybe that's why
Paula Zahn was crying.
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teehee, I enjoyed reading that article

one thing that was interesting was his usage of the term "ideology" to describe terrorism

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Terrorism is no worse than alcohol-related
traffic deaths, hunger, or ovarian cancer. Pick your tragedy.
BWAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! Terrorism is the same as traffic deaths....hahahaha...that's rich!!!

Terrorism is no worse than hunger - haha. That's good!

Terrorism is no worse than cancer...ha.

Erm. Actually, that's quite disturbing and sad that he actually wrote those kind of comparisons in an article he knew was going to print.
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Frankly I thought that was a weak article.

But while I do not believe that this belief was explicitly stated in the Super Bowl halftime show, there is no question that Bono has openly supported U.S. military policy in Afghanistan in many statements over the last few months. Specifically, he has stated that the world thought that the U.S. would overreact, but that the U.S. didn't overreact. He has also lauded American military personnel as "the brave ones" who are bringing terrorists to justice.

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Things like that make me confident I could be a journalist with no problem.


"You must not look down on someone just 'cos they are 14 years old. When I was that age I listened to the music of John Lennon and it changed my way of seeing things, so I'm just glad that 14 year olds are coming to see U2 rather than group X." - Bono, 1988
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That article was very poorly written. I've seen sixth graders write more conherent arguments than that.

It's probably not even worth a response, imo.

U2 @ The Blooming Heart

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