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Old 10-22-2002, 02:10 PM   #1
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It's not very often I get to rent a video, but yesterday I could.
I wasn't finding anything much I wanted to see at the store and then I found it!!!!( anything with "horse" on it catches my eye)

"The Year of the Horse", Neil Young and Crazy Horse in concert. it also included archival and interview footage.
I have loved Neil Young for a very long time, his music was a huge part of my teenage years. I think he is extraordinary and so important in the scheme of things musical.

My hub asked last night ,why on earth I didn't go when Neil Young played at a venue near here some years ago? He'd forgotten...the same reason i didn't see U2 and BB King on the Lovetown tour...I keep having babies when my very favourite musicians tour.
The video also included some very real back stage/rehearsal footage.
I think it would make an excellent teaching video. it real yshows what goes on,conflict resolution and negotation are a big part of keeping a band together( our guitarist and drummer had a fight 2 weekends ago and the guitarist sacked him after the gig on Saturday night, it's tough keeping people on track) crazy Horse have weathered the storm. ( Poncho is so cool, the Manuel Labourer, god love him)
It also included comments by Neil's dad. I love hearing the parents of famous people give their humble opinion. They can offer an insight no one else possibly could. He said, at about age 13 " Neil became our prime motivator...he had to be"I found that very moving. I am going to use what Mr. Young Sr. said about his son's band as a quote here. It equally applies to U2.

Anyway October 22 , 2002. it was B.I.G.
I bought the Electrical Storm single( haven't heard it yet, not today , too busy, I'll wait for the right occassion.)
I FINALLY sent some $$$ to elvis and Interference( I been feeling guilty about not helping here)
and I saw NEIL YOUNG...going off...I love that man and his music.

Do you?

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Old 10-22-2002, 08:08 PM   #2
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As for me i like Sex Pistols .

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Old 10-22-2002, 08:38 PM   #3
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No I have not seen this film. I have seen every other film by Jim Jarmush. Young did the sound track to Dead Man, starring johnny Depp.

I have seen Neil live about 12-15 times over the years.

This film sounds good.

below is a fans review from IMDB
Granted, non-fans of Neil Young will not like this film, but as one of his biggest fans (I have over 35 CDs of his music, solo and with CSN, Buffalo Springfield and others), I loved this film. Many people were put off by the grain of the Super 8 sequences, but I think that visual scheme ADDS to the mood and feel of his music.

I also liked the varied song list. Not only does he play songs from his most recent album of the time (Broken Arrow, an OK, but not great album) but he revisits his classics (Tonight's the Night, Barstool Blues, Like A Hurricane). It's a great sampler.

I also liked the weird humor that Young and Crazy Horse infuse into the documentary sequences. Many people were understandably turned off by this (including my mother and she LIKES Neil's music!)but I thought of it as in the Frank Zappa-vein of bizarre personal humor that only a handful of people fully get.

NOTE: If you buy this film, purchase the Canadian import version. It is presented in widescreen format (1.77:1 not 1.66:1 as listed in technical specs) The USA Films release is panned and scanned and believe me Jarmusch makes the most of the frame, no matter how small it is)It costs more, but believe me, it's worth the extra money!
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Old 10-22-2002, 08:41 PM   #4
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I've seen the Syd and Nancy movie, that was sad

When I first met hub, the second band he roadied for played Sex Pistols songs, and Ramones and Dead Kennedys, great dancing music. I was childless then and went to every gig...on a motorbike. Those were the days, my friend, indeed.

But try and give Neil a go too. I dunno I grew up with him, and funny thing, my hub and boys loved train sets too. There was a train animation and a shot of a very nice landscape which I presume Neil may have had a hand in making.I like glimpses like that.
I could go into a rave about how much i love Like A Hurricane...sweetly enough, it is the song that opens and closes the movie It spans back 30 years as the song is being played, to how I remember it being. I thought it was great .
I'm more a David Gilmore fan than a Roger Waters fan, that may explain it eh pink?

And I still am reminded of Neil when I see Bono in that brown sheepskin coat on the cover of the Rolling stone
I have the video for a week...I might watch it again. They go off in to some rather extended jams at times, I do admit that (that would be poncho, him and the loco weed). I would loved to have been there.
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Old 10-22-2002, 08:55 PM   #5
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Originally posted by pinkfloyd
As for me i like Sex Pistols .
So does Neil:


My my, hey hey
Rock and roll is here to stay
It's better to burn out
Than to fade away
My my, hey hey.

Out of the blue and into the black
They give you this, but you pay for that
And once you're gone, you can never come back
When you're out of the blue and into the black.

The king is gone but he's not forgotten
This is the story of a Johnny Rotten
It's better to burn out than it is to rust
The king is gone but he's not forgotten.

Hey hey, my my
Rock and roll can never die
There's more to the picture
Than meets the eye.
Hey hey, my my.
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Old 10-22-2002, 09:24 PM   #6
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of all the songs deep, i have to tell this story before I go..

My favourite local band ever, was Bourbon Street, around in the 80's. The guitarist was a childhood friend of mine( I like to think I influenced him, he is now in mangement and promotion, love him) I moved away and didn't see his early bands but everyone was telling me how hot he had become.
The first opportunity i got to see him/ them perform was when they came and played an afternon/evening gig in what used to be my favourite venue in Grafton. it was a huge RSL club with a great timber dance floor and dressing rooms and comfortable longe chairs , great sound , loved it too. It burnt down a few years back...hmm that happened again recently , same thing, disco upgrades. The mirrorball did it!!)
ANYWAYYY...hardly anyone in this fine venue on this momentous day I had long looked forward to.. Horace strikes his first note, it's big, he lets it ring, he goes on to play the BEST version of "Like a Hurricane" a musical magic moment always treasure.

And they played Powderfinger and RUST NEVER SLEEPS!!! very very very well (the singer was American, great front man )I wish i had their first album on CD. he plays a great version of "Nights In White Satin"
( I can smell bush smoke that is a sad smell, so many animals die on a day like this, so many)
they no longer exist, but they played mighty fine Neil Young covers.
U reminded me of them just then.
Johnny rotten rotten Johnny.

Hey, I like the bit about bizarre personal humour. It was the 60's man. thanks for the quote
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Old 10-22-2002, 10:12 PM   #7
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I need to see this. I love Neil....I'm also a slacker!!
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Old 10-24-2002, 01:08 AM   #8
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I luurve Neil Young and the stuff that he has done over the years with Crazy Horse is some of his best- I would absolutely love to see Neil live- I think the last time that he ventured to Australia was in 89- too long ago if you ask me, hopefully he will make it here soon, but anyway that video sounds good, I shall check it out, I feel like remanissing so here are my fave Neil songs,

Cinnamon Girl
The loner
Harvest moon- great film clip
Cortez the killer- one of the best and most wicked lead intros ever, full stop! and powerful lyrics too
Expecting to fly
Tonight's the night
Cowgirl in the sand
After the goldrush
Comes a time
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Old 10-24-2002, 03:02 PM   #9
Rock n' Roll Doggie
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Aurora. i came over all goose bumps just reading your list

and I never even entertained the thought of Neil coming to Oz and actually having another opportuntity to see him in concert. Hmmmm. nice thought.
But something funny happened yesterday....well in the end it was funny
Our unpredictable guitarsist sacked our drummer last weekend, without thinking about a replacement and the fact we have bookings (so typical) Hub has been under a lot of work-related stress lately, I been very concerned about him and wishing I could change things by just wishing.
Yesterday he talked to a guy, a drummer/guitarist/bassplaying singer (handyman)The guy had just quit his band...he would love to do the gigs with them ( I haven't met him yet , but I hope he can be permanent. The guitarist is keen on another drummer, but we've had him before..he's unreliable and drives my hub bats)

this new guy has long dark hair and a beard and his name is Mannie... (you'll see the "manuel labourer," reference in the "Horse" video. it was hilarious)
Anyway Mannie the drummer is now "Poncho" to me..and I haven't even met him yet.....
What a relief...thank you, thank you, thank you
I'm sure Mr Young had a hand in this....not really, but I like to make loose connections with these things.

It's just good to have one less worry for now.

Boy if Neil Young comes to Oz.......

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