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Bomb - Album of the Year Grammy Odds

Sorry if this has been posted already, but what do you think the odds are of Bomb winning Album of the Year. When I first heard it was up, I figured, "nice to be nominated, but not a chance in hell" since it was released so long ago. However, after looking over the competition, maybe it has a chance --

The Emancipation Of Mimi - Mariah Carey
Wasn't her movie called "Glitter" - should lose votes for that. This is one acceptance speech I do not want to hear.
Odds - 1 in 4

Chaos And Creation In The Backyard - Paul McCartney
Grammy could suck up to a rock legend - hopefully not.
Odds - 1 in 3

Love. Angel. Music. Baby- Gwen Stefani
Have not heard this; liked her stuff with No Doubt. Should win in a less prestigious category before graduating to this major category.
Odds 1 in 5

How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb - U2
Oldest release in category, well received, great tour. Grammy could be sick of U2 though and not enough top singles.
Odds 1 in 4

Late Registration - Kanye West
Have not heard this; will Grammy cling to or avoid Kanye's disparaging comment about George Bush in the aftermath of Katrina?
Odds 1 in 3

The hip hop / pop vote could get split between Kanye and Mariah. Paul's good, and a legend, but Grammy still wants to be seen as relevant, Paul fades. U2 and Gwen battle it out with U2 winning, but just barely.


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Wasn't this exact same thead in EYKIW?

If it is:

If the doctors are right and I am prematurely senile:

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The old rock school will split with a favor towards U2 over Paul McCartney. The new rock school has every chance of voting for Kanye as U2 or McCartney.

I think the pop albums probably will fall into line and cancel each other out. I think Kanye wins because he can draw from the hip-hop, rap and pop vote as well as some of the new school rockers who don't consider rap and hip hop talentless drivel like most of the old school rockers do.
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i think there are a lot of situations to considerer:
grammy awards aren't the awards for the sells....walk on won record of the year and didn't eneter in top 100....and the nomination of paul Macca (instead of Coldplay for example) is the example that the academy try to defend the old school , the old rockers or in general musicians like u2, springsteen...if you take a loook at the past nominations you can find that when u2 or the boss had a album off and eligieble (the same for the singles) they were always nominated....last year for example the boss won with code of silence...not sells, less success...but won the best rock male award... take a look here for an idea of the academy's tradition!
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Originally posted by Meghan
Wasn't this exact same thead in EYKIW?

Yes. Just one forum per thread please.

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