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Old 09-28-2004, 09:24 AM   #1
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Make you own U2 set list.

Make you own U2 set list. Excluding songs from this album obviously ('cause we haven't heard it all). Consider this like an ultimate wish list :P

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Ok, like this will ever happen, but here you go anyway:

1. God II
2. Discoteche
3. Elevation
5. I Will Follow
6. Electrical Storm
7. North and SOuth of the River
9. The Fly
11. Numb
12. Desire (Accoustic)
13. Staring at the Sun (Accoustic)
14. All I want is You
15. Bad
16. Pride
17. Streets

18. Bullet the Blue SKy
19. Gloria
20. One
21. Walk On

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of course i left out 100 other tunes i'd give my left pinky toe to hear also.
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This is hard to do, lol.

1. Vertigo
2. Out Of Control
3. Elevation
4. Helter Skelter
5. Do You Feel Loved
6. Discotheque (with the Boom Cha's)
7. The Fly
8. In A Little While
9. Until The End of the World
10. New Year's Day
11. A Celebration
12. Numb
13. Bad
14. Pride
15. Streets

16. One
17. Dirty Day
18. With Or Without You
19. In God's Country
20. Walk On
21. 40

I'm sure this will change once the new album comes out.
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1. Vertigo
2. Elevation
3. The Fly
4. Gone
5. Until The End Of The World
6. If You Wear That Velvet Dress
7. One
8. Sunday Bloody Sunday
9. Wake up Dead Man
10. Bullet The Blue Sky

B-stage: Acoustic
11. Desire
12. Staring At The Sun
13. North and South of the River (like the version for Omagh Bomb)
14. Stay (Faraway so Close)

Main Stage:
15. I Will Follow
16. Out Of Control
17. Twilight
18. Angel of Harlem
19. Pride

Encore 1:
20. Electrical storm
21. Hold Me, Thrill me, kiss me, kill me
22. Beat on The Brat (Ramones cover)
23. Walk On (with the Hallelujahs)

Encore 2:
24. Streets
25. Bad
26. New Years Day
27. 40

And of course 4 or 5 extra new songs have to be added!

I told you, it must be a Springsteen-set haha
And NO Hands that build...wraaarghhh I hate that 'song' !!!!
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The Fly
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Tough One.... OK gonna get creative here with a couple of medleys... by medley I mean a few shortened songs ( a la "Wake Up Dead Man" in the Slane DVD ) linked together followed by a song played in full... with such a huge catalogue I think its the only way to really give a taste of everything they can do...

Here goes...


ACOUSTIC MEDLEY Set on B stage… (15 mins.)
Sweetest Thing
Angel of Harlem
In a little while
The first time
All I want is you (Full Song)

Mysterious Ways

MEDLEY (Plugged In on Main Stage) (15 mins.)
Out of Control
I will follow
New Years Day
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Pride (Full Song)

Running to Stand Still
Acrobat/Your Blue Room

Beautiful Day
Ground Beneath her Feet
Wake Up Dead Man
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Old 09-28-2004, 02:14 PM   #7
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Alright, so there are no limits? Excellent! Then I'm simply going to cross-post from a LiveJournal post of mine where I responded to a challenge to devise what I considered to be the greatest U2 setlist for me personally. Enjoy!

Explanation of terms;
--> = song flows into the next with at least one band member playing/singing on through the transition.
/ = songs are inextricably linked. Really, can anyone even say where The Cry ends and The Electric Co. begins?
Comments in italics = relevant notes on the performance.

I'm not allowing for Bono to talk. These songs are meant to flow perfectly, even if all band members wholly stop before beginning the next tune. If Bono wants to do one of his rants, he can do it in the middle of a song (i.e. "Fuck the Revolution" from Sunday Bloody Sunday, 8 November 1987) or tell a story during the intro of the song (i.e. "Dream it all up again" from Love Rescue Me, 30 December 1989)

Main set
Where The Streets Have No Name - No intro required. Background goes red, organ blasts over the stadium, and band enter progressively, a la JT/Lovetown tour. If Bono has time, he can recite William Wordsworth's Resolution And Independence or Psalm 116 during the instrumental intro.
One Tree Hill
Exit --> Gloria - Van Morrison's Gloria
In God's Country
Pride (In The Name Of Love)
Trip Through Your Wires
Desire --> All Along The Watchtower
MLK --> The Unforgettable Fire
God Part II
Gone --> Until The End Of The World --> Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses
One --> She's A Mystery To Me - Full band performance of SAMTT
All I Want Is You/Bad* --> Please --> October --> New Year's Day

*Because it's just too detailed to insert there: (AIWIY solo blends into first notes) Bad --> Ruby Tuesday (snippet) --> Sympathy For The Devil (snippet) --> Final verse of Bad and Edge solo --> Walk On The Wild Side (snippet) --> Candle In The Wind (snippet) --> Fool To Cry (snippet) --> The First Time (first and second verses and chorus) (Adam's Please bass kicks in). It's epic, I know. I'm basically just combining all the best of Bad, though tragically omitting the 'come on down' verse from the UF Tour. This would surely beat the record for the longest performance, which I believe is around the 15-16 minute mark.

Set on b-stage
Band leaves the stage besides Edge, who goes to the b-stage in the middle of the crowd.
Van Diemen's Land - solo.
Larry and Adam join him.

Seconds - sans Bono.
Larry and Adam leave, Bono appears and joins Edge.

Two Shots Of Happy, One Shot Of Sad - Bono and Edge duet.
Angel Of Harlem - A la Slane Castle; Edge plays the first verse on electric guitar with Bono singing, and then Adam and Larry reappear for the rest of the song.
When Love Comes To Town - Edge sings the "I was there when they crucified my Lord" verse, Adam and Larry sing the chorus after that.
Stay (Faraway, So Close!) - Full band, Bono also on guitar.
Tomorrow - Edge on that whistle thing for the first half of the song.
Surrender --> Two Hearts Beat As One --> Gloria - Bono dances through the crowd during Surrender, extending the performance past the ten minute mark. During Gloria, he introduces the band with false names ("Larry McGuiggin on drums, ladies and gentlemen!") and ends it with a snippet of Van Morrison's Gloria ("Gloria, in te domine, gloria, GLORIA! G-L-O-R-I-A!") before falling backwards into the crowd.

Encore #1
Promenade --> 4th Of July --> Hawkmoon 269 - Bono appears mysteriously up in the crowd on one side of the stadium, Edge on the other. They perform Promenade, and then Bono vanishes, while Edge walks through the crowd to the main stage, playing 4th of July and the long Hawkmoon intro and arrives at the stage as the rest of the band appear.
Dirty Day --> Bullet The Blue Sky --> Running To Stand Still --> Hallelujah --> Dirty Old Town - Bullet The Blue Sky has the extended ZooTV solo. Edge plays RTSS on guitar. Larry sings Dirty Old Town.
Heartland --> With Or Without You --> Shine Like Stars --> Love Will Tear Us Apart

Encore #2
Zooropa - Long, long intro with the media barrage of ZooTV, featuring the best of what came before Zoo Station and Daddy's Gonna Pay For Your Crashed Car, combined with the actual studio intro of Zooropa. Edge then takes the stage, playing the distorted guitar, and the others soon join him.
Beautiful Day
Last Night On Earth --> The Fly

Encore #3
I know U2 concerts only have two encores, but this is my greatest ever concert and I'll do what I like. I'll also make this encore as long as I feel like.
The Cry/The Electric Co. --> Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me --> Children Of The Revolution
I Will Follow
11 O'clock Tick Tock --> The Ocean --> A Sort Of Homecoming - When you think about it, that actually works!
Sunday Bloody Sunday - First verse played slowly, a la some Joshua Tree tour performances. Song is played twice like at Cork, 8 August 1987.
40 --> Help --> 40 --> Feed The World (Let Them Know It's Christmastime) --> 40 - Epic performance combining the best of 40, best additional verses of 40, and the best snippets inserted into 40 to create something that beats the 31 January 1985 performance for ultimate length. For the record, the 31/01/85 performance went for 16:45. 40 was 2:36 in the studio. Edge and Adam, of course, swap instruments.
"Mediocrity is never so dangerous as when it is dressed up as sincerity." - Søren Kierkegaard

Ian McCulloch the U2 fan:
"Who buys U2 records anyway? It's just music for plumbers and bricklayers. Bono, what a slob. You'd think with all that climbing about he does, he'd look real fit and that. But he's real fat, y'know. Reminds me of a soddin' mountain goat."
"And as for Bono, he needs a colostomy bag for his mouth."

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That would be a dream come true for U2 fans.
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Like A Song
Like A Song
Like A Song....

OK, you get it. If I heard that live (along with In God's Country) I would be . For real.
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The Daltons featuring opening act U2

U2's set:

1. Vertigo
2. Day Dream Believer

Then they get booed off the stage by the rabid die hard Dalton fans

The Daltons take the stage and play their greatest hits!

best show ever!
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Originally posted by david
The Daltons featuring opening act U2

U2's set:

1. Vertigo
2. Day Dream Believer

Then they get booed off the stage by the rabid die hard Dalton fans

The Daltons take the stage and play their greatest hits!

best show ever!

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1- Vertigo
2- The Fly
3- Pride
4- Stories For Boys
5- One Tree Hill
6- New Years Day
7- Electrical Storm
8- Do You Feel Loved?
9- If God Would Send His Angels

10- Stuck in a Moment
11- Staring at the Sun

(full band again)

12- Even Better Than the Real Thing
13- Discotheque (boomcha'n it up)
14- With or Without You


15- Beautiful Day
16- A Sort of Homecoming
17- Where the Streets have No Name
18- Gone

<encore 2>

19- Until the End of the World
20- Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me
21- Kite
22- The FIrst Time
23- Walk On
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The Fly
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You rock, David. I'd go see those guys over U2, anyday.

heee! ~Ultra
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I thought the other day, how about a U2 Live Unplugged album? So here's mine....

U2 Unplugged - Live At The Clarence Hotel Lounge, Dublin

1)Beautiful Day
2)Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own (I KNOW, I havent heard it yet but hey, I thought id pick 1 off the new album)
3)Staring At The Sun
5)Angel Of Harlem
8)Sunday Bloody Sunday (into Peace On Earth and 40)
9)The Ground Beneath Her Feet
12)Running To Stand Still
15)All I Want Is You (into Slow Dancing)

16)The Hands That Built America
17)WTSHNN (Difficult, but im sure they could pull it off!)
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I think you should post all your setlist on the proper section my friends , On U2 Tour Central

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