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Originally posted by Rafiennes
I think we're pretty sure it's Mercy for a two major reasons:

1. Blender Magazine quoted as saying … "Mercy", a six and a half minute outpouring of U2 at its most uninhibitedly U2-ish.….becomes what Bono immediately anoints “the best B-side you’ve ever heard.”
2. BLENDER also quoted Bono talking to Edge and said he was quoting a line from a new song by saying, "Hey Edge, I've been born again and again and again..."

New song. ‘Born again and again”. 6 ½ minutes.
Ergo…it is ‘Mercy’.
Thank you. Good night. Don’t forget to tip your waitress.

Yes, seriously now...'nuff said.

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Originally posted by Irvine511
can't speak for the rest of the album, i'm still holding out! maybe that is it.

his singing on "mercy" is awesome. i do wish they'd do a quick-and-dirty album like this, with long, dark songs that are unpolished and not quite as ambitious and polished as that gorgeous piece of sheer wonderfulness that we call "original of the species."

Well I hadn't read my Blender yet, that explains the title, thanks. I still think his voice sounds a little strained in spots (which I like actually). Hmm I'm gonna go put on some of the Salome stuff.

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i think that this song was originally xanax and wine from the lyrics. great song off of open arms, too bad they couldnt finish it for this album though. a good bside to htdaab.
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I also think that it shouldn't go without noting that the drums are unquestionably a current Larry Mullen sound and style.

And I agree that the song is the one referenced in Blender.

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It's always possable this was a All That You Cant Leave Behind song that got reworked ? It just has that sound to me......... And on Older songs its always possable to rework a song if it fits the mood of the new album.
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First album?? No way! What about TJT? or AB????
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No matter when it was made let's still try and correct the lyrics. I believe some are still incorrect. I look at it from a lyricists viewpoint. Obviously since i don't think like bono or am i making millions writing lyrics like his i'm handicapped. For intance i would probably just say 'poison' instead of weedkiller, but i guess that is what seperates the greats from those you'll never hear of.
Taking all that into consideration lyrically it would make more sense to say 'i'm digging the ditches of someone else's love"
also' 'love hears when i lie' makes better sense then 'love is when i lie'. i could be way off maybe someone out there will unravel the mystery of mercy.

Version: Studio (6:31) First Appears On: Unknown, 2004
Written By: U2 / Bono Performed By: U2

I was drinking some wine... and it turned to blood
What's the use of religion... if you're any good
I know I'm weedkiller honey... and you're sugar
If you're the prosecution... I get away with murder
If you were ice... I'm water
And with your telescope... I can see further
We're binary code... a one and a zero
You wanted violins... and you got Nero
You're gravity... searching for the ground
You're silence... searching for a sound
Your heart is aching... your heart is my home
It's fascinating... I know I'll never be alone

I'm rippin' the stitches
You got two hands to rub
I'm in the ditches
Of someone else's love

Love is when I lie
Love puts the blue back in my eye
Love will come again
I'll be gone again... again

If you're hunger... baby let me feed it
If your heart is full... baby let me bleed it
And happiness is for... those who don't really need it
You love me... too much
You always loved me... too much

When I was rippin' the stitches
You got two fists to rub
I'm in the ditches
Of someone else's luck

Love is when I lie
Love puts the blue back in my eye
Love has come again
I am gone again

Love's got to be with a wink
Only then love gets a chance to speak
Love will come again
I'll be gone again... again

I... I can't escape myself
I hear you talk
Feeling nothing
I fear nothing

I can hear so much
Fear nothing
I feel so much
Fear... nothing

Love has come again
I am gone again
Love is the end of history
The enemy of misery
Love has come again
I am gone again

Love is justice, a charity
Love brings with it a clarity
Love has come again
I'm alive again

I am alive, baby I'm born again and again
And again, and again and again and again

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