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The Evolution of Bono's voice...

What do you all think is Bono's best vioce? I believe he has 3

From Boy-War he had that young Irish punk voice (high tone)

From UFF-rattle and hum he had that more mature mid tone type of voice, sang quite differently

and finally from Achtung-HTDAAB he's had that rough low tone voice.


I personally like the joshua tree era voice, I think it fit the best with the melodies and tones that the edge used (my favorite edge music era as well) there is no doubt they have reinvented themselves to make voice, guitar, and everything else work beautifully, bu I do believe there was a lot more soul sounding mid-tones in the Joshua Tree era. your thoughts?

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I see nothing good coming from this thread

That being said, I would probably split into 4 parts:

-Boy - War
-UF - R&H
-Achtung - Zooropa

my favorite would be Achtung-Zooropa - falsetto ftw...

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I agree up to AB, then I'd say

AB-Zooropa-Passengers raspy, but very flexible with the falsetto, and especially in the first two albums still capable of range

Pop-ATYCLB weaker, thinner voice, sounds strained and very worn/tired at times (I will say Kite is one of my all time favourite vocals)

Electrical Storm-onwards a richer, healthier sounding tone, and the return of the high notes, with some peeks of falsetto on the last tour

As for best, I don't know. I'd say purely for the tone I like the Conspiracy of hope-JT-Lovetown era (even if he tends to scream a lot).
For the ability I would say Zoo TV, instead of the "Kermit" sound he got a cool roar and developed a rich falsetto to expand on his singing (even if the voice got rasped out by smoking).
I also enjoy the mature, properly used current voice. I think on the last album he maybe pushes himself too much, it's a bit like UF time where he got this step forward but didn't yet fully operate it until JT. If Mercy is anything to go by...
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So far, IMO, his peak was during AB/Zooropa, but I really dig how his voice sounds now, as it's matured.
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It is fine, as it is. But looking at the intensity and warmth, I do love the mid- and late 80ies' voice and the way he was speaking & singing back then. On the other I do appreciate his singinging also during some of the earlier 90ies' shows and the way, he was performing during Vertigo (especially 1st and 5th leg). But the best, I've probably heard myself was his singing in Modena '95 – a stand-out gig and a stand-out performance of "One".
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My favorites:

Real power, he learned more and more to use his voice under this tour.

1986-06-15 - East Rutherford
Incredbile, the strongest Bad ever.

89 Lovetown tour
Sure he wasnt able to hit the HIGH C in Bad, he didnt sing ISHFWILF like on JT tour, but he gave his all and pushed his voice to extreme levels.

ZooTV 92
The first years of ZooTV was very good, in 93 it wasnt that.

Amazing years, very deep voice and he was still able to go up high.

Night And Day...

One of his best...
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Originally posted by elevated_u2_fan
I see nothing good coming from this thread
If you start off the thread with a comment like that then what do you expect exactly?

This poster is new.. give it a chance.

For me I like his Joshua Tree voice. Just seems like he belted out the songs with little to know 'raspy-ness'.

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