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Old 09-21-2001, 11:24 PM   #1
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Has anyone ever had problems with Prop?

I'm a natural worrier and am just curious... has any ever had a bad experience with Prop? Like getting a completely different city than your first choice, or no tickets at all? Sorry... I have bad ticket history and expect the worse...

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I want to know the same thing! And how does it work if different shows cost a different amount but you pay the amount of your first choice?

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Old 09-22-2001, 12:02 AM   #3
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If Ticketmaster is hell, then Propaganda is surely heaven. I have always had tremendous luck getting great seats every time I have used Prop. I got great floor seats for Zoo TV, I got seats right next to the B-stage for Popmart, seats 10 rows up directly on Adam's side for another Popmart show, and GA's for every Elevation show I ordered through Prop. I always got my first choice and the tickets arrived well ahead of the concert date. I know some others on here have had bad luck, but I only have good things to say about Prop's ticket service.

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Send us all your good vibes, ultravioletj!!!

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i have never had problems with propaganda. they have always provided me with excellent seats. as for the maximum amount of tixs i believe you can only order 2 tixs...period. i usually ordered 2 tixs for one show. and usually i have always checked off the box for the added show if there were any. so i usually get awesome seats and for the elevation tour i recieved GA tixs. different shows do not cost different amounts as far as i know. usually the same price. i hope this helps
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Old 09-22-2001, 01:27 AM   #6
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I did not receive my Prop. form in the mail until 1 day after the extended deadline, but I think that was the mail carrier's fault.... But I did get this legs form yesterday!!!! WOOOHOO!! I'm going to Austin baby!! Hope this helps some..(with shit eating grin I must add.)
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Old 09-22-2001, 01:39 AM   #7
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I know of one person (or is he a creature) that may had a bad experience with getting a CD or t-shirt or something.

I have a friend who lost her Prop form and they would not respond to her emails. (Note: Dont lose your form or youre SOL)

I did not get the tix for the cities I asked for, Anaheim & San Diego. They just gave me Anaheim Night One and Anaheim Night 2 but it all worked out because L.A. has a huge U2 fan community and I was able to trade for the show I still needed (San Diego).

My friend that lost her Prop form and many others I know tried to buy tix from Ticketmaster. They never got any.

Propaganda is a blessing regardless of the snafus. Without them, many of us would not be able to see U2. And in addition, we dont have to pay all thos eextra fees, just $5-7 above the ticket which is better than Ticketmaster! If you can even get tix at all...
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Old 09-22-2001, 01:39 AM   #8
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During the Popmart tour, I got amazing seats, including 2 good ones in Vegas. My prop form for the first leg of Elevation, however, never arrived. They put up an email address for fans in my situation and i was able to print one out and still got a decent seat with it. I was able to get good tix during the public sale too.

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I've been reading this board since the beginning of the year but decided to write instead of just look today!!

I also have a question about prop. I just got my prop order form today ( big sigh of relief!) and my question is this: If I put down that I want Vegas tickets ( since I couldn't get any while on the phone with a ticket agent right at ten! ARGH!!!) Would I indeed go ahead and get the GA's eventhough this will be a show of high demand?
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Prop has been great to me.

But I'm a little worried that nobody in Ontario has their forms yet. If they're not here on monday, panic will start to spread.

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