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One Tree Hill Story

Thought this was interesting. Saw it on

This one kind of flew under the radar, and I only saw it mentioned in a couple places, so for those who may have missed this elsewhere, here ya go.

Remember the first Oakland show last November, when Bono and Edge tacked a bit of "One Tree Hill" onto the end of "One"? At the time, we thought it was their way of acknowledging the soon-to-be-announced tour dates in New Zealand and Australia. Boy, were we wrong.

As Joe Wolfcale explained in the Marin Independent Journal a week ago, it was their way of acknowledging two U2 fans, Jack and Lauren Grandcolas. Jack was there and was invited to meet the band before the show started. He mentioned that "One Tree Hill" was Lauren's favorite song. Lauren was one of the victims of United Airlines flight 93, the flight which crashed in western Pennsylvania on 9/11.

This was in:

Ticket stub offers memories old and new

Joe Wolfcale

DEDICATION: A concert ticket to U2 from Jack Grandcolas' first date with Lauren was recently signed by Bono with a dedication to her. (Special to the IJ/Erin Lubin )
Talking about "United 93" last week over coffee in downtown San Rafael, Jack Grandcolas pulled out a concert ticket stub.

The concert was his first official date with Lauren. U2 was playing at the University of Texas-Austin where the couple attended college.

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It all came rushing back, he said, this past November when he attended the first of U2's sold-out performances at the Oakland Arena.

The band's riveting lyrics have given Grandcolas a sense of peace. The legendary Irish rock band was Lauren's favorite.

"Their music really helped me through some tough times," Grandcolas said.

Grandcolas was invited backstage and talked with band members, including front man Bono and guitarist Edge.

At one point in the show, Bono introduced the next number and said, "This is for Lauren." The band then offered a rendition of the seldom-played "One Tree Hill," from the band's popular Joshua Tree release. It was Lauren's favorite U2 song.

Afterward Grandcolas produced the keepsake ticket stub for Bono, who inscribed on the front the words, "Like a river to the sea, Lauren."

On the back was the notation, "See you for a swim. -Bono."

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that is a very moving story
thanks for sharing

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I was at the show. Great to hear why they pulled it out.
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that's beautiful
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yep, real nice story...
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Awww, that is so amazing.
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Wow.... what a great story.
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Great story, thanks for showing us
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A simple smilie for when words cannot properly describe.
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Damn that was so beautiful! I was at that show too and it was one of the highlights of the show. It means so much more now.
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Wow! That Bono is one cool guy! Thanks for posting this.
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thanks for sharing, that's very moving.
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that is amazing. i used to have a picture of the actual one tree hill on my computer but i lost it when my computer crashed. i tried to find it but all i find now are pics of the t.v. show of the same. does anyone have a pic of one tree hill?
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That's a lovely story

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