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Old 10-04-2001, 12:31 PM   #46
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Cries and hugs for Kerc and Risti.

(((((((( HUGSSSS )))))))))

* Puts Risti in my suitcase for Vegas.

Spacejunk Coming In For The Splash

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The Fly
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41 since War Tour, May 1983, Boston Mass.

And the Elevation shows would rank in my Top 5

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Old 10-04-2001, 12:52 PM   #48
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Originally posted by Monkey79:
6 -- All in Atlanta

Amnesty Int'l
JT (2 shows)
Zoo TV -- Outdoor
Elevation -- Directly in front of The Edge
I was at every one of these shows!

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Old 10-04-2001, 01:02 PM   #49
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Ok, I suck compared to most of you...

1.may 19, 1997
Popmart in Kansas City

2. april 6th, 2001
Elevation in Denver

3. may 13th, 2001
Elevation in Chicago

and Nov. in Denver...so four total...

The Chicago show was the best, but just barely over Denver. The little things made the difference: The weather in line was better, the security was handled better, and I got into the aftershow party and met Bono, which is definately better. (The crowd in Denver was better...)
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Old 10-04-2001, 05:26 PM   #50
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1 Popmart (LA)

3 Elevation shows (Anaheim)

1 Slane (Aug. 25)

Going to see:
3 LA (All GA's!!!)&
Las Vegas

I've seen 5 but together will have seen 9 in total!!! LUCKY ME!!!
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Old 10-04-2001, 05:50 PM   #51
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ONE. During freaking JT only!!!!

But it was the infamous BB King show in Ft. Worth, put on the R&H video!

Skipped the whole 90s thing, like an idiot.

Hope to make that at least TWO when I get to Vegas next month!!!

But haven't gotten tickets yet...

But heard Prop usually comes through...

All I can do is hope and pray...
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Old 10-05-2001, 02:00 AM   #52
The Fly
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I don't usually fess up to the whole list but I have photos of most of these shows (Not ZooTV darn it) online at U2photos.com so I guess I might as well admit to it all, as it is sorta fun to see who was at the same shows.

I think I probably could have bought a new car with what I spent doing this.

03-01-92 Miami
10-30-92 Los Angeles
10-31-92 Los Angeles
11-14-92 Anaheim

04-25-97 Las Vegas
04-28-97 San Diego
06-18-97 Oakland
06-19-97 Oakland
06-21-97 Los Angeles
10-26-97 Toronto
10-31-97 Detroit
11-14-97 Miami
11-21-97 New Orleans
11-23-97 San Antonio
12-09-97 Vancouver
12-12-97 Seattle
02-17-98 Perth
02-21-98 Melbourne
02-25-98 Brisbane
02-27-98 Sydney

10-26-00 KROQ Breakfast (Please don't hate me, got lucky)
10-27-00 Farmclub (Still don't hate me please)

(03-21-01) (Listened from outside rehearsals in Miami)
(03-22-01) (Listened from outside rehearsals in Miami)

03-24-01 Ft. Lauderdale
03-26-01 Ft. Lauderdale
04-09-01 Calgary
04-10-01 Calgary
04-12-01 Tacoma
04-13-01 Vancouver
04-15-01 Portland
04-19-01 San Jose
04-20-01 San Jose
04-23-01 Anaheim
04-24-01 Anaheim
04-26-01 Anaheim
06-02-01 Albany
06-03-01 Hartford
06-05-01 Boston
06-06-01 Boston
06-08-01 Boston
06-09-01 Boston
06-11-01 Philadephia
06-12-01 Philadephia
06-14-01 Washington DC
06-15-01 Washington DC
06-17-01 New York City
06-19-01 New York City
06-21-01 E. Rutherford
06-22-01 E. Rutherford

My favorites are hard to compare, but Boston 6/9/01 was probably the best ever show. San Antonio Popmart, the first show after Hutch died, was unforgettable, and Brisbane Popmart was really memorable. Other shows - first time I took good photos, my two birthday shows, stuff like that, anniversary of when my dad died - all were memorable for me but from a public "I'm looking for boots or whatever" list, those three I loved.

San Jose 4/20 should be on there too.

For those who don't know, the photos are of all the Popmarts except Detroit, and the Las Vegas photos suck; and of all the Elevations except Anaheim 1.

Every time I go and take photos to share, I max out a credit card doing it. Well, last week some stupid bank sent me a card after I applied last month and was rejected. It's real, though, and it works, and the interest rate won't make me want to kill myself later. So... anyone want more pictures? If so, I need help: I need places to stay in a few cities, I need to buy GA tix at face value (with TM charges etc but not broker fees) if you know of extras, and if anyone wants rides city to city and to split gas money, that would be great. Please drop by U2photos.com and send me an email, thanks.

And to those I still owe email to - it's coming!



| "Rock 'n' roll will be gone by June." - 'Variety', 1955
| Otto Kitsinger | <otto@U2photos.com>
| 40 U2 shows, 1 camera: http://www.U2photos.com
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Old 10-05-2001, 02:02 AM   #53
The Fly
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I forgot the count. That's 46 full shows, 2 five song sets and two outside the venue tour rehearsals.

No wonder my mom thinks I'm crazy and I don't even own a comfortable couch and I have a car with 170,000 miles... I have a drug problem, it seems.

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Old 10-05-2001, 02:10 AM   #54
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six shows

Popmart Columbus
Popmart Detroit (Happy Birthday Larry!!!!)
Elevation Columbus
Elevation Boston, night 1
Elevation Boston, night 3 (11 O'clock tic tock ruled...still looking for boots from the boston shows if anyone can help me out)
Elevation DC, night 1

And if everything works out this leg:

Providence both nights (still waiting to see if I got my tixs from Prop for GA)

otto, I think we ALL have a drug problem here, it's called U2 I'd sell my cat if I had to to see U2....which would be hard considering I don't own a cat

I can't change the world, but I can change the world in me.
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Old 10-05-2001, 01:29 PM   #55
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nine shows so far!

1 Unforgettable Fire - Philly
1 Amnesty - San Francisco
1 ZooTV - Oakland
3 PopMart - 2 Oakland/1 London
3 Elevation - 1 Miami/2 San Jose
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Old 10-06-2001, 02:07 AM   #56
The Fly
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29 so far and I agree with Otto - Boston 4 was the best show.

So Otto will I see you on line on the East coast again?!?!? I'll be in Vegas too.


...Its no secret that a liar won't believe in anyone else...
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Old 10-06-2001, 02:08 AM   #57
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11 so far:

5- Joshua Tree (SF, Oakland, Wembley Stadium)
1- Amnesty International Concert
2- Zoo
1- Popmart
2- Elevation (San Jose & Boston)

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Old 10-06-2001, 02:15 AM   #58
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Originally posted by Blue Room:
21 times since 1987. After the 3rd leg it will be 24.
10-30-87 Chicago
03-27-92 Detroit
03-30-92 Minneapolis
9-9-92 Detroit
9-11-92 Ames IA
9-16-92 Chicago
9-18-92 Chicago
5-14-97 Memphis
5-16-97 Clemson
5-24-97 Columbus
6-27-97 Chicago
6-28-97 Chicago
6-29-97 Chicago
10-26-97 Toronto
10-27-97 Toronto
10-31-97 Detroit
5-12-01 Chicago
5-13-01 Chicago
5-15-01 Chicago
5-16-01 Chicago
5-30-01 Detroit

Phew! I'am out of breath.
How was the 5-24-97 Columbus show? I barely missed going and I'm still searching for fan reviews!!

I've been to 2 shows on the first Elevation leg:
5-3-01 Cleveland
5-7-01 Columbus
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Old 10-06-2001, 02:16 AM   #59
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One love, one show...

-The Shitty Beatles? Are they any good?

-They suck!

-So it's not just a clever name...
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Old 10-06-2001, 02:18 AM   #60
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Originally posted by Naya:

2 Elevation shows at the Molson Center, Montreal, May 2001

I was there first night.. loudest crowd baby!!!!

And I felt like a star...

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