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I'm bored! So anyone who has met the U2, tell me about your experience!.

Shit! I didn't mean The U2. I ment U2(the band)

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u tell us about the day u met God

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I just met some folks that work on The Simpsons.
I heard some great impressions, it was hysterical.

Look...look what you've done to me...You've made me poor and infamous, and I thank you...

My name is MISS MACPHISTO...I'm tired and i want to go HOME...

"Well you tell...Bonovista,that i said hello and that my codename is Belleview" - Bono before opening night of Anaheim Elevation concert

Well tonight thank God it's them, instead of you...

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i met part of the band. does that count?

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Bono kissed my hand
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Funny timing...I just posted my experience in a separate thread!

God, if any member of U2 were to kiss my hand, I would pass out!!!
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Originally posted by Mrs. Edge:
Funny timing...I just posted my experience in a separate thread!

What an awesome story! It's a story you don't want to hear the ending of!

My husband said that what happened to me was like hitting the lottery too! Bono was moved by my 9 year old daughter and left the stage to visit her!

The story:

Funny timing for me too! I also just posted the picture and link into another thread! It will also forever be one of the top days of my life!

ABEL - I, too, would faint if any of the band kissed my hand! Details please!

"There's a lot of real rubbish going on about new music & old music, can I just say we play U2 music? Is that OK?" - Bono, Us Festival 5/30/83

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Originally posted by kobayashi:
i met part of the band. does that count?

Of course, do tell!
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i met bono before the buffalo show and he shook my hand rock n roll style. it was the coolest thing in the world seeing him walk right toward me. as soon as i learn how to post pics i'll show you a pic of him right next to me. anywho, i would also love to meet someone who worked on the simpsons. homer is my gods right hand man. god=edge

"you know something? you're fucking beautiful!" -bono, ZOOTV
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I met Bono twice, and the Edge once - outisde a hotel in San Diego (and Bono 2 weeks later outside a hotel in Los Angeles) during the 2nd leg of the Zoo tour.

Me and a small group of people waited all night in the cold, and the people that worked at the hotel were so kind that in the morning they let us in, gave us a seat in the restaurant, then discounted the food because we barely had enough money on us for breakfast and there wasn't an atm in the hotel. There were 4 of us all together, and hotel management (San Deigo) let the boys know we were waiting for them and that we had waited all night and day. More fans were coming up to the hotel grounds, but hotel security had something going on with U2 so as not to cause a scene while we got to stay in the foyer of the hotel! I couldn't believe our luck!

Eventually, right before they left for Las Vegas around 4 pm, Bono comes out and greets us and talks to us about where we're from, what did we think of the show, how he oliked this guy's Celtic shirt, were we going to the Anaheim show. Then Edge comes out and stands right in front of me. He smiles kind of shyly, puts out his hand and I shake it (I must've been grinning like a complete fool) Then he put his hands in his pockets the way he does and let Bono do all the talking. lol! During our brief meeting I don't think Edge moved more than a couple feet away from my face! Bono was very sweet and pleasant, and genuinely interested in what we had to say about the show. Edge asked us what song we wanted to hear at Anaheim, and I blurted out Bad, because they hadn't played it during the Zoo Tour. They both kind of glanced at each other, and Bono resumed yapping (he really does have a gift for the gab) Then their security guys came up and told them to get in the limo - and off they went, leaving the 4 of us shaking like a leaf and dumbfounded at our luck and believing in the power of persistance!

2 weeks later in Los Angeles, my friend (who met Bono and Edge with me in San Diego) and I caught word that they were going to stay at a hotel they usually stay at, so we decided to play hooky from school and work and spend the day fussing ourselves up and sleeping in our cars if we had to. I think it was that night they were up late doing a Thanskgiving special, so they didn't get back to the hotel til the wee hours long after my friend and I fell asleep in my car. The next morning we grabbed some eats at a joint called Ben Franks, then walked back to the hotel where we saw Paul McGuinness. We went up and introduced ourselves, and he stopped and shook our hands and said something about the long road ahead in embarking on the Euro tour for Achtung Baby.
Of course we asked them when U2 were coming out of the hotel and he said, oh, in about an hour and a half... Then he looked at us and said, it looked like we'd slept outside all night. lol. Which was true, well... we slept in my car. Anyway, my friend and I skipped on down to I-Hop and used the girl's restroom so we could fix ourselves up so we didn't look like we'd slept in a car all night.

Sure enough about an hour and a half later we see Edge (no sign of Adam and Larry) who immediately hops into the limo. Bono coes out looking completely wrecked. There was a large group of people waiting for autographs, and my friend and I stood on the sidelines, Mainly because we didn't bring anything for the boys to sign. So we stood there and Bono looks over and smiles, and gives us a nod, then holds up his finger to us in the "I'll be with you in a minute" gesture.

When he was done signing the autographs my friend and I just stood there as Bono walked over to us. He said immediately, "You're the two girls from San Diego." Then, he kind of flirted with my friend and said "I remember YOU" and took a bouquet of roses (that had been given to him by a fan) and popped her over the head with them in a sort of mock fairy grandfather sort of way. Then he leaned up close to us and said, "You heard us play Bad at Anaheim, didn'tcha?" and he gave me a wink. He smelled like he'd been up all night drinking and to be honest, he looked, well... my friend blurted out "You look like you had a rough night, you look like shit!" And Bono laughed and laughed, and wagged his finger at her and gave her a sly look. "Aw yes, late night... you see..." And then we talked excitedly about how brilliant Mexico was - then he was called to join Edge in the limo. He reached over and hugged my friend who he seemed to be quite taken with (she is really gorgeous, so... well... ) and when he was done hugging her, he lept toward me, caught me in a giant bear hug and swayed with me a little bit right there on the street *gasp, sigh. oh_my_gawd* Then pulled me back, looked me right in the eye and winked, "thankyou"

Then poof, like a fairy godfather he was gone. And my friend and I just stood there in the middle of the street in front of the hotel (Sunset Marquis) in utter disbelief. Talk about lightening striking twice. For the next 30 minutes or so we had the fans who had witnessed the event come up to us and ask us "what did he say to you? Oh my god, I can't believe you said he looked like shit!" etc. etc.

What a trip that was - still one of my fondest memories ever. Just writing about it takes me back and makes me sigh.


One day I'll get my turn to meet Larry and Adam - I guess patience is a virtue, but those ol groupie days of camping out in front of rock stars' hotels are behind me for now.
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I met Adam in Detroit on 5/30, and I kind of met Bono in Chicago on 10/16. Anyone who's already heard these stories, feel free to ignore me...

Bono and Edge arrived a lot earlier than expected on 10/16, and they were late for a photo shoot (which later showed up in Spin magazine) but Bono did get out of the car and walk over toward those of us behind the fence (all the while explaining why they couldn't possibly stop.) I asked him if he minded if I took a picture of him, and he did not. (Of course.)

We got a little more time with Adam. I was waiting outside the venue in Detroit with a friend. The band had already gone in, and most people had left, but we didn't have GAs and therefore had nowhere better to be. Adam came outside for a cigarette and saw us across the street (there were only 3 of us at the time) and came over. He shook our hands and told us it was nice to meet us. I got an autograph (he wrote slowly and was careful to make sure the ink "stuck") and a picture (taken by my friend when I was completely unaware she was taking it.) I asked him what he did with the giant spoon someone gave him in Chicago. He laughed and said that one went into 'the case.' I loved that mental image. It was really cool because there were so few people around. Ahhh, the memories.

"The minute anybody starts telling you what God thinks, or exactly why he does such and such, beware. People should never try to make God in man's image, and that's what they're constantly doing." - Madeleine L'Engle, 1963

"Some of my best friends are women. Some of my best friends dress up as women too." - Bono, Hot Press interview

"don't give up, you've got the music in you..."
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Some of you oldtimers may remember this, but I had a very very unique opportunity to work very closely with U2's "people" and be around the band at the 1st My VH-1 Awards and it culminated in me ending up in a photo with Bono taken by other fans.

To read Part 1 of the account, go to this link:

(Read Part One above first)

Part Two is below and I will summarize the loose ends in my next post.

Thursday, November 30th, 2000: The Day of My VH-1 Awards

Finally, the big day arrived. The My VH-1 Awards and my last chance to meet someone other than Adam in U2. Their scheduled time to arrive was 12:30 PM but I had heard Paul McGuinness telling the boys the night before that they did not have to be back until 1:00. My scheduled time to be at the Shrine was 11:30 AM and I got there by about 12:00 and their security guard Jack was already there at their trailer, which was, located right outside the back entrance of the Shrine. I put on my walkie-talkie headset when I arrived at the Shrine. I also picked up a manila envelope that was to be given to Bono. I was told it was their script. Of course I opened it and looked at it and it was just the words and lyrics and an overview of the music refrains to Beautiful Day.

At about 12:30 I heard them state that The Edge would be driving alone, separate from the rest of the band when they would be arriving. I continued to wait and spoke to Jack and he said that The Edge had spent the night in Malibu with his girlfriend. He also said that the band had turned in relatively early the night before, despite his concerns that they may had wanted to go out and party since the night was still young when they left the Shrine the night before. He had confided in me that he had been hoping the rehearsal would go longer so they would be less likely to want to go out. Fortunately for Jack, they had turned in early despite the early night.

Seth, the Stage Manager for the Awards Show came by and introduced me to Dennis Sheehan and told Dennis if there was anything U2 needed that he could contact me. Dennis in turn told a member of the U2 Security entourage I had not seen the day before, a tall reddish brownish haired guy named Jerry. A friend there told me that he was not Jerry Melee. I took advantage of this time to let them know I had Bono’s script and they nodded. This sealed my plan to get to speak to Bono without his security guys being suspicious of my intentions.

12:45 PM:

I hear on the walkie-talkie that part of U2’s cars had arrived. It was The Edge and in another car Adam. They walked out and greeted Jerry and Dennis and they directed them into the trailer. I stayed outside of it. Another car pulled up and this one had Bono and Scottie, his main security guy in it. He stepped out of the car, he was wearing shades and a black shirt and he said hello to Dennis and I approached Bono shaking the manila envelope to get his attention before he dashed into the trailer. Dennis Sheehan saw me and told Bono to turn around and finally we spoke.

“Bono, I have your script for you.” He looked at me kind of surprised. I said, “It’s for the show, more or less a formality”. And then he smiled and acted a little silly and said:
“A script? Oh, I am a big star now, I need a script!” And I laughed at him and handed it to him. I told him, “Like you really need it.” And he laughed and went into the trailer.

OK, that was progress. As I stood outside of the trailer I could see The Edge reading the Los Angeles Times and drinking a Canadian Dry Ginger Ale soda. Paul McGuinness lifts up a bottle of Stolinachya vodka and smiles. I don’t see anyone drink any though.
Next Larry arrives and he has a bag of shirts that he takes into the trailer. He starts showing it to the other people in the trailer and stuff. The funny thing is, they are U2 shirts!! Some of them old! Maybe he was trying to make his pitch for the 2001 Tour shirt designs!

Adam steps out of the trailer and passes me and goes up to Jerry as he lights a cigarette. Jerry lights a cigarette also and Jerry and Adam engage in light conversation. I decide to smoke too since the area outside of the trailer we are all standing at has turned into the smokers section. Eventually he goes back in the trailer and before I know it, it is almost time for U2’s dress rehearsal.

1:45 PM…

Seth the Stage Manager (Seth is the guy talking to Bono in the car at the beginning of the Awards show) comes and talks to Dennis Sheehan and I then ask Seth if I should follow Bono out to the front or stay with the band when they go onstage. He told me he would handle Bono, and for me to follow the band on stage and stay on stage left until they were done. And then before I knew it, we were moving. The entourage of security, management and miscellaneous U2 people were all moving from the trailer in the back to the stage. On my walkie-talkie headphones I heard people’s other talent escorts saying things like “No Doubt wants to be in the house when U2 does their rehearsal” and “Lars Ulrich wants to be notified when U2 is about to go on stage”. I walkie-talkied back, “U2 is about to take the stage.”

I walked on to the stage and stayed behind it, to the right if you were in the audience but what is called Stage Left for productions. I heard Larry start playing the drums and I could see The Edge and Adam a little from behind the huge stage props. Then, I heard it. My heat skipped a beat. YES!

11’0 CLOCK TICK TOCK!!! The Edge and Adam and Larry were playing 11’0 Clock Tick Tock just feet from me at the end of the year 2000 and it sounded so fantastic. They only played it half way through, but I knew that they were serious about playing it and I was elated that it might be played at the Irving Plaza gig or maybe even on tour!

Suddenly, the keyboard intro that I had grown very FAMILIAR with boomed over the PA system and out of the speakers and the lights in the house dimmed as the band prepared their Dress Rehearsal performance of Beautiful Day. I heard Bono singing and eventually I noticed him walking down the aisle and the spotlight following him. After the Beautiful Day performance the band did not exit the stage on stage left as I had been told they would. So I ran around and caught up with the entourage just as they were walking out the back entrance of the Shrine to their trailer. They went inside and I hung outside of it, as I was supposed to. They drank water and then Scottie; their main Security guy came up to me and asked me if I could help them with something.
The Corrs were rehearsing in the lot across the street from the front of the Shrine. Bono and Larry wanted to go watch them and Scottie wanted me to escort him and the two of them to where they were as they were not exactly sure the best way to get there and they did not want to go through the seating area where people were already watching the other performers rehearse. I told Scottie it would be my pleasure. Of course I didn’t call him Scottie that seemed to be Bono and the other band members affectionate name for him.

So I walked and they followed, Scottie, Bono, Larry, and some other guy, I am not sure whom. We went around through the side hall to the front lobby and out the doors and across the red carpet to the Pre-Show stage and area that The Corrs were at. Bono and Larry showed up just as they finished and they both began to applaud very loudly. Then Scottie came up to me and explained a predicament that they had suddenly found themselves in. Their credentials do not allow them re-entry to the Shrine through the front entrance we had just exited! He needed me to go get credentials that would allow the four of them entry back into the Shrine. So I got on the walkie-talkie and radioed the request and I was told to go to Talent Check-In. At Talent Check-In they said they didn’t have those credentials and that Crew passes would get them in but those were at the gate. So then I went all the way to the back entrance gate to ask them for some and they said they didn’t have any more! So I got the Head Honcho on the radio and She says that they can all re-enter the Shrine IF they are with ME! So I run back to the front and Seth sees me and says that that isn’t right, there are four of them and I cant be where all of them are all of the time and he will get some credentials for them later but he told me to stay in front and walk them in when they are done with The Corrs. After waiting for a few minutes finally Bono, Larry, and company headed towards the entrance and I flashed my credentials to the guard and said, “I am their escort” and he let us all through. They went back to their trailers and before I knew it they were planning to leave. I asked Jack where they were going and he said, “Back to the studio.” I asked him if they were aware they needed to be back by 5 PM and definitely needed to be here at 6 PM PT/9 PM ET to open the show. He said they were aware. I asked if they were familiar with Los Angeles traffic and he said they were. I was concerned. I could tell Jack was too. They left the Shrine at 3:00 PM, almost guaranteed not to be back when they were due. I took a break and told Jack I would be back at 4:30 or so.

4:30 PM…

One of the U2 helpers, a lady asked for ice and food. She wanted to have all the amenities prepared for them when they were returned. This was all done in a matter of minutes. And as expected, 5:00 came and went. 5:10. 5:15.

Sometime after 5:15 Scottie came up to me (for whatever reason he was not with the band) and he told me, “I need Seth the Stage Manager, NOW. I need the Security Director for the Shrine NOW.” I got on the walkie-talkie and immediately made the requests. And nobody responded. I requested it again. No responses. I went to one of our Production Assistants and told her. I went over to Jack and he said, “they’re not going to make it. They’re stuck in traffic at least a half hour away.” I still was getting no response regarding U2 needing Seth. I ran into Jackie who I reported to and she said that Seth was over at Christina Aguilera’s trailer, which was right next to U2’s and he would be right over. At about 5:30 or so Seth talked to Scottie and then Scottie came up to me and told me that The Edge’s Significant Other and her guest needed credentials to get in the show. I asked him did he mean Morleigh and he said yes, Morleigh.

STRESS! U2 and their people had given a list of all the people who were supposed to be attending and got all the credentials the night before. I went back to the Credentials people at Talent Check in and they found one for me to get to Morleigh. It was now 5:35 PM!!! 25 minutes until they were to begin the live broadcast and U2 was still not here!

5:40 PM

There was movement in the U2 camp and I saw headlights at the gate. Jack, the well dressed U2 security guy told me, “They made it, they’re here. Just in the nick of time!”
I was totally able to breathe easier. I had been having nightmare visions of being the only one to know what the show would have opened like.

The band stepped out of their cars and into the trailer. On my walkie-talkie headset I heard that they could not find Kevin Spacey. This was critical because they needed him to be in the car with Bono at the beginning of the show.

5:45 PM

Scottie, U2’s main security guy came up to me and told me that Morleigh and her guest wanted to be seated for U2’s performance. In addition, Bono had a guest in one of the trailers and she did not have an access badge. It was Winona Ryder, and Scottie wanted me to get her Security clearance in time to be seated before U2’s performance. I rushed to Talent Credentials and they told me Winona Ryder was not on their list and they didn’t have any escorts for her. I said, “She doesn’t need an escort, I WILL escort to her seat, she NEEDS credentials!” And they told me that they didn’t have any more!

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FINALLY, the conclusion (brief summary):

I escorted Winona and Morleigh to their seats, I watched the performance on the screen behind the stage. The band immediately went to their trailer after the performance.

*Flea wanted to visit with U2
*Kevin Spacey came and hung out
*so did Winona
*Larry wanted vegetarian food
*Larry demanded Amstel Light beer and they had none so they had to send someone to the store to go buy a 12 pack!

Some crew members were trying to take pics of Bono and since they were violating the rules I said screw it and had Bono sign my "October" cd cover. He said, "Where'd you get that old thing from?" and I told him I had it since the 80s when I became a fan except it used ot be on cassette. Then some guys came up with a camera and Bono goes, "Photo?" And puts his arm around me and I start to say its not my camera but they say its cool dude we'll mail it to you. And they took the picture (its on my website (www.u2la.com) main page. I got it like on December 21, 2000, I almost thought I wasnt going to get it but it came!

THEN, in April at Anaheim I saw Bono outside before a show when he was greeting fans and had him sign the photo. I asked him if they were in the studio and he said they were and I asked if they were working on a new album and he said, "a new album? no." and then I said "just jamming" and he said "yeah, jamming."

I also got The Edge's autograph that day in Anaheim too. So Ive met Bono twice, once a photo, once an autograph.

The only thing is, after that high, there really is nowhere to go, except like having dinner or drinks with them. It is kind of weird, I dont feel the need to wait outside the hotel anymore or anything like that because I feel like, Ive accomplished something I have wanted to do since 1983, I am fulfilled!
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meet Adam & Bono after the October 25th show...at their after party...


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I only live vicariously through Starr. I called her the day after that and had her relay every detail of the story to me-- it took an hour but was well worth it.

keep the stories comin'. I still haven't met the band [got close outside Letterman in October but not really].
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I met Larry and Bono last June outside their hotel-and got Larry's autograph. He was very sweet and polite, and signed as many autographs as he could. To have him standing literally right in front of me was wonderful. All I could say was 'Thank you'.

Bono came out at the last minute and I shook hands with him-a very soft and gentle handshake.

Edge didn't come over to the crowd -but it was so sweet the way he stood and waved,then rolled down the car window and waved again.I never even saw Adam that day. They both will not escape me next time.
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Woo-hoo, Camilo! The conclusion, finally. You only left us hanging for about a year.

All of these stories are great.
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Wow! All these stories are amazing! Even though they make me incredibly jealous, I still love reading them. Keep 'em coming!

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