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Five Most Underrated Songs

Five most underrated songs by U2?

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1. When I Look at the World
2. Boomerang I
3. Endless Deep
4. Rejoice
5. Some Days are Better than Others

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5. Lost On A Silent Planet
Great early song. I really don't understand why this wasn't put on Boy when The Ocean and Shadows And Tall Trees were ...

4. Spanish Eyes
A b-side? Why?! This should have been one of U2's biggest singles. Classic Edge guitar and powerful vocals from Bono.

3. Bass Trap
Beautiful instrumental. Beautiful, stunning, calm, atmospheric. U2 at the top of their game. I would pay lots of money to see them perform Heartland --> Bass Trap --> A Sort Of Homecoming live.

2. Treasure (Whatever Happened To Pete The Chop?)
Like Spanish Eyes, why on earth was this relegated to b-side status? Songs like Red Light, Seconds, and THBAO should've had the courtesy to make way and let this be included on War. What a great song.

1. Wild Irish Rose
Arguably the most under-rated U2 song - not even officially released! I can't comprehend why. I think this is easily one of the best songs U2 has ever made. Powerful vocals, excellent poetic lyrics, and a great atmosphere. Should be a classic on the level of Bad and Streets.

And honourable mentions go to One Tree Hill and Heartland, two songs that will always be under-rated as they cannot be rated sufficiently high enough.
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Indian Summer Sky
Wild Honey
Spanish Eyes
Like a Song
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Hawkmoon 269
Do You Feel Loved
Love is Blindness
Holy Joe
A Sort of Homecoming
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Do you feel loved
silver and gold
man and a women
holy joe
starring at the sun
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Spanish Eyes
Like A Song
Dirty Day
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Crumbs From Your Table
"If you needed my autograph, I'd give it to you." Bob Dylan
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Like A Song

Luminous Times (Hold on to love)

Lady with the spinning head (EDM)

When I Look at the World

Another Time, Another Place
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I did mine based amongst casual fans and stuff.

God Part II
Out of Control
Miss Sarajevo
Zoo Station
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The first time - Contains my favorite Bono lyric of all time
The Fly - one of Adam's fiercest basslines
The Sweetest Thing
Elvis Ate America - probably the pinnacle of U2 experimentation and commentary on American stardom.
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I don't really know how to decide so I'll just list five of my favorites that are generally not so popular:

The Ground Beneath Her Feet
Lady With The Spinning Head
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Stateless is the most underrated U2 song ever. It didn't even make this thread til now.
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do you feel loved
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The Unforgettable Fire
Sure I got some credits, but should get more. everybody talks about Bad and Pride form UF but this song is a real masterpeice.

This is such a strong song, specialy the 2005-09-20 Chicago version proofs that.

I got a feeling that people only describe this song as a hit, but I think its a masterpiece. I can't get booring to listen to this song. It got such a power in it.

Well, some here might get a shock when you read Mercy on this list because they find this song overrated. And thats why I put it on the list. This song is one of the strongest they done.

The First Time
Such a comfortable song, the line "But I left by the back door And I threw away the key And I threw away the key" is so good.
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Originally posted by Peterrrrr
I'm surprised you classify this song as underrated. Because among fans, and especially on this forum, it's widely regarded as a good song, even overrated. Didn't it become second in that "most overrated song" competition (does anyone have a link to that thread)? A song can't be overrated and underrated at the same time.

In the case gareth brown might step into this thread: no, I'm not just here to question others, I will post my own list. Just need some time to think about it.
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1. A Sort Of Homecoming
2. Do You Feel Loved
3. Father Is An Elephant
4. Red Light
5. Staring At The Sun
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Red Light kicks ass!
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First time

So cruel




(North and south of the river honorable mention)
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When i look at the world
i fall down
Race against time
In a little while

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