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Well i'd say that Joshua Tree will be the album that U2 are remembered by in 50 years (unless they put out a more successful and brilliant record), but Acthung Baby is the best because it continually jsut keeps coming on with brilliant songs....for example....the more I listen to AB, the more songs I like- originally i only like 7 of the sogns I believe, now I love 11 of them (the odd one out is Zoo station)....and it's a pity that Zoo station kind of sticks out in my opinion as the poor bit of the album.
Anyway, i don't really know what I'm talking about, except that i seriously think that AB is No.1 then JT then POP then ATYCLB.
For some unknown reason I put POP jsut ahead of ATYCLB.

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Old 12-19-2001, 07:02 PM   #17
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Something about JT just sticks out in the way it feels. I used to think it had some sort of naive optimism that pulled you in, but I'm not so sure anymore. I think they used a level of cynicism on JT, but to most outsiders, it doesn't appear that way. WOWY and BTBS are harsh, probably just as harsh as anything on AB. Meanwhile, that sense of hopelessness is found in RTSS and Exit. There is a sort of heavenly feel to the album, I agree. Something I can't quite put my finger on, but it makes the album feel like it rises above all the other music out there. It's definitely the album I recommend to people who know nothing about U2, if only for the simple reason that its the most accessible.

AB is dark, I sgree. But I think that, more than anything, only the sound is darker than JT. Lyrically, the albums are much closer than most people seem to realize. Everyone talks about AB being such a huge leap into a different direction, but I only hear that musically. In other respects, there is still that sense of yearning, loss, and hopelessness on both albums. Then, almost from nowhere at the end of each album, you feel a renewed optimism, while still being vigilant in your pursuits.

For me, JT still has that feeling that can't stop when I hear it. The feeling that the world is screwed up, but can be righted. AB has it too, but on a more personal, introverted level. I think if you're more of a relationship-type person, you may prefer AB. For those of us who enjoy more of a level of open freedom, JT might fit better. That's the reason I pick JT, with AB in a "photo finish" (stealing uv353's term) right behind.

Excellent topic. The JT-AB debate will never end. And, of course, there are those who also pick ATYCLB, or even War. To each his or her own.

Change is the only constant

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Really great comments everyone. I was talking to a friend about these two albums, and (one of) the conclusions we came to is that Joshua Tree is more of a "U2 perspective" album, wheras in Achtung Baby, it become personal to the point where the listener becomes the character(s). I suppose by definition of the subject matter, Achtung Baby automatically envelopes the listener as a part of the record. Joshua Tree pretty much takes you along, but it's the journey of U2 and the characters within the album, that the listener experiences. Of course, this is not to say that there are no personal songs on Joshua Tree. Far from it. I just mean there is less involvement from a personal, emotional perspective (of the listener). However, in my opinion, the ride Joshua Tree brings you on is just as compelling, in a different sense, as the ride Achtung Baby takes you through.

The Tempest

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Joshua Tree is a classic album , chosen by critics and eaten by human masses of the Whole world
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I think JT will always be the greatest to the public as a whole. I think that while the songs I love on JT are awesome, AB might be slightly more a total album, since I don't like the last two songs on JT and I like everything on AB. I would put ATYCLB and UF next in greatness then War.

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After the first 4 tracks of Joshua tree the remaining tracks bore me.
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I have to stop reading this thread, as it brings me physical pain when people say bad things about JT!

AB - Moves my soul.
ATYCLB - Elevates my soul.
The Joshua Tree - Saved my soul.
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I agree EPand America,

I don't understand why people slag Joshua Tree so much. It's almost become "trendy" I think. Also, I don't see why people think that just because it "bores" *them*, it is, therefore, not a good album. People put so much objective weight to such a subjective thing. One's own opinion on something doesn't define whatever that thing is, universally. Just doesn't work that way.

It seems a lot of people tend to stereotype anyone who likes Joshua Tree a lot. Suddenly these people who like it also hate everything ever recorded in the 90s. It's as though you can't like Achtung Baby, Zooropa or Pop, because, oh, if he's a Joshua Tree lover, then he must also be an '80s U2 fan who hates everything from the '90s. Where's the logic in that? People tend to box everything into decades for some reason. Was there a line drawn somewhere in the metaphorical sands of time that I forgot to witness? Very odd indeed...(sorry for the rant!)

Skinny the Link

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joshua tree

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