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Your Myths and Legends

Every area has them, they're the stories that you grew up with. Urban Myths and Legends. Come on and tell us a tale (or post a link) and enjoy. So join in on the fun...if you dare

Here's a couple to start us off with:

The Jersey Devil:


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here's some ghost stories i found a wile ago

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Re: Your Myths and Legends

Originally posted by U2vertigofly

The Jersey Devil:
i vaguely remember playing a video game based off that thing. they made the little cartoon guy a lot cuter, though. that moose-beast thing doesn't exactly lend itself to flying around and dodging bomb-throwing evil pumpkins.
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Ok, where to start.......

Down at the bottom of St James Road Belfast there is the Bog Meadows the only preserved bit of marsh land that Belfast was built on, there is an entry way behind the houses of the last street leading into this bit of marsh, there is an old broken wall, where a banshee is meant to is a pretty weird place to be by yourself, whether it is the wind or not there, you can hear an odd wailing....

In my granny's back garden, (she lives in Waterfoot, a wee remotish seaside village further up the coast from Belfast) there is a 'fairy circle' as such, a bunch of mushrooms growing in a perfect circle, when they die, the area where they grew remains as a is a pretty weird wee patch of ground...I feel like tempting the powers that be by stepping in it

As for ghost stories, I have a bucketload which relate to me and my family

As for the most recent experience was in my room in my flat in Bristol....came home from a night out, got changed went to bed as usual.....woke up at about 4.30 in the morning, feeling a pressue on my head like someone was pushing down on me, at this time my head was under my quilt, so I pull back my quilt pretty quickly to find...nothing...I just think it is my imagination or tiredness from the night out (no I was not drunk) so I go back to bed, a few minutes later, I feel the pressure again, except this time it was as if someone was pushing down or lying across the whole top half of my body, it really freaks me out this time, so I jump out of my bed turn on the light and grab my hurley (irish sport stick thing) and get ready to beat the shit out of something...but there was nothing there....... I manage to get back to sleep and nothing happens again...

...A month later a friend points out to me these faint black handprints on my wall alongside my bed, like someone had kneeled on my bed and was pushing against the wall, or they had stretched across my bed to do so.....they aren't mine, for a start they aren't the same size as my hands and I can not recall ever having soot or anything that would blacken my hands like that.....

....nothing has happened since then except another incident in early March where I felt the same pushing down experience as the last time except a bit lighter...again no one in the room....

Not sure what to make of it all
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Manbearpig, I am super serial guys!

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