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Old 07-14-2006, 09:55 AM   #1
New Yorker
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Fave u2 moment in a song

What is yer fave u2 moment within a song? My persoanl fave bit is in Red Hill Mining Town, the bit "we wait all day, for night to come and it comes, like a hunter child"
The music at that section is so well done especially the change at "like a hunter child" bit.

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BOY - The middle 8 of Out Of Control where it breaks down, something about it brings me to the streets of Dublin in the late 70’s…don’t know why
OCTOBER – “I can’t change the world but I can change the world in me” was a powerful statement for me to hear in high school.
WAR – Larry’s drums at the beginning of ‘Like A Song…’ shook me the first time I heard them – they still do to this day
THE UNFORGETTABLE FIRE – Bono singing ‘And if you save your love…” just moves me
THE JOSHUA TREE – Edge’s solo in In God’s Country – total Sergio Leone moment
RATTLE & HUM – For some reason, the opening of ‘Love Rescue Me’ makes me think of a summer night in California, circe 1950’s. Love that opening.
ACHTUNG, BABY – Edge’s guitar solo in The Fly – lifts me up above the song
ZOOROPA – The crescendo at the end of ‘Stay’ where the music goes up and vocal comes in with the falsetto. First U2 song to make me cry.
POP – Edge’s guitar at the final pre-chorus of ‘Gone’. It does this whine thing, almost sounds like a plea (I'll be up with the sun, are you still holding on?) – unfortunately, it’s missing from the Best Of mix.
ATYCLB – Probably the big part of ‘Kite’ (I’m a maaannnn) or the final time ‘I know that this is not goodbye’…powerful stuff
HTDDAAB -- Bono's laugh while singing during Original Of The Species or the way he sings ‘I pray you depart’ in LAPOE – cool stuff. Have to add THE PART in SYCMIOYO. It's amazing on the CD, even more so when Bono's five feet in front of you hitting that note...

OTHERS – The music breaks down and it’s basically drums and strings for Lady With The Spinning Head (extended mix). I must’ve listened to that song a hundred times for that one part

All of Two Shots Of Happy… just amazing writing

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Am glad to see ya mention Two shots of happy. Such a worthy song for a mention.
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I like the idea of doing it by album:

Boy - The transition from An Cat Dubh to Into the Heart. Those two songs are great and the transition blew me away.
October - October the song, I really loved the simplicity of the lyrics and just the piano.
War - SBS drum intro.
The Unforgettable Fire - "And if you save your love" - Unforgettable Fire.
The Joshua Tree - Red Hill Mining Town "Lights go down on Red Hill Town..."
Rattle and Hum - All I Want is You - "But all the promises we break, from the cradle to the grave"
Achtung Baby - Love is Blindness solo.
Zooropa - The lyrics to Stay.
Pop - Intro to MOFO.
All That You Can't Leave Behind - Walk On, the end with the group singing fading out "All that you give...all that you take"
How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb - SYCMIOYO "when I SIIIIIIIING, you're the reason I sing..."

And live, the always unreal ending to UTEOTW.
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By album again... These may not necessarily be the best moments on the albums, but they're the ones I savour.

Boy - The countdown to I WIll Follow and the triangle in the same track
October - hmmmm, not much on this one
War - Just that kick that New Year's Day always has, every time you listen to it. It starts at such a pace and never lets up.
The Unforgettable Fire - The string outro to The Unforgettable Fire.
The Joshua Tree - Two moments - first is the first guitar sounds in Where The Streets Have No Name, and the second is the 'raining in your heart' part of One Tree Hill.
Rattle and Hum - The string outro to All I Want Is You
Achtung Baby - The intro to Zoo Station - one of U2's greatest ever moments - I can still remember the first time I ever put this on and it blew me away. Also the intro to Until The End Of The World, just before that rumbling rhythm section comes in.
Zooropa - The click-track intro to Lemon, just before the song kicks in.
Pop - The intro to Last Night On Earth, guitar followed by the keyboard swirl, followed by the bass.
All That You Can't Leave Behind - nothing stands out at all, sadly
How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb - The intro to Love And Peace Or Else and the exit from the middle-eight into Edge's vocal on Miracle Drug
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The Fly
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edge's backup vocals on ultra violet OR his verse in miracle drug. i wuv him!
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"Here's your father...."
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Boy: the intro of Twilight.
October: final chorus of Gloria.
War: Edge's piano and guitar solos during New Year's Day.
UF: No spoken words, just one hell of a scream.
JT: "And when it's raining, raining hard, that's when the rain will break my heart" is so incredibly moving when you're thinking of Greg Carroll.
RAH: "Heeeaaaaaartlaaaand" for sure.
Achtung: Edge's Fly solo.
Zooropa: The intro of the title track. Very well done, intriguing.
Pop: The end of Gone, from "no emotional goodnight".
ATYCLB: "I'm a maaaaaaan"
HTDAAB: Can I just say all of COBL? If not, "dignity passes by" then.
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Originally posted by Axver
HTDAAB: "dignity passes by"
I like that part a lot, too. Great vocal bit.
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one of them is Edges riff in End of the World.
another is Bonos vocals in Slane when he goes from All I want is You into Streets.

Theres just to many to list for me.
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Boy -- "Eeeeleeee-triiiiiii-coooooooooooooooooooooooo(drums),(guitar)"
October -- Chorus, solo in Fire, intro to SIASL , when Tomorrow breaks open
War -- Outro to Like a Song...sweeeet
The Unforgettable Fire -- Final chorus in Wire, final lines in EPAA (...and you pick me, bits and pieces on this floor), BAD
The Joshua Tree -- Intro to Streets, final verse of RtSS, Guitar in Exit
Rattle and Hum -- God Part II - when Bono goes "I...I believe in love. Hua! Hua!" And then Edge's guitar starts
Achtung Baby -- Where do I begin? Umm... final verse in One, bridge in Zoo Station and EBTtRT, Vocals and Guitar in UTEOTW, chorus in WGRYWH, start to TtTYARtW, vocals, chorus, guitar, etc in The Fly, Vocals in Acrobat, etc, etc, etc....
"Zooming, zooming out, nothing I can do without..."
ATYCLB -- Chorus, "I'm a maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan" in Kite, instruments in TGBHF
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Old 07-15-2006, 04:58 AM   #12
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In a song?, this could take a while, I keep finding little things after hearing some backing tracks, having good headphones, etc., really paying attention to songs.

Just list some things off the top of my head.

Boy moments: An Cat Dubh, Into the Heart segue.

October moments: The point when the tempo of Tomorrow builds up, into "I want, I want, I.....I!!!!!

Gloria, especially the last part of the song.
Fire, the part before the last verse.

War moments: "New Year's Day" bass riff anyone?

"Instrumental" part of "Like a Song," at the end, Larry's on fire!

Unforgettable moments: 'don't push me too far, don't push me too far...tonight. "

Indian Summer Sky

Joshua Tree moments: the interweaving of the drums and bass lines on "With or Without You," layered on top with Edge's guitar, "healin, healin hands of love" part on Exit, the build up before it gets louder.

Rattle and Hum moments: Heartland, the orchestra-like part on "All I Want is You.'

Achtung Baby moments: The bodhran used throughout the album,

'Wild Horses' "took a drive in the dirty rain, to a place where the wind calls your name" as well as the instrumentals during these vocals until it ends.

Zooropic moments: the basslines in "Lemon", 'Stay," "if I could staaaaaayyyy"

Pop moments: "Please", Adam "pwns." Adam stops playing for a few seconds, then when he comes back in...very effective. And his sliding basslines towards the end during Bono's "please (bass slide), pleeeeaaassse (bass slide)"

Moments you (or rather I) can't leave behind: Kite, the guitar just before the "I'm a maaaaaan, I'm not a chiliiiillddd," as well as those vocals. "When I look at the world", Edge's, not-quite-a solo towards the end, mixed with the bass lines during it.

Can't really make it out on the album but live, in "New York" during the lyrics starting with, "hit an iceburg in my life"... until..."gotta put the women and children first", Adam plays this bouncy bass line throughout it. If you have video of the Irving Plaza from 2000, you can hear it well.

Atomic moments: Vertigo bass lines driving the song. Edge's lines in Miracle Drug. The buildup just before the chorus on "City of Blinding Lights." Bass lines ascending with the guitar lines.

The drum patterns on "Original of the Species" don't ask why, I just really like them. Not Larry's best but there was something that caught me, not like the obvious "Sunday Bloody Sunday" but something.

The bass on "A Man & a Woman."
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Old 07-15-2006, 07:12 AM   #13
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This part in Mofo:

"Lookin' for a sound that's gonna drown out the world"

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BOY - The opening of I Will Follow

OCTOBER - The piano in October

WAR - The opening drum beat of Sunday Bloody Sunday


THE JOSHUA TREE - The opening of Streets, the bassline of WOWY, In God's Country's guitar

RATTLE AND HUM - God Part 2 when Edge's guitar kicks in after the first two verses, Hawkmoon 269 when Bono screams the verse starting with "like thunder needs rain"

ACHTUNG BABY - The Fly (all of it), the opening of Zoo Station, Bono's falsetto at the end of One and throughout Ultraviolet, Acrobat, Love is Blindness

ZOOROPA - Bono's falsetto in Lemon, the opening of Daddy's Gonna Pay, Stay's lyrics

POP - Discotheque's guitar riff, Mofo's guitar that sounds like a turbine, Bono's falsetto in Please, IGWSHA (The next minute you're blowing a fuse, And the cartoon network turns into the news)

ATYCLB - Bono's whooing during Elevation, Walk On's opening, Kite's chorus

HTDAAB - "Uno, dos, tres, catorce!", SYCMIOYO's chorus, LAPOE's drum and bass, Original's guitar and piano work
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ok my turn, i dont have all the albums but i iwill list things i like bout my fav songs

An Cat Dubh-into the heart- love how it goes into each other

I will follow, the intro is great

Sunday Bloody Sunday-the lyrics for me are powerful

Bad-its great in General, best when listening to Live Aid, love the long guitar solo, and heavy drum beat

Pride-i think its great as a love song (in the name of love, one more in the name of love etc0

With Or Without You-probably the best known U2 song ever, play it anywhere, everyones garunteed to sing, fantastic

God Part 2 and All I Want Is You, both fantastic in all ways!

Zoo Station, love the metal drum sound!

Mofo-love the beat to that!what is it the Edge says in it?

Elevation, great way to open a gig! beautiful day, great to play on a hot summers day, stuck in a moment, has me thinkin alot recently

Vertigo,SYCMIOYO,LAPOE, love each one of them, but especially...



reminds me of my week in New York City everytime i hear it,
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The Into in Where the Streets Have no Name, especially live
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BOY - the beginning of an cat dubh.

OCTOBER - the 'fire,fire,fire' bit at the beginning of fire.

WAR - the piano in new years day.

UNDER A BLOOD RED SKY - 'i know a girl, a girl called party..party girl'

UNFORGETTABLE FIRE - (how could it be anything else..) 'i'm wide awake'

THE JOSHUA TREE - 'and you give yourself away..and you give yourself away..and you give, and you give' bono just sounds so exasperated when he sings that.

RATTLE AND HUM - the opening bit of angel of harlem, always makes me smile.

ACHTUNG BABY - edges kickass guitar solo in love is blindness.

ZOOROPA - lemon, all of it.

POP - the 'do do do do, do do do do, do do do do' in discotheque.

ATYCLB - all of the 'all that you's in walk on and 'that girl that girl shes mine' in in a little while.

HTDAAB - the falsetto 'brown eyed girl across the street, on rue saint divine' bit in a man and a woman. and the really distinct COBL notes.
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The Intro to Streets is definatly the best moment in a U2 song or any song for that matter.
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Boy: An Cat Dubh, Into the Heart segue

October: energetic beginning of Rejoice, piano October

War: Intro "40", Intro and first verse Drowning Man

The Unforgettable Fire: Intro Bad, "In a spiral staircase.." verse Promenade

Joshua Tree: Intro Streets, chorus With or Without You

Rattle and Hum: Intro and chorus Heartland

Achtung Baby: Edge solo in Love is Blindness, Intro Acrobat, "When you turn around" verse in Wild Horses

Zooropa: "Midnight is where the day begins" in Lemon

Pop: Buildup after "No one tells me no" Mofo

ATYCLB: "I'm a maaaaaan" verse Kite

HTDAAB: Slideguitar intro COBL (especially the live version), "Love is like a drop in the ocean" build up in Yahweh

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