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Interview circa Passengers era

Interesting stuff...never read it before.

They talk to Liam Mackey about Passengers and ZOO TV. A lot.

I also liked this part about Bill Flanaganīs Book At the End of The World:

"U2 may have been gone for a while, but they were hardly forgotten, not least because of the controversy and publicity surrounding the recent pub lication of journalist Bill Flanagan's book, U2 At The End Of The World, an access-all-areas account of the band at work, rest and play. Any regrets?
"When it was recycled through the tabloids it hurt a bit because, I guess, they took from it what they wanted," Bono says. "But it's always hard having someone as close as he got to us, writing abou~ you. You maybe don't always recognise yourself as the person he paints the picture of. But it's his book. The point of doing it was that it would give fans a chance to under stand things about us and ZOO TV that it wouldn't have been possible to get across in a newpaper article or even in Hot Press or Rolling Stone. But also, there was nothing to hide. A band can get very precious about protecting itself. We just decided, 'Let's let people in - here we are, here's everything, here's the accounts, here's the fridge we take with us, here's the kind of thing that happens to us on a daily basis'.
"I suppose a lot of people think that we just go up on stage for two hours, take the money and just go off down the pub. Which is actually the book he wrote (laughs).
Adam: "Bill did let us look at it beforehand and we did suggest some minor changes, but only in terms of factual corrections. We didn't comment on his editorialisng. And we had to do that for his integrity. He's a respected journalist, he knows his chops and there was no point entering into an arrangement that would have produced a sycophantic book. And unfortunately he got a lot of flak for doing just that from people who don't really understand the world we live in. And some people didn't seem to see that there were some great insights in there."
The final word on the book goes to Bono: "I got a call from our Lighting Director, Willie Williams, who's off with REM now and he said, 'I'm sure you cringed at every page, but I read it in one sitting and I haven't stopped laughing since.' I suppose it's much easier for other people to read. than it is for us."
A year and a half on, the stresses and strains of the last tour have healed, and there seems to be a renewed unity of purpose about U2 as they plot the future course."

First time I read their opinions on Flanaganīs book.

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I don't see why they wouldn't have liked it. Flanagan was very complimentary.

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PopFly, I think Bono and Adam were a little bir ironic about Flanaganīs work, in that interview. I wouldnīt say they didnīt like the book though. Compared to what they said about Eamon Dunphyīs Unforgettable Fire and Carter Alanīs The Road to Pop you can consider almost flattering IMO.
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